Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What do you think??

So, here is my first attempt at a design of my own.


Its pretty "me."

Basic, random,funny.

I'm sure I'll be tweaking over the next few days, link colors & some other random crap I dont feel like staying up to finish tonight..

But, let me know your thoughts & be sure to grab my new button over on the left side!!


Lets get a make over!

With the new year, It's time for a new approach to my blog.

I started this blog as a place for myself to talk about whatever I wanted. Remember?

Then I got started doing reviews & I got so caught up in those that I was too burnt out bu the time it came to do personal blogging. Lets face it, I have 2 toddler boys & a husband with the "adultness" of a 5 year old. I dont have the free time some people do. Plus, I dont exactly rake in the dough ( and by dough I mean a pinch of flour or 2 here & there.) doing this & I put in a good amount of time that could definately be spent with my children, although they, and Seseme Streets ratings arent exactly complaining.

While I'll still be working with some great companies & teams, I'm going to be more selective this year, start saying NO & try my damndest to make sure that I focus on another thing.



But seriously, us moms are taken forgranted, like, 99.9% of the time & I want to help not only remind myself, but readers & followers to step back, like I am hoping to do and focus on themselves & what is important to them.

Stop saying yes to the play date you dont want, or the bakesale you don't really have time for. Spend an extra 10 minutes on your hair in the morning, or put on some makeup on a stay a home day you usually neglect yourself.

The kids can cry, believe me, it wont kill em. But if you don't apply mascara on a  day that NO one but your child will see you, your eye balls might fall out,from neglect.. or jealously of pretty made up eye lashes...

Point is, dude.. Er.. ladies! We need to remember ourselves a bit more.

I'm hoping to do a bit more "mom focus" and share my results. I've recently found out, I'm getting old.

This is still being mulled over, I'll get back to you when it sets in.

It takes a bit more love, time & care to get me feeling & looking my best between diaper changes, feedings, trian building & the all around mom colossol amazingness that I am.

So, hopefully you'll follow along on what I hope to be a fun New Year.

Also, my blog needs a face lift. I'm just not as cutesty as my lay out is. Susan did a great job, but as my blog has changed, the Squirrel has been dropped off & I'm ready for a change that represents "me" a bit more.Dont worry, squirrels & poo will not be left out of this next year, just maybe off the title.

What would suit my personality better than a home made layout by ME. Yes, me. This blog actually got its name because I on a whim created a picture was "I rock & roll" however..with my choice of bread subsititute, it was read "I rock & muffin"

And thus this blog came to be..

But yes, me,the html moron. So, bear with me, I'm hoping to work through a new lay out here..shortly!!!

Hope you'll join me in 2010!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a difference a year makes.

I can honestly say, this has not been our best year. We've had ups & downs, and some more downs & some middles too.

As the year wraps up, I'm definitely finding myself moping a bit as I sulk in the craptastic events we've dealt with recently & in the whole of 2009.

I'm ready for 2010.

In fact, if I could.. I'd keep the kids the same & just fast forward right to 2011. Unfortunately, that isnt an option so I've been trying to think of where we might be next year this time.

Mike has  13 classes left of his mechanical engineering bachelors degree.
He's smart.
I mean, he REALLY is smart.
I want to bang my head into a wall when he talks about school & engineering, its all jibberish to me.
I once looked at his paper & the told him what I got from it.. I believe my explanation involved an angle, a right turn & a dog.

I'm really proud of him. He served his time in the USAF as a nuclear weapons technician. He had a marriage prior to mine ( betcha didnt know THAT eh?) He's overcome alot of hurdles in his life & now, here he is. A wife & 2 gorgeous ifIdosaysomyself boys & a not too shabby wife as well.
Not to say Mike is a total fucking idiot also. 
But he really is SO smart & I know he is going to do great things once graduating & entering the work force.

It's led to conversations lately about where we would & would not move. We're in Ohio, not exactly top notch for jobs & the economy. However, my parents & some family, Mikes father & his family are here. Mikes mother is in Florida where we lived prior to being in Ohio now.

I am one of those people who doesnt see past today. I just have a hard time imagining the future or "seeing" it. I know its coming, I just cant quite envision it. Often I think, especially with having a family, the school years are just the years that you swear will go on for eevvveerrr. Especially when your going to school as an adult!

Did you know that Of every 100 kids who enter American high schools, only about 20 obtain a bachelor's degree within a decade?? Yep. True story!

 But going to college as an "adult"? Your not 18, getting help from mom & dad. Throw in a couple'a kids & I'm damn impressed Mike has gotten this far!!

