Monday, February 16, 2009

10 Months!

I posted this in my family blog, but thought I'd do it here as well b/c who doesnt love reading about adorable children, right??

My little( BIG) Ryan is now 10 months old!! I just cant believe it!

Here are 10 things about him,

1-Ryan can not only walk, but he can RUN!

2- Ryan can get on ( and off!) both the couch & (low) beds by himself.

3- Ryan can take his own diaper off.

4- Ryan likes to drive cars & trucks, he vroooms them acrossed the floor JUST like his big brother!

5- Ryan likes to pull his brothers hair.

6- Ryan LOVES the pets, he pulls Echos ears when she steals his Cheerios & he lets out screams ONLY emitted for the cats.

7- Ryan likes to repeat "Uh Oh" and attempt to say Andy's name.

8- Ryan LOVES Mommy. We have special snuggle/wrestling time on the floor when Ryan dives head first into mommy, giggles & rolls over head first onto the floor. He thinks its the best thing EVER.

9-Ryan is the size of an average 24 month old. Hes a beast!

10- Ryan is the happiest baby anyone who has met him, has ever seen. Friends, family, doctors. He is smiley, giggly & just all around HAPPY!

We love you Ryan!!!!!!


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