Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you there God? Its me, Claire

So, Lord.. People tell me.. you dont give people things they cant handle. "So they say" right?

I guess I just have a question for you..


I was all "yeah..I can handle Andys 103.0 temp!!!" then I was like "shheeaa.. I mean,now it makes sense, this head ache is me not feeling too good, duh" THEN the kicker came.. Ryans 101 temp!! But oh NOOO!!! The nausea got so bad with me I POAS just to be sure b/c I got a bit freaked out!! ( Thank you for THAT one, SERIOUSLY man!!!!) But I mean...dude????

Sweet Jesus.. you dont know me very well, DO you??

You wonder why I question my faith in You.. BUT-I'm ready to make a deal... Dont let Mike get sick & I'll try to be a little better for ya.

Kay?? Thanks God.

Love ya,


  1. I wish I was still there, I would come take care of you....I hope you are all feeling better soon ((()))

  2. Feel better Clairey! When I was miserably sick last week I did think, at least I don't have kids! I love you and hope everyone is healthy soon,



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