Friday, February 13, 2009

Ooooh Booty!!!

I stumbled acrossed The Dirty Shirt tonight. At first I thought, Dirty shirt!!! Does she KNOW my husband????? Then I was quickly distracted by this awesome contest she has going on for Bikini Kitchen Booty Butter... I know, thats a mouthful right?

As a long time "I hate being pale" addict, I was instantly intreigued. Its my very firm advice that everyone go check out her page, read what she has to say about this AWESOME product which is making me cringe I want to try some so badly, and enter her contest!!

..And if you win.. share with me. Please??

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  1. I just linked over from Momdot and I like you. I like that you're full of yourself and borderline crazy. And no. Not everyone is like that. Just you. But it's ok...don't're entertaining the way you are. :)


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