I've been realizing, this time next year could be unfolding a whole new future for us. I'm trying to focus on on CLOSE we are to the end & how truly, a year DOES make a huge difference & its brought up alot of thoughts & questions.

Where will we be in a year?? No one knows of course.. Will we be here, getting ready to move somewhere still local for Mikes first job, or could be be cross country starting somewhere completely new to all of us?

Who knows.

I have to admit, lately I'm feeling ready to move. We never see our family. They live from 3-40 miles from us & we just never see them.My mother is a workaholic & my dad, between his job, exercise & his own writing, well, they've been used to "us kids" being gone & they have their own life. Mikes dad & his wife  have  young children of their own still, plus are both getting in Real Estate. They're busy with their life too. Mike is in school, or doing homework the majority of the time & by the time the weekend rolls around, when he isnt doing homework or "relaxing" he's helping me & the boys with our own family stuff.

I've always wondered, how the hell do you find a baby sitter??
I mean, if you move somewhere you know no one, do you just never GET a baby sitter??

I grew up here.
I couldnt wait to get out.

There is something about growing up in a college town that just fucks you up. I've had talks with tons of people who say "Oh yeah, its just all you Kent people.. it's from growing up here."
You grow up early, do things early, blah blah.
I moved to Florida & I didnt like it. I was pregnant in July in South Florida, the heat, the people, the whole nightmarish experience..its all been ruined for me.
I've learned to like Kent since then, it has some great qualities to it for a young family, but ..meh. At this point, I don't' feel we have much holding us here.Been here, done that with most of whats around here.

Today I was Google Earth-ing a bit, which of course, as every time, ends up with Mike taking over & me never getting to do what I hoped to. Damn Google Earth stealer.

So, I've decided to open myself up to start looking, there are alot of places I havent visited & I want to know about the places we could end up considering. I need to know my position on each state when bargining time comes ya know?]

Here are some key points I've come up with so far to help narrow down the list of states I'd like to take a closer look into.

  • We've agreed there isnt a bit enough amount of money for us to move back to Florida at this point. Ugh, that was a nightmare. But you'd have to gauge my eyes out with spoons to get me to live in Florida again.. Or give me ALLOOTTT of money. Which Mike will make good money, but not enough at this point, to make me go back there It just is NOT for me. I prefer a crisper, cleaner seasonal approach to my state of residence.
  • I'm not really into Texas. I'm just.. not... No offense Texans. Just not for me at this point.I'd have loved to move to Texas when I was 20, 21, Mike & I were just starting out, but at this point, with kids, just starting after college, Texas is just out for me.
  • I'd like to live somewhere with land, no neighbors if you wanted, even animals.. yet I'd like to be in reasonable distance of a Target or 2.
  • I'd prefer if the entire  towns daily uniform didnt consist of flannel &Carhartts. It's be neat of the school doesnt produce people whose most frequent phrases are "I seen it at Walmart yesterday" or "ain't something or other" and to have some professional quality to the demographic.
  • I don't like snakes & reptiles.
  • I'm not a HUGE fan of natural disasters, some places on the South/West coast just don't appeal.
  • I can do winters. I do, however prefer to have electricity & "help" that can come with in a reasonable amount of time in severe Winter weather. AKA.. Not living on the top of a mountain somewhere with MREs, gallons of water & a portable radio. (Sorry, Mike, I told you maybe someday, but not yet!) 
  • I dont want to move to Oklahoma. I have to real reason why, but when I look at it on a map, I just dont like it. Or its name. 
  • No WV. I'm from Ohio. We don't move to West Virginia, we make fun of them & call them rednecks. It's just what people from Ohio do.

So lets see.. What does this leave, for me??

So I've asked the question in my personal circle & now I want to ask my blog readers..

  • Where do you live?
  • Do you like it? Dislike it?
  • Why?
  • What is special about your state/city/town?
  • What is the weather/seasons like?
  • What about the people,schools,etc?
  • Is it where you want to stay, or is there somewhere else YOU'd like to move?
  • If so, where? And why?

What about past residences, where have you lived before that you loved, or hated, and why??


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holydog, batman!

I will be completely honest & admit. I am NOT entirely sure what the fuck is going on. Tonight is as my dear husband explained it "parents holiday drinking night"

Yes. We havent drank in so long that I cant even count ( Ya know, like how I used to tally mark my wipe off board on the fridge back in my AA days,oops..didnt share that one with you guys..Interesting..Note for future post!!!) 

