Friday, March 27, 2009

Chocolate FACT!

Did you know, that after having children, there is an actual PHYSICAL NEED for chocolate??

Yep, I just made that fact up yesterday while tearing my cupboards apart in frantic search to fill my chocoholic shakes.

Don't worry, I found some white chocolate cookies & cream chocolate from the after Christmas sale at Target shoved in the back...

And I took a bite.Just one though.

What?? It isnt THAT old!!!

Seriously though, I remember as a kid I'd hold chocolate by my moms knees when she exercised ( sorry Mom!!!) as a joke because she is the original choco-holic.

Now as a parent, maybe its a hormonal thing, but I am telling you. Some days I flat out NEED chocolate.

Like yesterday, just a quick fix, a tiny bump, a quick puff of rich gooey goodness & I'm good again! Ah yes.. Chocolate is in fact a NEED, much like water..and air, in my world.

PS- I did shove the chocolate back in the cupboard, for another day when my withdrawls are driving me to shakes!!

1 comment:

  1. Ok you are so lucky I just remembered I have peanut butter eggs in the fridge. You can't make posts like that around a pregnant choco-holic!! lol


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