Monday, March 30, 2009

AOL Users...

Is anyone having massive problems with their email lately???

My BlackBerry will tell me I have new mail..and I see them, then I go to AOL & there is nothing. It tells me I have a new number of emails, but the email isnt visable.

Then I'll randomly get emails popping up as new, that I already deleted or read.

Or, even better. I just dont get them period.

Anyone?? What email service do you guys use? I might need to find a new one...



  1. I keep getting an error saying my specified message is NOT available at this time, and it pisses me off. I think I might switch to g mail.

  2. no issues, maybe it is bb confusion. i know if i am signed into aol and i read something on my bb it stays unread on aol. if i am not signed in and i read it the mail goes into the filing cabinet on aol. then there is the delete on bb only or delete from mailbox and bb. but again the same applies if i am logged into aol and delete on both then it is still on aol...does any of that make sense?


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