Notice a lack in my funniness??
I have been mourning the loss of my humor, as a non drinker, it just isnt there.
All the funny moments are wasted on REAL life.
I admit.
I stop & think "I could SO blog about this" opon my hilariousness.
Sadly, when it comes to writing its like "dude, that was SO awesome words cant even DESCRIBE it."
And all of you lose out.
Your life is lessen by the lack of my sharing my important comments about those damn previws before New Moon.
(Channing Tatum (is that his name? If it isnt, too bad, because a name that stupid deserves to be spelled wrong)  LIED to me during those previews. LIED I tell you. Dude. Totally used like, 3 parenthesis here. Sawweeett!)

BUT! Tonight, it is. I have 2 beers & gosh dangit. I'm tipsy.

So, I have NO idea other than I found this blog & I'm a wee bit close to blog stalking this poor woman because she makes me pee a tiny bit as I roll on the floor giggling like the future gay husband I met at BJ's swooning over yes, Fish crackes.

So, from what I have carefully pieced together, people are supposed to like, nag her husband to get her this dog.

I think, like I said, 2 beers... been awhile.... I can't be held responsible for what I say..

#1. There is a weiner dog there.
#2- There is also a  hairy penis. Wait, or else I'm a HUGE .. wait.. what do YOU think that is on the right side????

That right there, either way, is enough to have my devoted interest.

Then this chick gets all wack & throws in this shit like "kill"  "die"  "painful death" and shit & I'm like WHOA! I am a peacefulbynatureexceptwhenIbeatmyhusbandoverthatfuckingtoiletseatkindagal right?

So, obviously I'm all down with the dogs & am totally against like. DEATH for instance. So.

I'm going to do my part & say.

Dear blog chicks husband...

What the fuck man? 
Do you not see Carlos's (Carlos'es,Carloses,Carlos's,Carloses'??)  need for you? He's a fat pudgy, lonely weiner just looking for a home man.
It's Christmas, give a weiner some love.

Thanks bitch,


Monday, December 21, 2009

Have a tissue.

I'm mean.

Or so I was told by some random chick from junior high who is on my Facebook this morning. I was discussing Brittney Murphy's recent death. Which is a tragedy, as any loss of life is.

However, anyone who has ever picked up OK magazine or whatever those are ( I don't pay for my smut,I'm an internet gal) called is pretty aware from just looking at celebrities & reading a caption who is on drugs, who is nuts, who has an eating disorder, who drinks blood, makes out with their brothers, cheats on their wife & likes manly bathroom sex.

It's one of the great privledges of being a child on the Internet. 

I believe my words were "My guess is her heart was previous weakened by a previous ED & she snorted a fattie too many." I was giving my thoughts after a friend shared her own similar ones.Am I judging?
I had an eating disorder as a teen. I've always been skinny but being 6 foot tall & 103 pounds at high school graduation just isnt natural.

I also  (mom & dad stop reading here) have partaken in my fair share of illegal substances prior to marriage & children, many of the ones I havent touched I can assure you my husband tried prior to our meeting as well. Plus,  I'm also just not a sweet faced idiot, I know about drugs. It's called D.A.R.E.. Maybe some of you didnt pay attention???

So, yeah. I feel justified in sharing my own thoughts on a girl who was found unconsious in cardiac arrest at 32 whose husband is adamently insisting there be no autopsy.

Does that make me mean? No.Yes, however,I AM mean, Just not in this circustance, if your going to shower me with such praise & lovely words, atleast get it straight!!

Now, excuse me while I go punch my husband & call him some names.

PS- Look! One of my favorite Brit Murph movies AND Mean Girls, the tribute to jealous high school skanks the world over, all in one! Buy it from my Amaon link, If you do I'll earn 12 cents from your purchase!

PPS- Seriously, it is a tragedy Britney urphy has passed away, I'm in no way making light of the situation, but seriously, she's a celebrity, one of the 50 young ones who have now passed this year from OD's people talk,its why Perez Hilton & TMZ are huge sites, everyone has an opionion. Put on your big girl panties & deal with mine.


Friday, December 18, 2009

A dog, a REAL dog!!

As some of you know, I have a min pin named Echo. An ex of mine & I shared a sweet little min pin named Frog, who unfortunately, passed away when Mike & I were dating. I was so grief stricken I started looking into adoption, as I dont believe in buying from breeders, and came across IMPS (International Miniature Pinscher Service)

We (and by we, I mean I) filled out an application, was interviewed & eventually, we learned about the dogs available for adoption. I remember the couple we worked with, they were so sweet & the man told me "Well, there is one, Echo, she's pretty old, we'd be lucky to get $50 for her" (the payment for the dog goes to help fund this amazing network through out the states)
I looked at her picture & saw this decrepit old dog, with about half an ear & said "I'll take her"

I drove 3 hours to pick her up, from a rather beastly lady, who I was told is sort of the hospice for min pins..the old ones, the sick ones, the ones no one wants..She had over 50 dogs (omfg!) She is where dogs go to die...

