Monday, December 15, 2008

Woo and Boo

Here are my current Woo's and Boo's


#I have 2 really amazing best friends. They help keep me SANE. Hailey & Sierra.. Thank you guys. For EVERYTHING you have both done for me over the last (few!!) year.

#I got a Christmas gift from my friend Hailey today, at a MUCH needed moment. I LOVE Willow Tree figures, I've been really wanting to start a collection of them but havent had the chance. She found me the perfect friendship one. Its called Heart & Soul, and has a little card with it that reads "Open Hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends." and it came at the most perfect time imaginable. I love it. Thank you Hailey!! I will always look at it & think of you ( I figure I'm the pony tail one?? What do you think???) and I really hope that I'll be able to finally start my own collection, and that your piece inspired the beginning of it!!!

#I am getting excited for Christmas!! Andy has been obsessed with "Train Movie" (aka the Polar Express) and when I am sitting there watching bits & pieces, its funny how excited I can still get! Holidays lose alot of fun as an adult, I think. Your so concerned with making it good for everyone else, you dont get to enjoy it yourself. But, I'm really excited for this year!! I will actually get gifts!! I bought all my own gifts when I found a great sale, or what I really wanted, or had a good coupon, or code or co-op and put them all in a box for Mike to give me. So.. no baking sheets this year!!! The boys got some really cool stuff from the co-ops I've been in all year. They are getting Zoobies, Bilibos, Babals, Happy Green Bee clothing & dolls ( yes DOLLS..for BOYS!!!) Hop Balls/Rody Ponies, some really awesome um..rubber duck infused bath soaps from Pampering Delights (its holiday shaped soaps around little ducks..SOOO cute) and some other nifty stuff I've forgotten about. I think I'm genuinely just excited for these toys to finally be out of my closet b/c I am excited for them myself!! LOL

# Thats another thing I'm WOO-iong about.Co-ops!! Group buying allows all of us to get items at wholesale prices, by buying in large quantities. So, it allows me to buy things for myself, my family & my children I couldnt afford to buy at retail prices!!

# My mom. We recently had a nice talk..and I love her. Woo mom.

And now for some boo..


# CRAPPY Drivers. No, I'm not talking about people who have accidents under their belts ( raises hands..) or people who sometimes speed.. I'm talking about those assholes who ride your bumper, or get in the fgast lane going slow, or pass you, only to slow down in front of you so you cant pass them, etc etc etc.

SERIOUSLY?? In my wildest fantasies there is a huge microphione/sign on my car.. so that I can say "HEY F-YOU" to the car next to me & they can hear it & it flashes at them while parked next to me or passing me.

I just dont get it.. do people RREEALLLYY think it will make me go FASTER if you are 2 inches from my cars ASS.

# People who CONSTANTLY are talking about " my faaabulous luxury car" or "my large swimming pool" or "I spent __ amount on this" In other words..people who CONSTANTLY flaunt what they have/buy/etc. I am all for being like "OMG I am SO excited!! I got this awesome deal so I got ____" but I've come across some people who I cant think of ONE thing they have EVER said with out mentioning a price tag, or a designer, or to call other people poor, ot make cracks at others lifestyles while boasting their own,etc. It mostly just makes me sad.. I mean, how bad must their lives be that they have nothing better to do than to put other people down to boost themselves?? Its sad, and pathetic. And I will pray for them.

I'll go ahead & keep this short for tonight.. Today has been an AMAZINGLY bad day for me. And I could BOO all night long.. but, I wont.

What are your woo's & boo's of the day???


  1. WooWoo - I am so happy to see how my amazing girl can turn around a bad day. I love how you tell it like it is, but still have that kind, sweet soul under all those %#*?#@!%s. love, mom

  2. (((Claire))) I am sorry you are having a bad week. I am here if you need anything. I just had to LOL at the last BOO. Thanks to you i am able to shrug it off more these days. =)

  3. Woo for my family, I love and miss you guys tons and was just thinking about how glad I am that you and Mike are married the other day. Boo for being sick, I hate it, it makes me whiny and emotional and sad. Woo for good teachers, I aspire to be one, appreciate all the great teachers I have had, and feel very lucky to have taught some wonderful young women this year. love and miss you, mischa

  4. BOO-I bombed my chemistry final yesterday
    WOO-my semester is finally over and now i can just concentrate on being a mom!


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