Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things I've learned lately..

Its been an interesting few weeks. Mike went back to school a month ago, we all got pretty sick, I've lost 14 lbs by stopping snacking & drinking Miller 64... I occasionally do weighted leg lifts while laying on the floor with the kids too! And Mike told me I'm really fucking mean & it needs to stop.

Let me explain.. by mean he means.. Claire.. your a real fucking bitch. Cut it out.

Yeah..that's about all the explanation there is huh?? I have never had a small quality called..oh..what is it.. OH! Patience!!! Yes, that's the word. Don't get me wrong, I have it with the kids, I mean..if the bug me, its my own damn fault since I am raising them! But I really just do NOT have patience for anyone else. I like things done 5 minutes ago & MY way. "So do them yourself" you say..for the most part I do, but as hard as it is to believe, I'm actually NOT super woman. I know I know.. shocker right???

Mike & I have had an interesting relationship since the day we met & I'll admit, I can be pretty short with him sometimes. But let me add, he can be pretty damn lazy. So, a week ago I decided to make an effort to be *nicer* When I ask Mike to take the dog out, I'm fairly sure in his mind he hears "Take the fucking dog out you piece of shit!" when really I say "Mike, run Echo out would ya?" Now.. I say "Hey honey? Would you mind taking the dog out??"

See the difference???

I don't either. But whatever, if it makes him happier I guess it wont kill me right?? (If it DOES kill me.. I'll seriously haunt some of your asses!!!)

Ah yes..its actually going pretty well! By the time 9pm rolls around, I hop out of the shower to get the kids dressed, faces & hands washed, teeth brushed, etc & Mike is standing in front of the TV and the floor looks like a toy store threw up on it.. and Mike is just..standing..there.. I occasionally say "Okay ya know what, lets just not talk for a minute because I'm trying to be nice" and hes finally learning not to push & bitch when I say that.

I guess its just where men & women are different. I see a perfect opportunity to pick up the blocks & cars while both kids are occupied & happy so I don't have to do it when they see me & want me & are tired & ready for bed..

Mike sees a ... uh..good time to watch TV??

BUT! I'm starting on the "don't snap about it" and will eventually work on "explain how my way is correct & needs to be implemented" as soon as the first part is down pat. Thats that huh??

I learned today that spray paint is NOT dummy proof. I mean..isnt that shit so you dont make a MESS??? WTF did I do WRONG???? My arms are covered!

Ahh.. I was also extremely let down by the fact that there is no Aah! Real Monsters on DVD ANYWHERE under the freaking sun. That was the ultimate cartoon & I can NOT clip my nails with out feeling sentimental some little guy somewhere could love them.

And last but not least..I hate making Baked Ziti. It bothers the shit out of me for some reason..and it, of course.. Is Mikes FAVORITE. But of course also..the sauce HAS to be from scratch!!! I think it channels my inner Tony Soprano & makes me a fuckin' wise guy. Ya know???

Oh..and I am not a wrist tattoo kinda gal.. Thankfully, I figured thisout with tats that come off with soap.

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