Friday, February 13, 2009

I think I just peed a little

Okay not really, but I COULD have I am THAT excited! Yesterday I came acrossed this lovely ladies blog Through Hazel Eyes and found a whole new world of blogs & blog oppertunities to *get out there* so to speak in the blog world.

Its called Momdot and its a great resource for fellow mama bloggers. I'm having a slow time getting through the site because our new Anti Virus program is creating some internet problems for me lately, and uh.. I'm not as internet/computer savvy as I'd like to think I am.

As some of you know, I've been blogging on Away in Arooba for awhile now, it started as just a way to not send out group emails, updates & stories to family, because lets face it. I spent alot of time doing that for all those emails to be ignored by people who dont care & to be missed by those who do. I would do my posts of utter randomness & sheer blabbering & I personaly, find myself absolutely HILARIOUS but I'm not sure my grandma thinks my rhymes to my cat of "What the fuck Chuck?" are quite as funny as I find them. So I started this blog.

I DO love muffin tops, they're the best part of the muffin. And I've wondered my entire life * up until last month, check THIS out) where squirrels poop. So I combined the 2 in a random quickly needed title to make a joke about a picture phrase I once severely messed up -

It was an EYE. a ROCK ( okay a STONE) and this...

(I googled cartoon AND muffin AND images & it looked like a freaking roll to me, okay???)

and my life long quest to find squirrel shit

( found it!! -->

Okay I'm getting off track.. I got comments today from people who

1- arent related to me and who

2- dont even KNOW me!!!!

And one even told me I am hilarious.. I think I'm in love with her now, poor woman has no idea what she's started....

I KNOW! This may seem like a small thing to some of you, but to me, its reassurance that someone other than my dear mother who has to call me funny, finds me funny!!! Its inspiration toi keep on keeping on, be myself & blog blog blog!! And thats what I plan to do

I fully plan to have my children watch LOTS of Thomas the Train while I obsessively stalk these poor unknowing ladies blogs, websites & find out how I too, can become a SUPER BLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!

Now..if you'll excuse me..I hear a call of "I gotta big turd mama" from the hallway.


PS- To all you lovelies leaving me comments, I'm having a ssllloowww time learning how to find all of you when some profiles arent available so, bear with me, I appreciate all of you TREMENDOUSLY, I'm just a little...slow at times.


  1. I WISH someone would call me for a turn! I have to find them via my Nose!

  2. did you take that picture for real? I feel sorry for that squirrel that took that crap. Its as big as some squirrels I have seen.

    Come meet the girls in our forum! Its on our right side, just click the forum button and apply. We are in there.

    Lots of comment friends!!


    ps and take that damn captcha off. please. LOL

  3. Love your blog! You sound like someone I would love to hang around with in real life.

  4. You mean your grandma wouldn't like that? Well, I guess mine wouldn't either!

  5. I found you through MomDot! Love your blog!

  6. I LOVE your blog! You are one hilarious women!

  7. Claire I love you! And I feel lucky enough to Know you.

  8. You are hilarious!! I LOVE the title of your blog...too damn funny! Keep blogging!

    (I'm not supposed to tell you this, but I found you through MomDot...SHHHH! It's a secret!)

  9. When you posted on Facebook that you got featured I had to come check it out! How cool congrats! I feel bad that I have never come out to take a look over here. So when my husband asks why I didn't clean during Gavin's nap, I am giving him your name hehe.

  10. YAY for knowing Claire! Love you and your blog woman!

  11. Had to stop by and see what all the talk was about! You've got a fantastic little blog going on here!

    Looking forward to stopping by often!

  12. Love your blog title. my mind could never be so random, I am jealous.

  13. Wow. I am never amazed at what I find out here in the world of mom blogs. You make a great addition to my favorites. Can't wait to read more.

    **Would love to see the option below to enter my name and URL instead of logging into all these accounts.

    Kimberly @

  14. Aww Claire has a following now!! Woot woot!! :)

  15. Claire, you are hilarous ; )

  16. Okay, I *can spell "hilarious", I swear! I hate when I don't reread what I typed before sending, lol.

  17. Hey found this through a post at mom dot I'm just starting off as well. I see you have a pooper that needs you to do some peekin to.
    Crazy that pic of poop

  18. I'm so happy to have helped lead you to Momdot! I love it there! you ARE hilarious!


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