Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bye George.

I once read an article that claimed President Bush is one of the nicest people the author has ever met. That he knows & remembers everyone in his house. That he asks everyone from a chef, to the janitorial staff personal questions about their life. That he actually can remember who they are & goes out of his way to make them feel at ease & cared about.

As I have watched him, since I now know, he is going away from our presidential office.. I have to say.. I feel bad for the guy. It must REALLY suck to be hated by EVERYONE. I mean.. I'd cry myself to sleep EVERY night if I was as publically hated as that poor guy is.

I watched him talking the other night, about his blind trusts, how he is confident in the economica status he will be re-entering the "real world" in. And I felt strangely bad for this poor, kinda dumb guy. It isnt his fault he's ...not so bright.

I'm glad he's leaving, dont get me wrong, I just..I dont know..felt kinda bad for the guy!

I think he'd be lots of fun to hang out with, ya know?? Go golfing.. be like a fraternity brother, play some cards.. I think hes everything a guys guy would look for in a buddy.. unfortunately, a president? Eh..not so much. But he's a person too, and I wish him luck. Poor guy.. he'll forever be known to me, as the amazing shoe dodger.

Adios amigo!

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  1. Claire I love it lol.
    Seriously though, you are to kind, I mean you give feelings to inanimate (is that even the right word, I spelled it how I thought it would be pronounced and well it said it was wrong so uhh I hope this makes sense lol) objects so it doesn't surprise me that you feel sorry for the president.


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