Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have ALWAYS wanted a Roomba. I think we first saw one in real life at Mikes grandmothers condo in Florida when we went to visit them one weekend. I thought "wow..she says it does work..hmm" But the $300 price tag was quite a turn off.

Mike & I have always discussed getting one, when he was working at Lowes we REALLY considered it. But, no, we always stuck with a faithful old normal vac!

WELL! There is this website, that every woman should probably ban from their accessable websites..

Unfortunately, 2 of my best friends LOVE it & they held me at gun point until I caved & looked at the page myself ( what? I feared for my life, OK??)

Bad idea.. I found a Roomba for $60, with free shipping. Mike & Idecided to splurge& snatched it up & called it our Christmas gift to eachother. (Wow, 2 years in a row I've bought MYSELF a vac for Christmas..hmm) Free shipping apparently meant over night express from Amazon, which was lovely, of course.

The baby is BURNT orange.. You know, that color that they creator spitefully handed his 5 year old a crayon box & said "pick out the UGLIEST color son.." to color a handful of Roombas before he quit his job. However, their loss, my gain!!

Andy calls it "No touch, MOMS vaccuum!!!!" and he & Ryan watch it eyefully from a distance while it cleans the poop out of my floor ( not literally, of course..but it cleans alot of crap off my floors..just not fecal matter.. thats gross)

I have to say.. For $60, its impressive. However, I'd be REALLY pissed, and making a quick return if I paid $300 for one of these suckers.

-Its round, do those little corners dont get taken care of.

-Its also not that perfect of a design to empty the filter..Mike emptied it, and then used the Dust Buster to clean up its mess, with out the remote, you cant spot clean, so you have to wait for it to follow its cycle around the room, if you only need one little area cleaned, that isnt too helpful.
- If you buy it for a steal, like we did, getting accessories is kind of crappy.. I'd like a wall docking base for it.. A wall docking base is close to $50..I'm not going to buy a base for $50, when I paid $60 for the damn appliance itself ya know???
-It plays a sad little tune when it sout of batteries, which makes me laugh, so that adds major bonus points.Poor little robot..dying, singing a lonely tune..
-Its ugly. I've always had a penchant for ugly things..I believe in my heart they have feelings & that poor brown game player, or the ugly orange sweater stuffed in the back of the rack is sad that no one loves it.. So, It makes me happy I gave a fugly Roomba a home.
-It makes MIKE happy..I havent seen the guy this excited for something since.. hmm..I SHOULD say since Ryan was born..but he recently got a new computer game..and he was PRETTY excited about that....
-I turn it on, lock it in the bedroom & it cleans for me. Whats NOT to love about THAT??
I give it.. hmm.. a B plus. It could definately be better. I thought perhaps the reson it wa smarked so low, it was the crappy old model. But, the sale on it lasted only a few hours, its at $150 right now as a "normal on sale price" So.. thats not the case..It does work!!! However, I have a feeling that the newest possible model of it (which is likely $300+ dollars) might have some of the kinks worked out of which I complain.
SO.. The model 4000 gets a B plus, it sure could be better, but it certianly could be worse!!!
I liked the review I read on Amazon.. "If it could cook, do dishes & laundry..I woul dget rid of my wife"
I suppose for me.. if it could watch TV and play computer games.. Oh.. hmm.. I guess that doesnt really apply to me!!!!

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