Friday, January 30, 2009

Lets try this again...

Andy rocking out to his FAVORITE song.. "Lucifers Rocking Chair" by the Cancer Bats..

(wait til the end.. its the best part!)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I will not buy this watch..I will not buy this watch..

I NEVER buy myself anything with gift money..

And I wont start now..

I will not buy this watch..I will not buy this watch..I will not buy this watch....I will not buy this watch....I will NOT buy this watch..
I'll let you know if I buy this watch =X

Friday, January 23, 2009

Goodbye 24...

..Hello 25.

This year, I added my second child to my life.I learned I could love 2 children just as much as I could love each individually.Its been a long year.. and I'll be honest, I'm sort of glad its over.

I'll be 25 tomorrow morning..And I'm not sad, I'm not pretending its my 4th 21st birthday, I am A-OK with the big number. I mean hell, I have 2 kids, its sounds much more responsible to be 25 with 2 kids than 24 with 2 kids when your talking to strangers, right? LOL
Ah... Lets see..I've lost 10 lbs since Jan 5th.. 20 to go til my goal.

I want to get 2 new tattoos this year ( go away mom..SMALL tattoos..I'm an adult!!!) , lose an extra 10 lbs on top of my goal so I can wear my favorite pair of 18 year old pants..around the house.. definately not out of the house!!!!

I want to be more active this year.. just because my husband is a lazy ass doesnt mean I need to be do. I want to go to the zoo, with our zoo pass at the LEAST once a month, preferably more when its nice out!!

I want to take more walks. I want to stress less about house stuff.. the dishes can wait sometimes.. I just forget that.

I want to bitch at Mike less, and be more patient with Andy when he's throwing fits & talk to him more about them instead of using time out. I want to tickle Ryans toes more. I want Andy & Mommy dates, just the 2 of us..movies, lunch, playground...

I want to do more playdates! i want to do more gardening. I want us to visit my sister & brother in law this year. I want to spend more time with my parents. I want to learn my dads spaghetti sauce recipe. I want to go hiking all the places we used to.

I want to talk to Mike more..I want to read to Andy more! I want Ryan to let me clip his finger nails!!! I want to blog more, lately I've been getting them half way written & they are all saved in drafts b/c I've been too busy! I want to send out more pictures of the boys to family that isnt close..

I want to do alot of things..It would take all night to list them All of my wants are acheivable, I AM going to make this the year to do ALL of them.

Happy 25th to me!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day for the history books..

Today our 44th president, Barack Obama is being sworn in. It doesnt matter if you voted for him or not, today is a big day in history! The first African American president! Wow.

I'm watching it all unfold with the boys, Andy is wearing his "Omama" shirt & saying YAY, as he eats an orange. Ryan is now napping..

Its pretty amazing, to be a part of history. Someday, when my boys are falling asleep in their history class, this day will be in their lecture. They will have been a part of history!

Since 9-11, when a major event happens, on that day I write a letter to my (at the time future) children telling them about the day, so that someday, when they are grown they can read my emotions & thoughts of that exact moment in history. Something the books cant capture, the shock, or terror, or excitment that I feel in that very moment. It goes in an envelope, with clippings or other important memorabelia for them to someday open. If you scrap book, or not, I urge you to do the same, someday it will be amazing for our children to witress history through the words of their parents, not just text books.

Heres to a new year, a new president & a new start. Good luck President Bush, and welcome, President Obama!

Monday, January 19, 2009

I lied to you all..

Last Monday was in fact NOT Shitterday.

TODAY was shitterday..

Seriously?? Have you noticed the lack of blogging?? Mikes back in school, I'm back to being everything for everyone & having NO free time..

This weekend was supposed to be some *me* time..which of course, didnt happen. Then tonight..after I soent all day cleaning the crap ( no pun intended) out of the house & even doing some CUTTEE new things in the bathroom..Mike is like "Hey, the sink is clogged.."

Then he asks me if "when you pull your hair out of the shower, do you put it down the sink??" To which I got pissed.. SERIOUSLY??? Do you think I'm THAT stupid??????????????

So of course, a normal person would grab some drano. Nah..Mike does the whole "this is way deep, I'm just going to have to take the sink apart & pull whatevers out"

Sitting in the living room & I hear SSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT come from the bathroom.

Open the door to a nasty smell & OH.. SHIT! OKay.. we later found it wasnt actual poo, but like.. "sick crap" from year sof build up in the pipes.. that basically backed up & sprayed ALL OVER THE F-ING BATHROOM.

I make Mike call the landlord who for some reason tells him to "try ___ again" So he does.. and then about 5 gallons of this crap comes flying out.