I think she was in plaid flannel eating a granola bar too... Anyway!

As she tried to make our exchange quick as possible she told me "shes the one I have to seek out, she doesnt think she deserves the attention, so.."

I drove Echo home to our shithole of a first apartment & showed her the toys, bowls, food, treats & her new kennel & Echo CRIED.

Yes, the dog fucking cried ok? Tears rolled down her little face, I sweartogod.

Long story short.. Echo may be certifiably "handicapped". I'm not being mean or using the word offensively, when dogs are bred too much, they lose a few screws & seeing as how dogs brains arent human, well, it doesnt take much to breed them stupid ya know?

She traveled to Florida with me, in the front seat of my car. She traveled back to Ohio, in the backseat of the car, with a 7 week old Andy.

When I was severely pregnant, we were taking her to the vet in SWFL & stopped to grab a water at a drive thru.With Echo on what was left of my lap the guy asked, in broken english "pregnant yes??" Well duh, my stomach was GRAVITY defying...

..He was talking about the dog.

20 minutes later my sweet pup was called "obease" by the vet.

Look bitch, I may or may not have shared some baby weight with my dog but thats no reason to be RUDE!

Anyway.. Echos microchip was eventually traced back to Lucky Star Kennels in Mississippi, where she was rescued as a breeder dog. If you know anything about puppy mills, it explains why she only has half an ear, being a breeder, shes contained, bred & likely was very terrorized by other dogs. You can see teeth marks on whats left of her ears, the few teeth she has are straight FUNKY & the smells that comes out of this dog are illegal in 40 states.

Her nip's are so long they could likely drag on the ground, from nursing what must have been a good amount of pups in the mill, she scares herself so badly she flops over on the floor with fright & honestly, she pisses on the floor. A lot.

The point of my story is.. Lately, Echo is becoming a dog, yes, a REAL dog, not a fake dog like she's been for anywhere from 8-14 years of her life. (Mike swears shes probably only 6 years old, she was a puppy when we got her but no one knew b/c she was scared gray) My mom baby sit & asked me "WTF ( ok,she didnt day the F part..) is up with Echo?? I've NEVER seen her like this!!!" She barks to wake me up to take her out in the morning, steals food from kids hands, snapped at me( oohhh half a tooth, you scare me!!!) when I tried to steal the banana SHE stole from Ryan & is all around NUTS! She dances & jumps & barks & has turned into the closest she'll ever get to a real dog. It's fucking bananas.

Tonight something happened. Something I NEVER thought I'd live to see.


Right on my nose, she hopped on my chest, kissed my nose & then I threw up from the smell.

Kidding.. Mike from across the room actually is the one that threw up..but this is a dog that has NEVER given a kiss a day in her little fake dog LIFE!

..Right.. now my entire story seems long & pointless because really, all I wanted to say is.. My dog licked my nose. It was sweet. The End.


PS- Feast your eyes on this..and note the lack of ear on the right side..

I know, you want one, but lets face it, a dog that can make an Elvis face like this is a rare find.
Be jealous!

I...yyeeii YEEEIII!!!

..Don't feel so good.Could I have the piggy flu?

Sick Pictures, Images and Photos
What IS that??? A ..mouse? Badger?? Turd? I mean, what is it??

..Have no Christmas spirit this year.Seriously. I've learned my lesson. Each year I swear it'll be a simple Christmas & I get "that one toy" then I go all balls to the wall & get a ton of crap & max ourselves out full of excitement & anticipation for my family to be tickled pink with my love & gifts & thought, only to be dissapointed that no one cares about anything but the one item I started out with. Duh.

..Lost 14 pounds in the last few weeks from stress ( hey, stress can be my new BFF if it shrinks my ass ok??) I posted about it on Facebook & my best guy friend, of 11 years said "Wow, you must have been fat."

..HATE The United States Air Force. If I could, I'd personally tell them face to face to suck it,then I'd kick them in their shins & run, fast.


..Don't love being an adult, in fact, I don't like it a BIT much of the time!

..Have reoccurring sexy dreams about Michael Voltaggio (Top Chef) & Alexander Skarsgard.
And I don't mind it one bit..Neither does my hubby, at this point..yaknowhatimsayingehhhh????

My computer doesn't let me Twitter(Tweet!). Seriously, I just don't even try anymore.Someone once left a comment & I'd be lying if I said, I haven't been waiting until this very moment to use her phrase.. So, here it is...
My computer must just be retweeted.

