Friday, February 27, 2009


Let me tell you a bit about my ass.

My ass was once non existant, I was a 6 foot tall bean pole! I was just a bit over 100 lbs when I gradyated high school in 2002. I know, "scary skinny" but blahblahblah.

Was always skinny, under weight for my BMI , but LOOKED alot healthier.

Moved to Florida, was MAJORLY depressed from that wacked out situation, gained about 10-15 pounds and then got pregnant & gained about 500 pounds. LOL

Had large baby, moved back to Ohio & slloowwwlllyy lost the baby weight... All 40-60ish pounds ( I stopped looking once the scale hit a certian number!!!)

Got *almost* back to "normal" ( normal being the 10-15 extra pounds I gained after moving to FL. Got cute new shorts, started to feel GOOD again!!

Got pregnant. AGAIN.

Got fat, AGAIN. Had a 10 pound baby & yet still had 40-50 pounds of gummy candy, peanut butter & salami. Dropped about 30 pounds in the first 6 weeks.. and then.. !!!!!!! Mike made the sad sad mistake of asking about 2-3 months post partum if HEY! I wanted a beer because well.. I could now!!

Ryan actually SLEEPS at night ( Andy never did) so I can stay up & have brew with my husbnand! Duh, do you KNOW me?? I went for the beer! You cant drink beer at night with out eventually getting hungry.. and you know the rest of the story.

Finally, its Jan 2009 and I'm like "shit man, I'm still fat.. Ryan will be a year old in a few months & um.. I dont think your allowed to use the "just had a baby excuse" when they're over a year old..

Jan 5th of this year I was like "Okay.. you have until April 15th to lose 27 pounds in order to be back to your pre pregnancy weight.

I started GREAT! Cardio, work out videos, whe whole nine yards.. Then I think I got sick..sick/lazy whatever! So I moved to a new approach.. its called "If your going to drink beer, only drink Miller 64 ( 64 calories!!!) and dont eat so much junk."

To date I've lost 16 pounds. And last week realizing this I realized "Shit" If I can lose 16 pounds from major DIET changes, what can I do if I actually exercise??

So, I'm all gross & sweaty on the elliptical daily & am starting to SEE a change. Before it was "Oh.. yay I guess my thighs look a bit better.. but who cares because have you SEEN my love handles????"

Yesterday I looked in the mirros & SAW a change in my body & have been pumped up to keep with this every since. A number on a scale doesnt mean shit, its actually being able to LOOK in the mirror & SEE a difference in an area that your un happy with that matters most to me.

Today I am cleaning the crap out of the house & I came acrossed the shorts I had bought just before finding out Mike had knocked me up again.. grimaced & prepared to push them back under the bed..

I have no idea why but for some reason, I decided to try them on.


I'm not talking "they fit as long as I dont breathe or eat for 2 days prior" type of fit either..They fit COMFORTABLY!!!

I have been on cloud nine since wiggling into those babies.. I came off & smashed back to Earth when I stupidly decided to try on an old piece of lingerie but uh.. maybe in a month or 2, right?? ( I'm on birth control this time, dont worry!!!)

So.. YES!

Part of whats been helping me is TELLING people "Okay I weigh ____" or I did ____ for exercise today. I ate ____ for lunch & I kind of slipped & ate ____.

SO! Excuse me while I toot my own horn & say.. I'm (nearly) BACK!! And damnit, it feels good.

I WILL get where I want to be!!!!!!!

GO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, thats all =)


  1. That's awesome Claire! I need to get to work on my "beach" body. LOL

  2. GO Claire!!! You look great! Andy's going to be sayin 'hot mama'...


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