My head is hurting, Andy is ASKING to go to bed, Ryan is just crabby & Mike is piiissseedd as ALL hell cleaning up what we seriously were calling raw sewage for HOURS.

My sister is excited they put in an offer on a house ( Yay M&M!!!) And i'm like "Yeah..just think..soon you'll be cleaning up sewage in your very own house that you OWN!!!"
Nice one Claire!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb ass.

I'll spare all of you details.. I took a picture of Mike looking REALLY pissed in the middle of it but since he got me a new camera for my birthday, I dont know hwo to put them on line yet.

So, trust me, it'll be up soon!!

Now..I'm going to go click my heels, look for a beer & go to bed hoping that this was all a dream.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Watch out world!!!

I am armed with Miller 64, cookie dough, a new digital camera and a new phone..
All in the course of 2 days!!

Oh. My.

Seriously.. this could be D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bye George.

I once read an article that claimed President Bush is one of the nicest people the author has ever met. That he knows & remembers everyone in his house. That he asks everyone from a chef, to the janitorial staff personal questions about their life. That he actually can remember who they are & goes out of his way to make them feel at ease & cared about.

As I have watched him, since I now know, he is going away from our presidential office.. I have to say.. I feel bad for the guy. It must REALLY suck to be hated by EVERYONE. I mean.. I'd cry myself to sleep EVERY night if I was as publically hated as that poor guy is.

I watched him talking the other night, about his blind trusts, how he is confident in the economica status he will be re-entering the "real world" in. And I felt strangely bad for this poor, kinda dumb guy. It isnt his fault he's ...not so bright.

I'm glad he's leaving, dont get me wrong, I just..I dont know..felt kinda bad for the guy!

I think he'd be lots of fun to hang out with, ya know?? Go golfing.. be like a fraternity brother, play some cards.. I think hes everything a guys guy would look for in a buddy.. unfortunately, a president? Eh..not so much. But he's a person too, and I wish him luck. Poor guy.. he'll forever be known to me, as the amazing shoe dodger.

Adios amigo!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am sick and tired of your shit.

If I could rename wouldnt be Monday. It would be called Shitterday.

I kid you not.

Today was Mikes 1st day back to school, so.. all of us started our day at 6:45am. That is WAY too early, FYI.

Mike leaves, after, I'll give him this..being very helpful & cheery.. As I get Ryan down for a nap, Mike calls.. He left his card in the ATM, when he drove around, the guy denied having the card.
Let me please note here..we ha dno idea that if you leave a card too long, it gets sucked in.

Mike is positive this guy took it, whats the # on my card to call? I call.. thewy have no record of our account, I need to talk to our CU. Well..they dont open until 9am..It is 7:30.

Blah blah phone calls yada yada.. Change Andys poopy diaper that I have to WRESTLE away from him, do the same with Ryan..although he hummed the whoile time & seemed to enjoy it!

Start doing chores.. I dont need a chore chart..I just need Mike out of the house. I got more done before 2pm today, than he did the entire MONTH he was home!!! box..laundry..clean toilet... Gag & get really pissed b/c I KEEP telling Mike I am "tired of his shit..literally.. clean it off the damn toilet YOURSELF." Gag & think about above picture.. think.. I need to get back to blogging.. I'm going to start with a bitch about SHIT.

Andy goes down for a nap, Ryan goes down for a nap.. Ryan wakes up & sleeps in my arms for 2 hours.. During these 2 hours my dog whines & cries while sitting on the couch staring off into space..

(Note- Shes geriatric, senile & a touch retarded...Seriously.. I'm not being mean or silly..Look at her for Gods sake!!!)


So..I take her out THREE times in the course of 1 hour.. I realize..I need to pee.. cant pee myself..I'll have to clean that up too!! Juggle a sleeping baby as I go to the bathroom to come back to the living room & smell.. oh GOD..WTF IS THAT SMELL??

Oh!!!Echo was barfing on the couch..and while she barfed..she shit herself.. ALL OVER THE COUCH.

This is why we have a futon. We had a couch once..its a real bitch to take covers off couch cushions.. So,we keep a waterproof cover under a fitted sheet on our futon specifically b/c our dog is nasty. Someday we will have a couch.. but someday we will also no longer have Echo..sooo.. you figure it out.

As I peel off the shit/vomit couch coverings.. It hits me..

I have cleaned every single house members shit today... EVERY SINGLE ONE. Husband, kids, cat, dog... Not myself.. I started taking my pre natal vitis again after realizing I wasnt taking an vitamins so.. I "dont go".. Oh iron..the funny things you do to a body!!!!!

