Monday, January 19, 2009

I lied to you all..

Last Monday was in fact NOT Shitterday.

TODAY was shitterday..

Seriously?? Have you noticed the lack of blogging?? Mikes back in school, I'm back to being everything for everyone & having NO free time..

This weekend was supposed to be some *me* time..which of course, didnt happen. Then tonight..after I soent all day cleaning the crap ( no pun intended) out of the house & even doing some CUTTEE new things in the bathroom..Mike is like "Hey, the sink is clogged.."

Then he asks me if "when you pull your hair out of the shower, do you put it down the sink??" To which I got pissed.. SERIOUSLY??? Do you think I'm THAT stupid??????????????

So of course, a normal person would grab some drano. Nah..Mike does the whole "this is way deep, I'm just going to have to take the sink apart & pull whatevers out"

Sitting in the living room & I hear SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT come from the bathroom.

Open the door to a nasty smell & OH.. SHIT! OKay.. we later found it wasnt actual poo, but like.. "sick crap" from year sof build up in the pipes.. that basically backed up & sprayed ALL OVER THE F-ING BATHROOM.

I make Mike call the landlord who for some reason tells him to "try ___ again" So he does.. and then about 5 gallons of this crap comes flying out.

My head is hurting, Andy is ASKING to go to bed, Ryan is just crabby & Mike is piiissseedd as ALL hell cleaning up what we seriously were calling raw sewage for HOURS.

My sister is excited they put in an offer on a house ( Yay M&M!!!) And i'm like "Yeah..just think..soon you'll be cleaning up sewage in your very own house that you OWN!!!"
Nice one Claire!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb ass.

I'll spare all of you details.. I took a picture of Mike looking REALLY pissed in the middle of it but since he got me a new camera for my birthday, I dont know hwo to put them on line yet.

So, trust me, it'll be up soon!!

Now..I'm going to go click my heels, look for a beer & go to bed hoping that this was all a dream.

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