Monday, February 9, 2009

Give a cat a home.

Give a cat a home & she will be grateful.SO grateful she rubs all,over you, even if you are hateful!
Give a cat to a home who already has ( and dislikes!) a cat, and she will be shooed away from this rubbing with the smack of a hat ( not really but I'm going for a rhyme kay?)

Give this cat to a home who uses an air mattress in the attempts to get a toddler to sleep alone & you will get a husband who yells PPSSSTTT when the cat gets near the air mattress.

Leave a cat alone, near an air mattress & she is fine. Scare a cat with a PSSSTTT, who pops the mattress, who makes the dad mad & her lives wont be nine!!

Then you have a (almost 27!!) 26 year old dad & a (almost 3!) 2 year old who attempt to sleep together in a twin sized bed for 2 nights.

Give a mom a project!!! Figure out the bed dilemma!!! Go mom GO!

But, when you give a mom a project, she cant just put a new bed in a room. That mom must remove a chair, move it to another room, move a storage unit out of that room to make room for the chair, I mean, isnt that fair?? Its only nice, to make room for the chair!

Then, you have an extra storage unit! What to do with it???

Put it in the laundry room!!!!

But, of course, you still have a bed situation to figure out.

Buy a new bed!!! Good bye to the money that hasnt yet warmed the pocket of a cranky dad with a pounding head.

We have a bed!!! And a cranky mom, move out of the way, its almost the end of this very long day!!

But, give a mom a bed in a very small house & mom cant just put it in the corner looking all ugly yet useful!!! She must arrange & make things look ... gooseful!?!?! ( wtf rhymes with useful???)

Mom must MOVE!!

Move mom MOVE!!!

Move the dresser, move the book shelf, take apart the book shelf & make a table!

Reorganize the closet the size of a mouse , pull out the lady bug the size of a HOUSE!

Which scares the boy who throws a fit which makes dad crabby & so angry he could to spit!

So mom saves the day & throws things in a bucket..She calls it a day, take a glance at the room...shuts the door & says....

Fuck it.

Moral of the story.. stop being so damn sappy & leave the f-ing cat outside next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Disclaimer-Mike & I were both suprisingly delightful during this wonderul event, but.. I AM tired.. and my rhyming skill sare lacking.. so, I improvised!!!!


  1. That was really quite happy - and wonderfully sappy!

    Of the poem, I think that I love it!
    But Matt and I say to the cat Chuck to just shove it!

    Good luck with new bed and getting Andy to sleep.
    We hope that tonight he won't make a peep!


  2. Oh I LOVE this!

    I wish I had something quippy to say and add to the fun, but my head is pounding and with the week, I'm done!

    Just browsing around and found your blog...will be adding it to my feedreading log!



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