Monday, February 16, 2009

Cookin' sexy time.

I dont know about you, but I like to cook! And my husband likes to paw me..all the time.

Put me in the kitchen wearing this apron and I'll be thanking God for birth control.

Carolyn's Kitchen is bringing the sexy back with aprons & kitchen wear my friends!

Right now, if you check out Momdot you can enter to win your very own, or you can head directly to her site & purchase one of your very own.

You have to guess.. this one is MY favorite!

Check em out, and leave me a comment telling me which apron you would pick if you won your choice of one!


  1. Saw you were dubbed cool blog of the day over @ MomDot. Congrats! Cute blog! ;)

  2. If I wore something like that in my kitchen, something would be cooking, but it wouldn't be the food!! You gotta get the cupcake one, too cute.

  3. Stumbled to @Momdot and now have stumbled here. You are a hoot! Love the blog- and the cupcakes? Yeh, well... for this girl who's trying to diet? TORtURe!

    Will keep reading! Love the apron ( and matching gloves rock!)

  4. The cupcake is so you! I like the Dorothy in Aqua. =)


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