Friday, February 27, 2009

Soft as a Babies Butt

Tonight, as my 10 month old ran around naked I wondered..

"Soft as a babys butt? Huh.." and I reached around to pat my own rear end.

Yeah..its still pretty soft. But, then again, I'm a girl. If a persons value could be determinded in lotion & body products, Bath & Body Works being the Queen Bee, I'd be a close second.

What about everyone who doesnt have as nice a tookus as me??

What makes adult butts not as soft as a babys?? It isnt like the butt CHEEK gets alot of use.. it sits, protected by clothing (hopefully), it's occasionally subjected to foul flingings from its neighbor, the asshole.

But I mean, really.. What IS it that makes a butt transform from "as soft as a babys butt" to.. well.. a pimply gross not soft adult ass??

Seriously. I need answers. Anyone?


  1. Holy crap if I had anything in my mouth I would have spewed everywhere!!! My butt is still soft as can be. =)

  2. Um wow I Just found this today, lol... I love it!!!

  3. You have pimples on your ass??? Gross dude.
    I think it just sounds a lot better then saying "as soft as the old man's ass" you know that doesn't have the same ring to it. I love your random thoughts :)

  4. I think its the sqishyness of the buttoski as a whole.As we grow older the butt check doesn't fit in one hand so we feel as if it just isn't the same. Random Thoughts can be scary

  5. I think it's when it starts to sag and it's not not as "cute" as a babies butt anymore!

  6. Oh my gosh! I so needed that laugh today! :) LOL


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