Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye 24...

..Hello 25.

This year, I added my second child to my life.I learned I could love 2 children just as much as I could love each individually.Its been a long year.. and I'll be honest, I'm sort of glad its over.

I'll be 25 tomorrow morning..And I'm not sad, I'm not pretending its my 4th 21st birthday, I am A-OK with the big number. I mean hell, I have 2 kids, its sounds much more responsible to be 25 with 2 kids than 24 with 2 kids when your talking to strangers, right? LOL
Ah... Lets see..I've lost 10 lbs since Jan 5th.. 20 to go til my goal.

I want to get 2 new tattoos this year ( go away mom..SMALL tattoos..I'm an adult!!!) , lose an extra 10 lbs on top of my goal so I can wear my favorite pair of 18 year old pants..around the house.. definately not out of the house!!!!

I want to be more active this year.. just because my husband is a lazy ass doesnt mean I need to be do. I want to go to the zoo, with our zoo pass at the LEAST once a month, preferably more when its nice out!!

I want to take more walks. I want to stress less about house stuff.. the dishes can wait sometimes.. I just forget that.

I want to bitch at Mike less, and be more patient with Andy when he's throwing fits & talk to him more about them instead of using time out. I want to tickle Ryans toes more. I want Andy & Mommy dates, just the 2 of us..movies, lunch, playground...

I want to do more playdates! i want to do more gardening. I want us to visit my sister & brother in law this year. I want to spend more time with my parents. I want to learn my dads spaghetti sauce recipe. I want to go hiking all the places we used to.

I want to talk to Mike more..I want to read to Andy more! I want Ryan to let me clip his finger nails!!! I want to blog more, lately I've been getting them half way written & they are all saved in drafts b/c I've been too busy! I want to send out more pictures of the boys to family that isnt close..

I want to do alot of things..It would take all night to list them All of my wants are acheivable, I AM going to make this the year to do ALL of them.

Happy 25th to me!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!
    (and BTW being 24 with 2 kids is nothing like being 25 with 4 LMAO)
    ((((((((((hugs mama)))))))))
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!!

  2. in case I forget tomorrow (i don't think I will even be home)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. Happy Birthday dear. I wrote a lovely blog post all about you and your birthday. I hope you have a great day you deserve it :)

  4. Happy Birthday CLAIRE!!!!!!!!!
    Ill be 26 with 5 kids! HOLY $hit!

  5. I am SSSOOOOOO proud of my beautiful, open-hearted, free spirited 25-year old daughter, who has made such a joyful life for herself and her boys! love you a trillion times Clairest! mom

  6. Happy Late Birthday Claire Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loveeee youuuu

  7. Ok so I think I finally figured out how to post comments on this things... lol. Well I hope that your bday was awesome and bc I had such a wonderful time! Love you! xoxo


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