Dont get it. Wouldn't you think that if you order a picture from a site, like Kodak, for example & they give you the size options, wouldn't you think all those sizes would be easy to find frames for? As they're obviously "common" or "standard" sizes..RIGHT??
Finding a 20x30 frame is nearly impossible & I demand Kodak put that as a disclaimer to other people assuming like I did. (Joanns has ONE poster frame that size, FYI!!!)

Am not feeling very funny lately. I mean.. Nope, just not feeling funny. I used it all up in real life & honestly, if I told you all the hilarious things I think I do ALL day long, you'd all probably think I was crazy. Some things, you just have to be there for.

..Need to make some Christmas cookies.. so I can welcome back my 14 pounds.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vangina Necklaces. Because there really isnt a better title for this, than that....

I lay in bed at night & read Perez Hilton on my phone. EVERY night. I can be exhausted but I atleast have to scan the page.


I said it.

And I LOVE it.

It makes me happy inside. I'm a whore for celebrity news deep at heart & I need help.

Anyway, awhile back I saw one of my other beloved sites in this article on Perez, Etsy. I of course, read on & was.. well.. you'll see ;-)

Tonight I was browsing Etsy ghost shopping ( a little habit I do when I'm broke, or feeling the shopping bug, don't laugh, TONS of other girls do it!)

Anyway, somewhere along the taxidermy links, and the penis soaps, I remembered to go see the link from Perez, that I hadnt been able to see on my site!

Here we go...

Warning, this is adult rated. Get the kiddies out of the room, or answer questions you might prefer to avoid. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Thoughts?? Here are mine, along with some questions.

..Ah, I just had a pause.. with an eye squint.. (I have very distinct facial expressions, if you know me, you know this one..)

I'm trying to tactfully find what I'd like to say.. other than the obvious.

Do people actually do this?? I mean, Mike was like "would you do it, if no one ever saw it, or had to know & it was free??" and I was like "...huh..." which of course, led me here.

Who actually gets these made?? And do they wear them?? Like... when they go shopping at Target for tampons or feminine itch cream.. do they take their Yonis along to pick which brand they prefer??

Could you imagine walking up to your check out clerk or someone at a party, them turning around & seeing THAT from their neck?

What would you even say??? I personally, think it would be awesome, I'd love to find myself in that situation just to see what the fuck would come out of my mouth!!

PS- Whats up with the one that looks likes its growing a penis?


Friday, December 11, 2009

Newsie News.

I just wanted to take a second, while I'm awake all way earlier than I should be to say... I've drawn winners for all open contests this morning, e-mails have been send out & the winners will have 48 hours to collect their prizes before a new winner being chosen.

I've been thinking this over for a good while & it's time. I need to take a break from just review blogging. If I am going to blog for the next month or so, it's going to be strictly for me.

I'll be turning down offers for reviews that aren't perfectly up my alley or my readers instead of saying "yes of course!" when asked as a favor because possibly 1 of my readers MIGHT be interested in the product being peddled.I just don't have the time to publish everything for everyone while handling whats been going on in our life.

I DO have giveaways ( in fact, my personally most exciting one yet!!!) coming up & they will still go on, just perhaps a bit more spread out & I will be taking a break for a few weeks, likely until the start of the new year.

The last 2-3 months we've been dealing with a major family crisis that unfortunately, doesn't seem to be getting better any time fast. While its "in the process" I think everyone knows when shit sucks, the fix cant come fast enough, right?
I need to stop worrying about meeting a deadline for a "job" that I don't get paid for but I will get "in trouble" for not completing on time. I don't need to worry about if Sally at XYZ PR firm is sending over the images for the new product line in time for my post to go live.

Today is Mike's last day of exams & then we'll have 3 (long) weeks of Winter Vacation & right now,my family really needs all the time we can get, together.

So, There it is. I've said it.. It's something I've been wanting to do for awhile now but keep putting off & I can no longer put it off. I've been MIA dealing with life,still trying to put my best effort in while really, starting to feel resentful because I KNOW I need to step back. My page rank has slid while I juggle life & honestly, a blog can wait, life cant! Come the next year we'll see what I feel like taking on, but people forget one thing. I am not a major blogger. I am not MomDot or Pioneer Woman, and while I'd love to have PW's life (aka her home & sweet camera) I dont want the responsibility of that type of blog.
I do this for FUN.I dont charge to do a review, I do it on my own time, or my own free will with no payment involved.I started review blogging after makong jokes about new products for my friends to laugh at, and over time I've been lucky enough to find sooo many amazing products & pass on information about them to my friends & give some of them the chance to check these items out too. I LOVE sharing things I find & love & will never stop doing so. However,I get dozen of press releases a day asking to be published that can take atleast 20 minutes to link & html all the info up for just one press release. My family needs me more right now & sadly for you, I will be passing up sharing nose trimmers with you guys, in favor of being used as a human trampoline.

