Friday, January 2, 2009

I've waited my WHHOOLLEEE life!!!

Do you just have one of those burning questions that's nearly impossible to answer??

I have ALWAYS wondered WHERE do squirrels go to the bathroom?? I don't see squirrel turds on your lawn now do you?????

My senior year, I was in the bathroom one morning getting ready for school, there is a piece of porch roof below the bathroom window & as I stood there, I saw a squirrel pause & then liquid run down the roof. I must admit..with the exception of things like.. my kids births, marriage, yada yada whatever..It was probably one of the BEST moment of my LIFE.

Well.. the last few days, whenever I open the back door, which is where our recycling is, this fat black squirrel jumps off the roof to a tree & looks like I caught him being naughty. Sometimes, we stare at each other.. Today... wait for it.....

..wait for it!!!!


I'm not lying people!! He dropped a little deuce right there in the snow.. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was deliriously happy that I dont even remember the rest, but I raced inside to tell several friends of mine who I've h ad the "squirrel bathroom" discussion with..
I was promptly told pictures were needed...



After providing the poo...proof.. I was promptly mocked & rediculed.. where are the squirrel tracks?? They asked.. Only Claire would watch a squirrel poop, come tell people about it & then return to the scene of the crime for a of my lovelies said..


It was IN THE TREE!!!!! And you guys asked for the picture damnit!!!

So.. all of you who have believe the myth that squirrel poop is a magical substance that doesnt exist, much like I previously had been.

Here is your proof.

Feel free to curtsy on your way out the door.

Thank you.Good night.


  1. Dying! Honestly the thought has never crossed my mind but now whenever I look at a squirrel I will be looking for "the gift"! Bwahahahahahahaha

  2. ROTFLMFAO That is priceless! Thank you for the best laugh I've had all day....=)


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