Thursday, December 4, 2008


So..I much as I've been bitching lately..I oughta go ahead & share some things I currently am LOVING.

1- Vitamin C Toner from Pampering Delights. For you Northerners, you know how when you wake up in the morning in the winter & your so pale you look dead? (Please..dont even pretend I'm the only one this happens to..) I KID you not, I put this on after putting my contacts in, in the morning & My skin GLOWS. Typically, I just use bronzer ona daily basis, if I use this, I dont use bronzer. My skin glows with that pink "flushed" look that people get after running a mile ( or so I hear..I've never run shit in my LIFE) It is 98% Vegan Organic & a TOTAL steal at $3 a POP!!!!

2- Also from Pampering Delights.. Who I might add, I think has actually replaced my Victorias Secret body scrub... I am LOVING her Lemon Sugar scent.I've only in my whole life found ONE scent similar & it was a one time Bath & Body Works scent..
This scent is TO DIE FOR.

MY FAVORITE product from her is by far the foaming body smoothie.. Its unlike anything I've ever found in a store..It is a scrub that also lathers. It actually leaves such a moisture on your skin that I dotn shave after using it because I can literally see on my razor, the mositurizers my razor takes off!! ( this is a GOOD thing people..) lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her products.. I mean..I can not talk enough about how FABULOUS they are. I ordered soem "manly" scents for Mikes Christmas gifts from her & she even customized the labels on the products for me!!! Pamela is AMAZING to work with.. Oh.. and shes also my long lost twinsie.. But even if I didnt like her..I couldnt live with out her stuff.. Its truly addicting.

#3- I am loving my absolute favorite tart.. EVER. For those of you who know.. I burn tarts instead of candles..I buy from Mothers who make products in their homes to they can earn money while staying home with their kiddos, and tarts are avery popular product. My favorite tart maker is a SAAWWEEET little lady named Mandy. She owns Cat Lady Candles...I will say this.. she is actually a dog person..
I know..I was shocked too.. BUT..I understand. Cats are real assholes.
ANYWAY!!! She & I are swing mates, and she actually named a tart for me.. my FAVORITE scent.. CLOVES. Its called Claires Cloves. She told me today it keeps selling out of stock..and I know..this is just because people LOVE me SO has nothing to do with the fact that she makes a really amazing product..
Okay so maybe it does..whatever.. If you like home fragrence..I STRONGLY suggest you push your Yankee candle away, and check her out. I light one tart & my ENTIRE home smells for HOURS. The scent is simple and sexy..JUST LIKE ME!! ;-)

#4-Pushing Daisies. Mike & I started watching this when it first came out.. Then Mike would "not be in the mood" so I'd miss a bunch of TIVO'd episodes..this season..I watch it A-L-O-N-E. And it is truly unlike any other show out's a PERFECT Claire show. I believe I named my cat, Chuck, for the main female lead. And I also think..I am digging Lee Pace.. He's sorta a pie maker kinda way!

#5- Ryans mouth. There is just something SO perfect about a baby's breath. (well..breastfed babies atleast.. I've heard that formula stuff is pretty nasty!) Its a sweet, sour milk sort of scent..And I admit it..I straight up put my nose to Ryans open mouth & HUFF. Yes...I am a mouth huffer. And I'm proud of it!! If I could bottle that scent I'd make bazillions..there is nothing sweeter than a babys breath.. And dont think I'm crazy..TONS of other women think the same ( some even like breastfed poop... I'm not THAT nuts..Ryans smelled like chedder chex mix!!!!!)

..Thats all for now.. I'ms till ppreeetttyy cranky over here, So, be thankful you got this.

I have to get back to my life now.. Hopefully none of you will be joining me soon.
(yet another thing I LOVED.. Paris Hiltons my New BFF!!!)


  1. Awe you are toooooooo sweet!!!! You just made my day/night/week/hell maybe even my month. lol

    I am glad I am not the only strange one that loved baby breath. Kayden before he had teeth loved to suck/chew on my nose and I just loved it. Until now I thought I was a freak and maybe I still am, but at least I am not alone. lol

  2. Dude I hate you... Now I need a baby to huff!!! YOU SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!! I too have the baby huffing addiction!
    I am with you on the Vitamin C toner and pretty much everything else . I love Pamela and her stuff. She is my source for soap! LOVE IT!!!!

  3. OMG I love you!! ROFL! Yes Dog Lady Candles would have been wrong on so many levels.

  4. I am totalling into smelling Ian's breath! It is so sweet and feels like it fills me when I suck it it...weird!!?

    All my kids' poo has smelled like popcorn so yeah, i dig their poo too...but I don't stick my face in it


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