Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Easter Candy..

You're a bitch.

And you..Hershey Eggs.. your the WORST OF ALL!!!

Cadbury, you asshole, your not far behind!

I've lost 15 pounds so far in 2009 and I am quite certian that if I dont throw away my car keys & give every store signs with my picture & DO NOT SELL instructions, by the time Easter is over I'll have gained it all, plus more back.. from Easter candy. Alone.

I just have NO self control when it comes to those crunchy shells of chocolately goodness!!!

I love you, Easter Candy, no matter WHAT I've said in the past!! It was all out of passionate anger, and withdrawls from your yummy goodness, I SWEAR! It WONT happen again!
Now come, get into my mouth & we can er..snuggle..
Kisses & bites,



  1. So true! My dear, sweet hubby keeps bringing me coconut and peanut butter eggs every day. I think he might be a chubby chaser!

  2. It's a darn good thing I don't like Peeps or Cadburys! But I do love me some chocolate eggs!

  3. did you know there is easter colored candy corn?

    love you!

  4. I think your sister is an enabler, and I might be headed to the grocery store looking for said Candy Corn. Those damn Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite.

  5. Chocolate.....MMMMM Chocolate.....and peanut butter (as long as it isn't the batch that will kill you1) YUUUUUMMMMM!

    Ever since cousin Red came to visit last week-end, I can't seem to get enough carbs or chocolate...DAMN YOU EVE AND MOTHER NATURE!


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