Thursday, February 12, 2009

Its all true my friend..its ALL too true.

I had a realization today, well, just a few minutes ago actually.

You know how your mom tells you "Don't get a tattoo there, no matter what people say, they judge you differently when it comes to hiring for jobs!" And you roll your eyes? Well.. eek, I think shes right!!

No, this isn't about tattoos, its about being who you are & not worrying what other people think. Something I believe I do on here. As you guys know, on my other blog, I did some silly product reviews( you can also find them here, I am importing them to this blog as well). I've recently learned that it isn't just my joking around, people actually blog & make money, or run contests, or get free products to try & review from companies.

Oh,well that's nifty, and here I'd been just doing it as a joke!!!! So I have started the process of getting my blog more "out there", getting more readers & possibly getting into this whole (as they call it in the biz) "PR" thing.

I was submitting my PR's from Away in Arooba, of course. Then I stopped ( post application, duh) and realized.. That blog is now just for family stuff, I should import them here & use this as *my* blog, right??

Then I sat here for a minute & said "Well shitdamn. I wonder if I swear too much to be considered for something like that??" Hm.. That's a distinct possibility huh??

I guess its like all the other cliches.. "Your company is a direct reflection of yourself" and all those other ones you roll your eyes at until one day it hits you like a ton of bricks ( see, another one!!!)

..Wow.. its all true. Crap.

Yep.. So, for a brief minute I considered watching my mouth.. In that minute a cheesecake cupcake from Mikes birthday jumped in & forced itself into my stomach.. I mean, I didn't want it or anything, but it was just SO persistent!! As I struggled to resist the disgustingly yumminess of the cheesecake I realized..

Fuck it. If they don't want me for who I am, I don't want them either!!!

Cheers to being yourself, telling it like it is & never NOT saying fuck if you feel like it!!

PS- I lied. TWO cheesecakes jumped into my mouth.. those irresponsible assholes.


  1. i think your hilarious. Keep on being who you are. I dont want to spam you leaving a comment, but i want to invite you to a place were lots of bloggers hang, will bring you more traffic. You can email me if you want.


  2. Trisha is right, that post was hysterical. Stuff jumps into my mouth and forces it's way into my tummy ALL DAMN DAY! But I never knew what was happening to me until just now, when you outlined it so eloquently. Thanks for the giggle.

  3. I love it, I say cuss like a sailor if that's who you are! Thanks for the great laugh and interesting picture that I think may have been forever burned into my visual cortex!

  4. I think you said it quite well. Now toss one of those cupcakes my way!

  5. Good for you for being yourself on line.

  6. I love that you're not afraid to be yourself! You're too funny! Those damn cupcakes! lol

  7. Yeah, these little chocolate truffles keep jumping in my mouth....they just won't stop...LOL

    BTW, nice picture! Wouldn't you just LOVE to wake up to that???!!!


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