Monday, February 9, 2009

You know your a mom when..

  1. Your 10 month old picks an old piece of food up off the floor to eat it & instead of snatching it away, you say "Gross" and go back to business.
  2. You dont know which to choose.. blow your nose so you can breathe, or risk waking a sick kiddo.
  3. You have to go to the bathroom, if ya know what I mean, ALL day.. but you *cant* because ..well.. you just cant! There is too much going on & not enough time to stop for that!!
  4. You say " Show your brother how to take his diaper off"
  5. You let your toddler go to bed with half brushed teeth because his screaming isnt worth waking the baby you just got down.
  6. You complain about grandparents.
  7. Your kids have too many toys. Something you never thought possible pre children, and you want people to start giving them college savings, or something that doesnt light up & take up room, for gifts instead.
  8. Your pediatrician ends well checks with "I'm sure you dont have any questions, your a pro at this by now!" ..and means it.
  9. You've actually taught your pediatrician a thing or two which shes told you, she has relayed to other parents!
  10. When your romantic dinner ends with the 2 of you eyeing the piece of filet the baby mouthed.. I mean.. its still good, right??

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