Friday, March 13, 2009

Bucket List

I never knew what to call it, until The Bucket List came out, which no, I never saw, did you??

I for one, probably read some cheesy chick lit novel in my early teens & started mentally forming a "Must Do" list in my head of things that I wanted to do before I uh.. die.

I have to say, its trucking along slowly, but now that I'm a ripe old age of 25, its something that I have been thinking of more. When I started it, it was a little like this...


I figure, by the time I finish my list & have checked most of them off.. I'll be a bit more like this..


Here is what I have so far-

1- Go to a movie by myself.

2- Visit Italy.

3- Send my parents on an amazing vacation.

4-Eat dinner alone at a restaraunt, and no, not fast food, or a chain At a real honest to goodness restaraunt.

5- Sky dive. I have no desire to ever bungee jump. Ever. Jumping with a rubber band is just stupid.
If I dont ever sky dive..that would be one of the "I'm ok with missing out on this one" types of items on this list, but, I think its something I'd definately like to attempt!
And of course, by attempt, mean get up in the plane..the jumping part is yet to be decided.

6-Go to Australia.

7-Take a surfing lesson. In California..

8- Get at least 2 more tattoos. 
 Edit; Feb.10.2010- Get 4 more tattoos!!

9-Have a honeymoon! ( with Mike, of course!)

10- Do something GREAT for my sister.

11- Renew our vows. OUR way, in OUR spot. So we can get OUR pictures.OUR memories, OUR perfect day. Mike & I got married in FL, just the 2 of us. My mom once asked if we'd want to do a reception/ceremony since weddings are for family to get together & celebrate the couple. I was shocked, to me, a wedding isnt about everyone else, its about YOU & HIM. Its about YOUR day & having it PERFECT.
Mike & I have our perfect spot picked, we have it all set up, its just waiting for the right time that we can do it EXACTLY how we want it.I could care less if only 3 people chose to attend, it isnt about who shows up, its about the 2 people that are being married/renewing their love.

12- Move out West. For Mike. SOMEDAY. I want to be part of his dream, and that is it!

13- Buy our old farm house with a wrap around porch & no neighbors in sight..

14- Have animals. Cows/Horses/Sheep/Pigs.. I dont know which or what yet, but since I was a kid I've always known I'd have SOMETHING.
15- Know for a FACT that I made an impact on ONE persons life, the way a few special people have made in mine. Just one, thats all I ask!

Those are my big ones. Of course I have silly little things, but those are my "must do" 's

Do you have a Bucket List?? I would LOVE to hear some of the things on it!!!
I love to hear other peoples dreams & goals, sometimes it helps me remember one of mine that I've forgotten!


Now GO!! Write your list, and then get OUT THERE and try to check ONE thing off with in the next MONTH. Come back & tell me how you did..
....Hhmm.. I wonder what I could do this weekened on my list....


  1. Claire you HAVE to get the boys a horse each!!! And you have to get a new tat like.. THIS WEEKEND!!!!

  2. Great list! I love the pics! lol


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