So, this is MY Christmas gift to myself.. Get back to blogging for MYSELF ( I mean, where the fuck did the funny girl GO people??) for fun for the rest of 2009, and then in 2010, perhaps you will know more about me & my life & will be intreigued to follow along for more than the giveaways & my love for blogging will be fonder, after a short absence.

So, I'll still be here, my beloved blog readers, but I'll be here less, and when I am, it will hopefully be on a more personal, and hopefully funny, level.

And yes, weird random pictures will also grace these coming posts, I know, thats what your MOST excited for... Sadly.. me too.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What do you think??

I recently read another mom blogger who stopped posting her winners,instead she contacted the winners & still drew them using but she just didn't make a separate post just to announce winners. Her readers asked her to continue to do so & she will be making that announcement on her blog again, as she draws winners.

I finally got my car back this week so I decided to go ahead & contact my first winner ( Things Remembered) with out making a post..

So my question is.

Does anyone care????

Let's face it, the 10 minutes or so I spend making a post that no one reads could be applied to hiding in the bathroom trying to read a book or being used as a human trampoline.. so.. I'm just saying..if no one is missing it....


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Littlest Pet Shop Friends Wii Game

I loved Littlest Pet Shop when I was a kid, SO cute.. the big eyes, little movements & accessories.. But lets face it, Littlest Pet Shop has changed ALOT since I was 11.

Eyes are bigger, the toys are larger ( they were likely a problem choking hazard in many houses when I was young, but they were soo tiny & cute!!) And now, they can add being a Wii game to the list of accomplishments from these tiny pets!

The Fall, EA Games created Littlest Pet Shop Friends
for Wii.It's as adorable interactive game in which you can live your simulated pets life out, go to parties, make friends, accomplish tasks, like delivering party invitations while styling your own pets accessories. Of course, for best friend fun, this interactive Pet Shop of fun does have a multi player option.

Check out this video to see the Littlest Pets in action yourself!

This Christmas, my youngest sister in law will be checking out this adorable new Wii game alongside myself. I hope you'll check it out for the Littlest Pet Shop fan on your Christmas shopping list!

Littlest Pet Shop Friends for Wii is available at retailers near you, as well as from Amazon and other online retailers. It's rated "E" for everyone.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mabels Labels Review

I am an organizer.. the amount of friends I have who are 50 million times more OCD than myself, well.. it would take a lot of us, a lot of list making (and perfecting & re-writing!) to figure out!!!

For the organizer, crafter, or someone who maybe needs some organization in their chaotic life.. look no further than Mabel's Labels custom labels this Christmas.

With their colorful new LOL line, you can make sure those lost books, or crafts or whatever kids items ( even your Tupperware!!!) always find their way back to their rightful owner with these bright labels.

These labels are bright & colorful & I cant wait to start pasting them all over my kids items. You can put them on dishes, bottles, sippy cups, you name it. They with stand washing, throwing, dirt & all around abuse childrens items do. These labels will not come off & will provide you & your items with personilized colorful labeling that ensures each item returns to it's rightful owner.

Last year I got to organize my entire spice cabinet with Mabels custom spice labels ( oh, it was amazing organization my friends!!) and this year I'm going to be having some fun with the crafter pack. Every scissor, tape, bead, stamp & stencil will be in their rightful place by the time Mabels Labels & I are done with my craft corner!!

I am in love with their cord control package, I've never seen a better solution to all those cords behind the entertainment cabinet, no pulling a plug & hoping for the best anymore!

Mabels Labels has the perfect package & products for anyone looking to organize, customize & label any item.

What are some of your favorite items from Mabels Labels??


Friday, December 4, 2009

Plan Toys Review & Giveaway! CLOSED

A few weeks back I shared my love for Plan toys wide variety of wooden toys with you. Today I'd like to share a bit more as well as tell you about the amazing toys we got to check out, which you could win yourself!!

I LOVE the craftsmanship of every Plan Toy I've ever received for the children. These are long lasting,educational toys you can feel good about giving.

Be it the safe products they use in the making of toys, or the lifestyle the company promotes, Plan Toys is genuinely, the all around friendliest, eco conscious toy company this mama has come across!

