Saturday, February 21, 2009

Small Talk Six 2/21

Todays 6 are "6 things you would be willing to flash someone for"

Seriously?? LMFAO. If you KNOW me.. this is simply HI-LARIOUS..

But I'll play along..

1- A brand new, paid off house, of my choice of course. I'm not greedy, I don't love mansions,I dont need to be a millionaire, just an old country style 4 bedroom wrap around porch with no neighbors & lots of land for me, thanks!

2-I made the same wish on my birthday cakes until I was about 16.. when I asked for a new car ;-).. for happy, healthy, nothing bad happening to, loved ones.

..maybe #2 should have been #1 huh?? LOL

3-For Mikes school to hurry the hell up & for him to land a good job!

4- Mike to start seeing things my way so we don't fight over how he hasn't yet learned I am ALWAYS right, duh.

5- My kids to not throw tantrums or push each other.

6- My pre Florida/baby body.. whhoooo!!!!


  1. You know what?! Reeses PeanutButter Eggs where sent by the Devil to ruin my weight loss. Suddenly I am as skinny as the day I had no children and then Easter candy comes to Sam's Club :( And there it was today... I GIGANTIC bag of the perfect ration of peanut butter to chocolate. FOOEY On the Devil and my ASS!! Damn it all to hell!!!!!!!

  2. Now all you need is the freekin lil fairy to show up and grant your wishes!
    Thanks for pointing this out. I have to play.

  3. I LOVE number 4! I wish my Hubby would realize that as well! It's been 20 years, you would think he would have figured it out by now! Hard headed stubborn MAN! LOL


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