Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day for the history books..

Today our 44th president, Barack Obama is being sworn in. It doesnt matter if you voted for him or not, today is a big day in history! The first African American president! Wow.

I'm watching it all unfold with the boys, Andy is wearing his "Omama" shirt & saying YAY, as he eats an orange. Ryan is now napping..

Its pretty amazing, to be a part of history. Someday, when my boys are falling asleep in their history class, this day will be in their lecture. They will have been a part of history!

Since 9-11, when a major event happens, on that day I write a letter to my (at the time future) children telling them about the day, so that someday, when they are grown they can read my emotions & thoughts of that exact moment in history. Something the books cant capture, the shock, or terror, or excitment that I feel in that very moment. It goes in an envelope, with clippings or other important memorabelia for them to someday open. If you scrap book, or not, I urge you to do the same, someday it will be amazing for our children to witress history through the words of their parents, not just text books.

Heres to a new year, a new president & a new start. Good luck President Bush, and welcome, President Obama!

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