I'm going to be really really honest & tell you, when Andy got the chance to check out this Parking Garage, from Plan Toys.. well, I squeeled & hide myself in the bedroom when it arrived. I think I was more excited than he will be, when he opens it on Christmas morning! (this is too big & too cool an item to just give him for any old occasion, I cant get my boys TOO spoiled, so yes, its being saved for Christmas!) I truly think that Plan Toys are MY favorite toys!

I mean, check this baby out, even the coolest of adults has to admit, they'd sneak a play in with this during nap time, eh??

Our first Plan Toy was a baby toy,specifically, this adorable pull along snail

After opening the box ( it was Ryan's gift) I fell in love & haven't been let down since, with any of our Plan Toys.Believe me.. if you've met Ryan, you know that our toys take a beating. Each of ours still look brand new & are the type of items that someday, my kids will give to their own & the quality & craftsmanship will still be flawless.

My wish list from Plan Toys is endless, what is on your Plan Toys wishlist for your kiddos??

Win It!

One Lucky winner ( US residents only, sorry!) will win the parking garage for their own little sure to be Plan Toy enthusiast. We're going to switch things up a bit, so listen closely to be sure you enter correctly!

Mandatory Entries-

1-Link me to your favorite Plan Toy!
2-Become a Fan of Plan Toys on Facebook. (I'll be checking, so leave me your name!)

Extra Entries

-Blog about this giveaway. Include a link to my review & a link to Plan Toys. Be sure to leave a link for me in the comments so I can come read & check your blog out too! ( 2 entries)

-Grab my button! Post it on your blog, leave a link for me!

A winner will be chosen, using on December 10, 2009.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Calling all Tom Petty Fans! ( review & giveaway) CLOSED

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers have released something new,The Superhighway Tour .

The Superhighway Tour is an online compilation with access to downloads, movies, exclusive merchandise & loads of other fan favorites & must haves.

Here is some more information about this great package;

"The fan value is extraordinary: 48 digital tracks for $24.98. What is unique is that the digital tracks are presented within a dedicated web site and delivered with truly compelling additional material. That material adds context, depth and understanding to what is already a career-defining live music anthology. It includes streaming audio commentary from Tom and the band, historic photos and videos, show reviews, recreated vintage merchandise (for sale), and areas for fans to share their experiences and photos from TPHB shows.

The tracks are delivered as MP3's, but also in FLAC format (lossless audio that is close to Blue Ray quality). The first 24 tracks, which make up the body of the Superhighway Tour are delivered to the consumer over the 8 week period that leads to street date (11/23/09). The remaining 24 tracks will be delivered collectively on street date.

The Superhighway Tour represents a new means of delivering music to fans that is more than a collection of digital files; but one that deepens fans’ appreciation for, and love of, an artist and their artistry; that reinforces the importance of quality in the music experience; and that rewards a fan’s decision to spend their hard earned dollars."


One reader will win this awesomeness for themselves, just enter by simply, telling me your favorite Tom Petty Song!

After completing that mandatory entry, you can recieve extra's by completing the following;

-Follow me.
-Follow me on Twitter.
-Tweet this giveaway ( one per day!)

I'll draw a winner using,on December 9,2009, to receive their own log in information to gain access to these downloads, videos, music & more


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Skin MD Natural Giveaway

Remember when I introduced you guys to Skin MD Natural awhile back, in this post.

With the winter season closing in, I don't know about you guys, but my dish washing, diaper changing, soap cleansed 50 times a day hands are killing me & it has barely turned to Winter yet!

After months of use, I still stick by my statement,than hands down, Skin MD could easily replace every single lotion & moisturizer in my home. No yummy smelling lotion or cream, or heavy duty over night hand repair, or even facial treatments have matched the level of protection, repair & moisture than I've found in Skin MD.

Skin MD is offering a great giveaway for one of my readers to check out this amazing lotion for themselves. I swear to you, this lotion will change your life. It's changed mine!!

Win It!

Here is how to enter to win a bottle of your own.

Visit Skin MD Natural & tell me something you learned in a comment. They have some seriously fascinating information about your skin on their page!

After you've completed this mandatory entry, you can gain extry entried by;

-Following me
-Follow me on Twitter.
-Tweet this giveaway, one per day.

I'll draw a winner using on December 8,2009.
Thanks to Skin MD for this great giveaway!

As always, I received no compensation for this review. I received a sample product provided by the company above & these are my thoughts & opinions voluntarily shared.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Just testing something out =)


Things Remembered Review ( AND Giveaway!) CLOSED

As you all know, awhile ago I shared my love for Things Remembered.

I swear, I'm like a raccoon, I see something sparkly & I go all "ooohhh" with the big eyes.

