Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dealing Dogs

This is a topic very close to my heart that was recently unearthed & I thought I'd take a little break from being my usual smart ass self & be very serious.

While I may make jokes about Travis eating peoples faces, and the whorish kitty we adopted, and even how damn annoying my geriatric dog is, that pisses herself in her sleep.. ON THE COUCH.

I am an animal lover. First & foremost. I always have been. I remember being in first grade & one of those nickles with a letter telling how you can save an animal at a pet shelter came in the mail. I asked my mom why she didnt send them money & she told me that she prefered to give money to help people, not animals. I put that letter in my underwear drawer ( a place of all treasures sacred for a 6 year old) and when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was the same.

"I want to be rich, with a big house, so I can adopt all the homless cats & dogs & they can all have their own room. And to have alot of blueberry bushes in my yard.' ( looovee me some blueberries!)

As I got older, it was always the same. I did extra credit work so I wouldnt fair Biology, which consisted of caring for the Iguana ( he'd fall off his perch, people would laugh & run away but I always put him right back where he belonged) and cleaning out Rat cages. When baby rats were born, I'd smuggle one home in my pocket & try to keep it for a pet. They all died, they all were buried in my yard & I even gave one chest compressions & used a heating pad to keep it alive a little longer.

Yes, I have a strange love for animals that isnt at all similar to the way I feel for humans. In fact, I really dont like many people, they're annoying.

I could quite possibly be Ace Ventura!!!!!!!!!! Yes!! Maybe THATS what I'd like to be when I grow up.....

Anyway, back on track.

In high school my senior seminar project ( raise awareness & become someone who will contribute to adult society) was to raise money for our local APL which at the time, was sadly run down & needing help to re build and to raise awareness of the cruelty that goes on in Puppy Mills & breeding kennels. The girl I was working with & I raised close to $300 in 4 hours, bringing 2 dogs per day ( to a 2 hour lunch hour at school) from the Shelter in to show people who needed homes & to raise awareness.

Thats one of my greatest achievements, is that at selfsh 18 years old that I was able to do something & I havent stopped being passionate about, and doing whatever I can to continue to give & raise awareness to this situation.

No, we cant all take in every stray cat or dog or animals out there. But you CAN do your part by not buying animals, OR products from Pet Stores that sell dogs.

My dog, Echo was a breeding bitch in a puppy mill in Mississippi.


She is missing one full ear & chunks of her other. She has few teeth left & has never licked/kissed a person a day in her life. She literally falls on her back when she is startled, because she was mis treated SO severely. And the worst thing is, shes come A LONG way since we adopted her. She has bite scars on her body & her nipples are stretched a mile long from all the nursing she did due to her large amount of breeding. I adopted her from IMPS. An AMAZING organization I highly recommend people interested in Min Pins check out.

I saw a documentary awhile back, Dealing Dogs which, if you can stomach it, will change the way you view "pets" forever.

So please, dont breed your animals to show your children about nature, take them to a local farm in the spring, or get a damn book. Spay & neuter your animals. Dont take a *pet* if you dont have EVERY intention of being their forever home. And please, dont buy from Pet Stores.
Thats all.


  1. Ahhh another reason you are my twin. I had to laugh at the heat pad part with the rat. 3 years ago when Kevin and I bought our house we got a fish tank that at the time was fresh water. We got these 2 really little turtles. Well, mine got sick. She was so very sick that I brought her to work with me and tried nursing her back to health. I read that she probably had pnemonia so I was doing everything they said to make her better. I even took her to the feed store on my lunch break to get her medicine. So here I was at my desk with a turtle sitting on a heat pad. lol My bosses thought I was crazy. She didn't make it past that day and died at work. :(

  2. My pug, Bailey, came from a puppy mill. My b/f at the time bought her from a "farm" in Arkansas. She came to us on a FLIGHT into Akron Canton Airport. She was only 6 weeks old...way too early to be weaned. She had worms and parasites, and was very sick for a long time! We spent 6 months on the phone w/ the BBB and finally got enough people who also bought dogs from this "farm" together to prosecute these people, and their puppy "farm" was raided and closed! How sad is that!! Bailey is now 3 and super healthy and fat. She unfortunately had to stay at my parents b/c our house has a pool and pond and we cant let her out to potty w/o the worry of her drowning...that chubby little thing can't swim! But we have her over a lot of sleepovers and Gianna is just obsessed with her. She sleeps IN BED w/ my mom and dad. It wasn't until we got Bailey that I'd ever even HEARD Of puppy mills! How shitty is that?? I prob couldn't stomach the movie you are talking about though!


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