Friday, February 13, 2009

My mind is a special, special place.

Today has been just nuts. Ew.. yes, I'm going to say it.. stop eating or drinking folks..

My creative juices are flowing!

(((gag))) I know.. thats as disgusting as the words "panties" and "moist" and no, NOT when used together, just in general.

Today I've been called twisted & hilarious. I dont think I've had such wonderful compliments of myself since my hot skanky days back in college!!

I was driving to BJ's to stock up on shit tickets & just couldnt stop smiling! I looked at myself in the mirror & thought "I AM still pretty!!!" and then it led me down my loving path of randomness.

When I put on a bit of makeup & smile certian ways, I amaze myself at how freaking cute I am. I mean, seriously. My husband is a LUCKY man. Then I try to take a picture to show people "Look, look at ME!! I AM pretty!!!" and I look like a fat pale cow. WTF?

It reminded me of my psychadelic mushroom days... When I was scared of the bathroom door, yet somehow found my way to a mirror where I smiled lovingly at my self & realized "WOW! THIS is how everyone ELSE sees me!!!!!!!" as my boyfriend turned into an oompa loompa.. I could go on, but the fact that I had a few trippy mushroom days & wasnt even a glimmer in my parents eyes in the 70's probably isnt ideal for them to read.

See? This is the whole point ofthis blog. I am SO fucking random it even creeps ME out.

Do you have what I call "Open ended questions." ??? You know, the ones that can never truly be answered? I have a bazillion, as the title of my blog makes quite apparent.

I think one that has always perplexed me the most is, do other people think like me, or am I actually crazy????

I sometimes have to take Rescue Remedy at night just to get my brain to stop creeping me out with the odd places it goes. See, here I go! I'm wanting to tell you about the other one I take that I call my "How to deal with your husband" drops. No no..FOCUS. That can be another blog.

But really, I could smell a peony wall flower from Bath & Body Works & I think "Ahh peonies..." then I remember the first time I smelled a peony! Do you remember those creepy bugs that were in the back yard that year? Ew.. I do! I remember picking them up when I was a kid in my parents yard.. One time, in my parents yard, my cousin hit me on the head with a croquet mallet.
WTF. She was like, 2 but I'm still a bit pissed about that, I mean, she hit ME & everyone was worried about HER! Man, I hold grudges a LONG ass time. Sort of like the one where I SWEAR my sister spanked me ( Please Mischa, what 4 year old ASKS to be spanked, ok???) Spanking.. hm.. reminds me of that movie Secretary..

Okay let me stop myself. The sad part is that was unscripted, I just gave myself a random thing to start with & that is literally where my mind ended up.

Now I have all sorts of stories I have to tell, my natural valium, my "love your husband" drops.. I could go on & on.


My point is.. does EVERYONE think like this??? I KNOW I have ADD, I no longer take medication for it since well, I'm not in school & I'm nursing, I dont really *need* it any longer. But even if people DO think like this, how would I ever know? There is NO way to compare peoples thoughts, know what I mean here??

It drives me bonkers. I think that either I am seriously a super genius, or I'm just fucking nuts.


  1. OK what is rescue remedy and where do I get it? It better be safe for pregnancy!

    I am the same way. I remember the most crazy pointless things from years and years ago. When I bring them up people look at me like I am crazy! I sit in bed everynight exhausted, but I don't go to sleep for at least an hour because my mind races in a million different directions and pointless ones at that! You already knew i was your twin so no real surprise here. =)

  2. I think you might just be a super geinus! LOL, I have issues with the words "panties" and "moist" as well...ewww!

  3. Jesus Christ Claire I could written that myself ROFLMAO

  4. Don't worry you are not alone.

    I do this a lot well probably more the that whatever that is.

    My husband actually asked me one time "Where does this stuff come from?"
    Because we will just be sitting there and I will blurt out this totally random comment. I told him "look my mind is going 90 miles an hour mostly 24 hours a day. I take the things I like and just say them."

    Wow! I hope you understood that.


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