Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tis the season...

..So here is MY holiday wish list

  1. -Trade husband for seeing eye/trained helper dog. Those puppies are SWEET.
  2. -Wii plus Wii Fit.. to get rid of the extras my sweet boys left me with.
  3. Calorie free chocolate. ( What.. no one has created that yet?????)

See?? I dont ask for much!!

I've been reasonably nice this year.. I give to charity when I can.I make my husband do my parents big yard of leaves so they dont have to rake themselves when I really could use his help at home, I dont litter, I care about the environment. I give advice whenever asked to help people with problems & I never complain that they dont listen, I just keep wasting my time politely!! I do lots of good things.. SO!

Santa.. Dont be an asshole. Kay??

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