Monday, March 30, 2009

Boogie Wipes

I have a VERY vivid memory. My friend Emily, who I have literally known my ENTIRE life, has a son who is 2 months older than Andy. Emily, her husband & Sam, her little boy came by my moms house to see my sister when she was visiting.

Emily goes "Ooh!A boogie!" and she plucked it from Sam's nose.. she looked around & said "Well..I'll put it in my pocket!" and wiped it in her pocket. I will laugh & recall this for the rest of my life.

But how true is it? Those little baby boogies, oh, that are IMPOSSIBLE to get.You grab them when you can because they are THAT hard to get!!

Either the booger sucker ( as we call a bulb syringe) scare your kiddo, or they think its so funny you cant use it. They get mad when you wipe, or don't even let you close enough. I know some people who even use the "twist and stuff" method of tissues being twisted & them crammed in the nose to grab what it can ((coughHailey)

This is all over my friends..

BOOGIE WIPES! The new solution for, well.. the nose solution!

Saline sprays for babies noses are GREAT but I cant hold my kids down with both hands and knees to get that thing up their nose.Heck, I hate saline solutions & I'm 25!!

Boogie Wipes are soft, moist tissue like cloths that have a saline solution ON them! Like they say, "Its SNOT your average wipe!"

And this is the truth. I am not embarrassed to say I have my finger jammed up my nose with one right now! Grape is my personal favorite!

The alcohol free, hypoallergenic, paraben free wipes come in softly scented in several *flavors* Grape ( my faavvvee!!) Fresh Scent and Menthol which is going to be added as a main staple in my medicine cabinet for those stuffy winter months. They even come in single use packets, perfect for tucking inside little compartments, lunch boxes, coats, purses, you name it.

Julie & Mindee are 2 moms, just like you & I who created Boogie Wipes. They much like you & I, were tired of the boogie suckers, tissues, sprays & other nonsense that just makes for a mad kiddo, whose till has a stuffed up, boogie nose. I love that this was created by moms, just like me. Its great inspiration to think that they had an idea, went for it & now their invention is being used all over by moms just like them, and for sale in places like Walmart, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Rite Aid, baby boutiques & drug stores all across the country.

Are you ready for my personal review?? I know, it involves boogies, so beware!!

With the ever changing weather here in Ohio, ALL of us get the sniffles, snuffles & stuffles around this time of the year. Hot, or cold? Warm or cold & rainy? Three feet or snow or 60 degree temps?? Ohio cant make up its mind, and in the mean time we all get wacky things from fevers to runny noses to stuffy noses & colds.

Ryan has has a runny/boogie nose this last week, sometimes it seems a bit runny, then he naps & it goes to that crusty yuck thats impossible to get out.Perfect timing ( sorry Ryan!) to test out as new product!!!

Ryan loved the bulb syringe as an infant, jerked once & its all been down hill since then. Andy gets flat out TICKED at having his nose wiped any way but on his sleeve.

I grabbed my favorite Grape & went at Ryan's nose tonight.


I think the moist, softness of the wipes is so much different that a dry tissue, that it didn't alarm him.Yet the ingredients are likely more gentle than a baby wipe, so its something safe to use on little noses. I got each & every crusty dried snot stain off Ryan. And he just laid there breathing in the sweet scent of grape.

I tried them myself, as well..I can honestly say my nose has never felt like this before. I flat out stuck that baby up the nose, swirled & gave my nose a good old cleaning with the fresh scent of grape! I may never use tissues again.

The true test...Mike.. the tissue twisting master. Here is what he had to say..

"I don't know about the kids, but my nose has NEVER felt better. I really effin like em babe!!!"

Our poor children.. between the 2 of us, if we don't start buying in bulk,they may have to fight us off for Boogie Wipes!!!!

One reader will win 2 packages to attack their own ( and childrens) boogies with! So, BOOGIE on over to Boogie Wipes & tell me something interesting about their web site.

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  1. I follow you, and I nominate Karen (Loopy) because her kids are fighting off colds all the time. :o)~ We have these at home and we LOVE them.

  2. Hey Clair :)

    What a great sounding product! Love that they are in a resealable package! I hope we get these up here in Canada. What with colds and seasonal allergies already starting I can see using a lot of these this spring/summer!

  3. Dude you KNOW I NEED THESE. This isn't a want, this is a need, Skye's nose is flat and well you have seen me try to get things out of there lol.

    I follow you on your blog :)

    And I think this review totally could have used a video of you cleaning your nose :P

  4. Oh man, I sooo could use this for myself. Cause you know I am the one that I stick tissues up it so I don't have to wipe hehehehehe. But this totally looks like a great product that would work for my little boogie man too. I follow your blog.

  5. And I follow you on twitter :)

  6. I tweeted about it. I don't have many followers though. Maybe I should try and get some lol

  7. I think something interesting about Boogie wipes is that the logo is green, like boogies lol

    And I follow you :)

  8. I thought it was neat that they offer both a store locator and you can order direct from them. It also says that Wal-mart carries them but I have yet to see them at our store.

  9. I need these! Ruby has had a stuffy/boogery(is that a word??) nose for about two months now!

  10. My "something interesting"...I find it hilarious that there is a picture of Tori Spelling under the "Boogie Sightings" section of the website!

  11. I am not entering myself because I have been winning too much lately and need to give others a chance. But I wanted to say, we have these. Have been using them since the past snotty winter. They are great for removing that crusty stuff. I keep a pack in the car all the time. I hate being caught without wipes/tissues. I gross DH out all the time with fussing with Joey's nose, getting them boogers out and all. And I have resorted to using my sleeve when there was nothing else around. What are you going to do??? Sometimes being a mom is not so pretty! But you do what you have to do. Anyway good product!

  12. I would love to try these! I like how the website tells you were you can find them.

  13. oops! forgot my e mail.

  14. I love that they come in individual wrapped packets for on-the-go!

  15. I love the coupon page! LOL I am such a coupon addict!

  16. i saw boogie wipe samples the other day at a kiddie gym near by and was very curious, but i was out the door and didn't even have time to grab one to check them out. what a neat idea!

  17. These are a great idea. I find it hilarious that there is a whole website dedicated boogers. As a new mom I am still caught off guard when it comes to all the new and different topics of discussion. I am excited to start following yor blog.

  18. The packaging is easy access and cute! I love that it uses Saline and smells yummy! Oh and I love that you can buy it IN stores :) Hmmm the name is pretty kick butt too!

  19. I will so be watching WallyWorld for these.

  20. I think that its totally cool these have saline and they can be warmed up to help the gunk. My daughter Elliana has horrible allergies, and is constantly sneezing from them. Many days her nose is so stuffed up and nothing will come out. The saline in these could totally help her!


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