Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well.. I wasnt sure if I was going to post about this, but I figured, it might give me more of an incentive to keep it up.

Lets be serious for a minute...I've always been thin. But when I get pregnant I get HHUUGGEEE.. And while I DO have big babies, they certianly arent 500lb babies, which is about what I gain when pregnant.

After Andy I didnt really try to lose weight until the Spring before he turned 1. Well, its about that time with Ryan now, so I figured with the new year, I might as well kick it into high gear & actually make an effort rather than just bitching about it..

I'm on day 3 now. I'm not dieting.. I'm just cutting out & adding a bit of exercise when I can. I had lost nearly all my baby weight from Ryan when he was 11 weeks old & then Mike says "Oh yeah!! You can have a beer now..want one??" and the weight came back with our nightly beer or 3 after the kids were down to bed.

So, thats my first step, no more drinking. On special occasions, a low cal cocktail is ok, but I dont need the random beer at night with Mike. He hasnt had 2 babies in less than 2 metabolism just cant do it anymore, sadly.

Except for the occasional chocolate binge, I'm not really THAT bad of an eater. I try to limit pastas & breads, I use fruit & nuts as snacks..

Yada Yada.. SO! My "plan" is to cut out alcohol, limit sweets, but not cut them out.. if I try to cut them out all together, I'll probably just go nuts when I do have them, so a sneak of chocolate here & there is my plan. Drinking more water, which I need to do anyway, with nursing.

If I'm eating bread/dinner rolls.. I only have a half of one, I'm upping the fruit/veggies of dinner & cutting the main entree in half.

Then there is the exercise, which honestly, is the hardest part for me. We packed away our bowflex before Ryan was born due to space contraints, and Mike uses my eliptical as a closet when he walks in the door, coats, hats, pants, shirts.. Plus the wire came out so I can go & go & it doesnt show me my time/miles/etc. I have a hard time sticking on it with out seeing progress on that screen ya know?

So.. I'm adding in little things, when I'm laying on the floor with a kiddo, leg lifts, or push ups while they hop on my back & ride around, just little add ins to what I'm already doing. Plus, as soon as the mail comes next, I should have a new 20 minute daily DVD which is about the time limit I GET daily!!

So.. I'm going to add a ticker, so that I can keep track of my progress. I've lost 5 lbs since the start of the new year, although its probably just water weight, it feels good already to see a change on the scale!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!!


  1. has fab alcoholic drinks for hardly any calories...I could not give it all up!....or, go to wine instead

  2. I'm also on the weight loss program! I just started also, repeating my personal method that has worked wonders after the first 2 kids-
    switch to diet pop and absolutely no seconds on ANYTHING.
    Hopefully it works a third time!


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