Things Remembered is a raccoons paradise,so to speak, with their trinkets & sparkles & charming personalization on the perfect gifts for everyone on your Holiday shopping list.

With the holidays fast approaching, what better time to check out gift items at Things Remembered.

Be it a gift for Mom

Your husband or dad,

or even your children.

Things Remembered has something for everyone, no matter what age, size or budget you have to work with.

We got the chance to check out the gorgeous Race Car Photo Globe from Things Remembered, which one of you, will also win!

It's gorgeous, well crafted, complete with space for personalization & a spot to place a picture of your own little race car driver.

Here is how to enter-

-Follow @ tremembered on twitter and tweet about the giveaway. ( link me!)

-Fan Things Remembered on Facebook and leave a comment on their wall about a gift you’d love to give, link me to your post!

-Follow me.

-Follow me on Twitter.

-Tweet this giveaway, one tweet per day.

This contest will end on December 7th & a winner will be chosen using

Happy Entering & Thanks to Things Remembered for this great giveaway.

As always, I received no compensation for this review. I received a sample product provided by the company above & these are my thoughts & opinions voluntarily shared.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday.

Alright, who hit some sales?? Any of you ladies crazy enough to do some seriously early shopping??

Not I.

But,however, I do have some coupon codes I wanted to share with you guys, because my guide guide is starting soon, I thought we'd start Black Friday off with some sales & discounts!

SiliKids - Silicone Must Haves for Children, use code OHBABY to save 15% through December 31, 2009.

Bravado - For all your nursing needs. This is the last sale of the year, a fantastic 25% off. Good until MONDAY only, with code TH09-175

Bright October - One of my favorite places to shop for kids, I actually subscribe to their Newletter & learned via email that using code THANKS will save 15%.

Ultimate Cloth America is offering EVERYONE a chance to try their revolutionary new cloth, just for shipping & handling. This is something every household needs atleast one of! An eco friendly way to clean, wipe & all around eliminate the need for items like paper towels, swiffer pads & other paper products that fill landfills each year.

Kushies - is offering 25% off your online order with code BLACKFRIDAY. Good until Sunday Nov, 29,2009.

Happy Shopping!

Share any good deals you snagged so I can gloat with you & stay tuned the next few weeks for MY Holiday gift guide & must haves!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

..Makin' a list,checkin' it twice...

Are you all making your lists & checking them twice??

Who has been naughty?

And who has been nice??

Need any ideas on what to get as you make these lists??

Stay tuned, the next few weeks we'll be featuring a holiday gift guide, with some awesome products, companies & giveaways as well.

I think with my guide alone, you can cross off the cleaner (OCD!!) on your list, the children, the techie, the gadget guy,the organizer, or Crafter in your life!

What about "the classic"? You know, the person who is impossible to shop for? Check, I got em covered.

I even have something for those readers who like to surprise their significant other with a special XXX rated holiday gift once the kids are in bed!

Stay tuned, I think you all will like what you see! In the meantime, leave me a comment telling me 3 things, that if money were no object, you'd love to see under YOUR Christmas tree ( or other form of holiday occasion & expression) Mine will be to follow!


Monday, November 23, 2009

They really DO grow fast!

This is the conversation I just had with my 3 year old..

Andy- "Mom, you go outside & get me a bird, ok? You get your shoes on & go catch one for me."

Me- "Andy I dont think I can catch one, they're too fast for me!!!" ((distraction))

Andy- "You can use a net!"

Me- ((hm))"We dont have a net for bird catching buddy"

Andy-"You can use the butterfly net!!" ((trails off singing some song "the chicken, who'da the chicken,chicken down the road....))

((pokes head back in the room))

"Okay, go get you shoes & catch a bird with the butterfly net!!!!"

I swear, he just turned into a little boy over night!

He's kinder to Ryan, more gentle ( most of the time) but he jumps to apologize & hug & kiss & say "I sorry, I dont mean to hurt you anymore." He's easier to talk to & rationalize if he gets upset & we can avoid a tantrum, he's more snuggly ( at his OWN will!) and just all around.. growing up!! I guess!! I seriously can't believe it, all the cliches are so true, about time flying, kids growing fast, yada yada.. I dont think anyone ever realizes it.. until they become a mother themself.

Well, I guess I need to go run around outside the window like amadwoman with a butterfly net attempting to catch a


PS- Are you ready for Black Friday?? How about some holiday gift guides from yours truly?? In the true spirit of busy over tired mothers, I'll be waiting until AFTER Thanksgiving to officially enter the holiday shopping season.. I hope you'll join me for some giveaways, reviews & all around good stuff!!