Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something I've been loving lately!

I am obsessed with dental floss. It all began back when they made some weird random cotton candy flavor.. and it was all over from there for me.

I've recently found my soulmate of dental floss. Crest Glide. Oh yes.. its the ultimate in dental floss. Have you ever bought the cheap stuff & it breaks off in between your teeth, leaving you needing dental floss.. to get the dental floss OUT of your teeth?? Ah, my friends. That is a mishap of the past! This is a smooth gliding ribbon I'd go as far as to call "silky." And my favorite part, it gives you a wintery blast of freshness between each tooth! It's amazing. I firmly believe EVERYONE needs to try it. Besides, dental health is directly corrolated to heart health my friends, so brush & floss away!!!


  1. Hmm...might have to make a purchase at CVS.

    Although, knowing me, I will buy it, and lose it. Because I'm always losing floss...and I can't ever find it when I need it.

  2. I have tried this one... in a sample I think, and now I buy nothing else, because your right, the cheap stuff breaks off in between your teeth! Annoying!

  3. Okay...maybe I'm weird, but I love brushing and flossing my teeth and I'm obsessed with listerine..and I LOVE going to the dentist...I've been cavity free all my life..YAY!

  4. Krystyn- I lost mine so I went & bought 2 mnore & then found it. It was the best day ever. I strongly recommend buying 2, so when yo ulose one, you have a back up!! I'm glad other people love floss as much as I do!!!

  5. I have that kind too! I love it, got it at Costco, they have the mutlipacks

  6. I hated that floss! I think I just need some GRIT on my floss to feel like it's really scraping my teeth clean. :)
    I use the Reach Flosser (like a toothbrush but for flossing!) instead and adooooore it. :)
    Or, I did before I got braces on. UUUUGH.


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