Friday, February 13, 2009

Small Talk Six 2/14

Today is the start of my Small Talk Six, and todays question/theme is-

6 most romantic or unromantic things that have ever happened to you

1. Romantic-Mike proposed to me on Captiva Island, sweetest day, 2005. I knew it was coming, but just didnt know when that day he would do it. As the sun went down, I told him "today has been the best" and gave him a kiss, he said "I think it could get better.." and got down on one knee.

Although I KNEW it was coming that afternoon, the anxiety & exceitment of when it would actually happen was as if I didnt know it was coming at all! I of course, teared up, said yes, put the ring on & we kissed.

As we turned to look out over the sun set, 2 dolphins started jumping about 30 feet away from the shore. It was like a scene from a romantic movie! To this day, Mike says "you dont even want to know how much I had to pay those dolphins to do that on my cue"

2. Unromantic- After Andy was born we went through a phase where Mike wasnt fabulously helpful, I'd shower at night & hear him RIGHT outside the door "Its ok buddy..Mom will be RIGHT back!!!" So.. I started guilting him a bit "I hurried as fast as I could, I didnt even shave my legs.." or comments here & there when we'd be alone about how I havent gotten the time to shave, or deep condition my hair, etc in a week. My birthday arrives & Mike is PUMPED for my gift "It will make something you complain about SO much easier!!!!" and he made it from Andy ( who was 6 months old) to ME.

I open it up.... and its THIS

Yes. That IS a bikini line .. shaver/trimmer thing. I blink for a second & say "Oh.. wow!" and Mike, super excited says "Yeah!! You dont even have to be in the shower to shave your leg with it!!! So, since you dont have time to shave, now you can do it whenever!!!"

... Honey.. the thing is like, an inch long, to do my legs would take HOURS. And it says right on it, BIKINI ZONE and its from my 6 month old. Needless to say, I later read an article that says the worse the gift, the more love a man actually tried to put into it, so I tell myself he REALLY loves me.

3. Romantic- Mike & I got married, on a whim. We were engaged & planning a wedding but I decided after getting pregnant, I wanted to get married all of the sudden. We picked a date that sounded good, May 5th.. Mike could take off work & it wasnt the local shooting day for my home town. Just the 2 of us went to the courthouse & got hitched. I played "White Wedding" on the CD player as we drove to Sanibel with the top down on the Jeep, we strolled on the beach where we'd gotten engaged & had a beautiful dinner at a gorgeous restaraunt. It may not sound that great to everyone, but it was perfect, for ME.

4. Unromantic- My ex, Chris, and EVERYTHING about him. In our 2 years we were dating, he never got me a birthday gift, a anniversary gift, christmas, etc. Both of our families were out of town on Easter & I decided to make us Easter dinner.. he chose to go golfing instead. I ate alone. He got me one thing, once, a diamond necklace... We'd only been dating 6 weeks at the time. Apparently he thought that & treating me like shit was good enough for the rest of our relationship after a necklace.

He was wrong, obviously. And that necklace needs a home, if anyone has a daughter, or themselves who would like it!

5- Romantic- Me at 8 months pregnant,kissing in the ocean with my husband. Gigantic stomach, stretch marks & a bikini were all out to make for a bad day, but seeing pictures of us later & feeling like a tabloid couple caught stealing a kiss with a gorgeous tropical back drop, I realized how perfect that moment really was. It was a kiss goodbye to "just us" and we hello to "all of us" in some ways.

6- Moving into all of our houses/apartments/condos. Of course, the first tiny crappy apartmernt when I was only 20 was the most romantic for obvious reasons, the duplex 1300 miles from my family was an adventure & the start of something I had NO ideas I was getting into, and moving into this house we're currently in, was at 7 weeks post partum from a c-section after an intense labor, a 3 day trip of 1,300 miles with a father in law driving a U-Haul & a 7 week old Andy in the back seat of a Corolla with me, our geriatric dog & a scared, shitting cat in the front seat..

But its romantic that first night in a new place, boxes all over,being EXHAUSTED. The take out food, a 6 pack of beer, being too tired to do anything but fall asleep. Its romantic because its the start of a new chapter in your life. Our first chapter was the 2 of us, typically drunk. The second was us ..well..I dont know what the fuck Florida was for us... but it gave us Andy!!! And this current chapter, we've added a new character to, Ryan! I'm looking forward to Chapter 4 that will be here in about 2 short years, it will unlock a door for ALL of us that will make things different than they ever have been before. But, now, I am enjoying Chapter 3 of our lives.

And I think THAT is romantic.

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  1. These are really great. I love your proposal. Isn't that amazing about the dolphins? I also love the vision of y'all on the beach with your pregnant tummy. I enjoyed this. Happy Vday!

  2. That's a great list. Glad you got rid of Chris and found the hubby. The wedding sounds like what I imagine if I ever get the chance.

  3. Loved this post, your writing is most entertaining:)

  4. It sounds like you're in a great place right now! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Your proposal sounds wonderful! Sooo jealous! And your 'gift'? lol My hubs always gets me either a manly-looking watch or a bottle of some weird perfume that I've never heard of before. Today he bought me a single red rose and said (among other my V-Day blog post!) I almost got you a bottle of (insert some weird name) perfume! Ahhh...thanks hon!

  6. What a great proposal!!! Couldn't get any better than that! Sounds like you did a great job getting rid of the ex! I had to LOL @ the razor! LOL

  7. Hi...visiting from MomDot!
    Yeah, taking hours to shave your legs with that tiny bikini shaver would NOT be fun!

  8. Great come on over to my place and pick up your award!

  9. Very entertaining writing. Your birthday gift was hilarious.

  10. LOL on the bikini shaver!!!!

    My husband did the same thing.. he would stand outside the door... and give me like 2.5 seconds to shower. NICE!!! It doesn't really get any better, because now my toddler want to shower with me. Can i get a break peps!!??


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