Then I vomited.. all over the dog shit/ I was putting it into the wash.. I grabbed the closest thing, a dirty dish towel, scooped up what I could, threw it in the trash, dry heaved a few more times & went on my FABULOUS day/way.

Oh... then Andy woke up.. freaking out.. Ryan was up.. crying.. And some chick from Samoea ( isnt that a cookie??????) who apparently has a baby with the guy I dated when I was 15 called me from Hawaii to ask me if I had feelings for him still b/c hes a *friend* on MySpace.. I told her she's majorly insecure in her relationship, to which she suprisingly said "I know, I really am.." & then listened to a really lonely girl talk to me for 45 MINUTES B/c I have a hard time hanging up phones with people..during which time, Andy managed to flip his eye lashes under neith his eye lid..

If this is a sneek at how this semester is going to go.. Let me be quite frank & say..

Please. Fucking shoot me. NOW.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well.. I wasnt sure if I was going to post about this, but I figured, it might give me more of an incentive to keep it up.

Lets be serious for a minute...I've always been thin. But when I get pregnant I get HHUUGGEEE.. And while I DO have big babies, they certianly arent 500lb babies, which is about what I gain when pregnant.

After Andy I didnt really try to lose weight until the Spring before he turned 1. Well, its about that time with Ryan now, so I figured with the new year, I might as well kick it into high gear & actually make an effort rather than just bitching about it..

I'm on day 3 now. I'm not dieting.. I'm just cutting out & adding a bit of exercise when I can. I had lost nearly all my baby weight from Ryan when he was 11 weeks old & then Mike says "Oh yeah!! You can have a beer now..want one??" and the weight came back with our nightly beer or 3 after the kids were down to bed.

So, thats my first step, no more drinking. On special occasions, a low cal cocktail is ok, but I dont need the random beer at night with Mike. He hasnt had 2 babies in less than 2 metabolism just cant do it anymore, sadly.

Except for the occasional chocolate binge, I'm not really THAT bad of an eater. I try to limit pastas & breads, I use fruit & nuts as snacks..

Yada Yada.. SO! My "plan" is to cut out alcohol, limit sweets, but not cut them out.. if I try to cut them out all together, I'll probably just go nuts when I do have them, so a sneak of chocolate here & there is my plan. Drinking more water, which I need to do anyway, with nursing.

If I'm eating bread/dinner rolls.. I only have a half of one, I'm upping the fruit/veggies of dinner & cutting the main entree in half.

Then there is the exercise, which honestly, is the hardest part for me. We packed away our bowflex before Ryan was born due to space contraints, and Mike uses my eliptical as a closet when he walks in the door, coats, hats, pants, shirts.. Plus the wire came out so I can go & go & it doesnt show me my time/miles/etc. I have a hard time sticking on it with out seeing progress on that screen ya know?

So.. I'm adding in little things, when I'm laying on the floor with a kiddo, leg lifts, or push ups while they hop on my back & ride around, just little add ins to what I'm already doing. Plus, as soon as the mail comes next, I should have a new 20 minute daily DVD which is about the time limit I GET daily!!

So.. I'm going to add a ticker, so that I can keep track of my progress. I've lost 5 lbs since the start of the new year, although its probably just water weight, it feels good already to see a change on the scale!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

I've waited my WHHOOLLEEE life!!!

Do you just have one of those burning questions that's nearly impossible to answer??

I have ALWAYS wondered WHERE do squirrels go to the bathroom?? I don't see squirrel turds on your lawn now do you?????

My senior year, I was in the bathroom one morning getting ready for school, there is a piece of porch roof below the bathroom window & as I stood there, I saw a squirrel pause & then liquid run down the roof. I must admit..with the exception of things like.. my kids births, marriage, yada yada whatever..It was probably one of the BEST moment of my LIFE.

Well.. the last few days, whenever I open the back door, which is where our recycling is, this fat black squirrel jumps off the roof to a tree & looks like I caught him being naughty. Sometimes, we stare at each other.. Today... wait for it.....

..wait for it!!!!


I'm not lying people!! He dropped a little deuce right there in the snow.. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was deliriously happy that I dont even remember the rest, but I raced inside to tell several friends of mine who I've h ad the "squirrel bathroom" discussion with..
I was promptly told pictures were needed...



After providing the poo...proof.. I was promptly mocked & rediculed.. where are the squirrel tracks?? They asked.. Only Claire would watch a squirrel poop, come tell people about it & then return to the scene of the crime for a of my lovelies said..


It was IN THE TREE!!!!! And you guys asked for the picture damnit!!!

So.. all of you who have believe the myth that squirrel poop is a magical substance that doesnt exist, much like I previously had been.

Here is your proof.

Feel free to curtsy on your way out the door.

Thank you.Good night.