Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am SO over you.

I am SERIOUSLY over people who use me, people who take me for granted,and people who walk all over me.

I am SO over the people who "expect" things of you. Who dont consider, HEY!! I have a life to attend to to.. oh.. no no no.. let me take care of YOURS.. MINE can wait, of course!!!

I am over people who GUILT you. I "joke" guilt with Mike (IE- "Ohh..its okay.... I'll just pass out from hunger so you can watch this TV show...Just try to shake me when its over so I can eat..") But the people who truly CONSTANTLY have a "poooorrr me" about everything so you just feel guiltily obligated..THEY SUCK.

I am over people who are CHEAP. It is ONLY money. The whole "you cant take it with you" is popular for a REASON. If you need to remind people of gifts they've been given, or favors you've done, or basically be a cheap ass. Heres the deal for me.. Dont get me ANYTHING. Dont give me anything, dont DO anything for me. Because THAT, is wasted when you later bitch about it/hold it over my head/complain/whine/moan.

I'm not saying "go nuts: with buying things, I'd be perfectly fine if no one ever bought me or gave me a gift again. Its the attitude I dont like, the ((scoff)) Well I got you_____"

Wow..and I really appreciated that, I'm REALLY sorry I twisted your am until you had no choice to get me __ and now your obviously remorseful. Seriously?? STFU.

I am over the "friends" who dont have ANYTHING to say to me unless oh!! THEY NEED SOMETHING.

I am over the whole "but they're family" thing. THIS one my friends, has been a LONG time coming, I've just never had a "reason" to put it in writing. If you had a friend, who called you names/who treated you badly/who hurt your feelings/stole from you/etc.. You would NOT keep them in your life...RIGHT??

I cant think of a sane person who would say "Please, more!!" So WHY does EVERYONE always say "well.. they're my mom/dad/sister/brother.." like its OKAY to let someone treat you like this??

WHO CARES. Wow.. I mean..gosh.. I'm having a bad day..I guess I'm going to go kick my sister in the face because HEY!! She'll forgive me.. I mean..we ARE family after all!!! Well..my sister is so nice she'd probably cry apologizing for whatever she did to make me kick her in the face.. But a typical person would say "Wow.. F you..You kicked me in the face.. Dont talk to me again!"

So why do people keep negative, hurtful,m even abusive people in their lives when they BRING THEM DOWN, for NO other reason than, they are family??For example.. I love my mom & all but if she treated me super SUPER shitty.. mother or not..I dont need that in my life..and hell, I'd HOPE my family would do the same to ME!!!

Sorry..I just dont buy it.

I'm over people who offend you, you kindly tell them "Look..when you do ___ it upsets me for ___ reason" and they KEEP doing it. Or, when you even give people a heads up "Hey..I'm feeling a bit sensitive about ____ could you not bring it up so I dont feel even worse than I already do?? And not only do they bring it up..but over the next few months, or even YEAR.. they REPETIVELY bring it up.. Despite how many times you ask..either they DONT GET IT. Or they dont CARE. I dont know which is worse.

To sum it up.....

I'm over people who...

  • act like they're your kids parents

  • give too much advice

  • are rude about parenting choices

  • are offensive/think they know it all

  • know NOTHING

  • dont do research on their own

  • are mean to animals

  • take someones word as best & dont question things

  • kick dogs

  • eat soft eggs ((gag))

  • act like fart jokes arent funny

  • cant take JOKES

  • are assholes

  • work in customer service/with the public who have gigantic sticks up their asses

  • dont brush their teeth..seriosuly dude.. Gross.

  • get all up in my busssiness

  • pronounce it "li-barry" LI-BRA-RY

  • saw "worsh" ..where is there a R is WASH???

  • dont wash their face in the morning..when I was little.. I mean like..third grade, the kids with eye boogers.. Gross.. HTF hard is it to wash your face?? COME ON.

  • snort snot. BLOW PEOPLE, BLOW. This is why tissues were created!!!!

  • use me

  • guilt me

  • are cheap ( not cheap as in.. penny saving but like "OMG..I spent $5 on this for you!!!" @@

  • people who just dont "get it".. EVER.

  • People who THINK they "get it" but..REALLY really REALLY..D-O-N-T

And last but not least..

I am SO over people who are just plain fucking stupid.

I'm off to read God's blog..I see he was making something in the microwave last update...


  1. You cant be over me just yet, I still have a few more years left to use you ;). *smooches*
    I am totally feeling the same way right about now. I think I made a list very similar in my head just a few hours ago. It looks prettier on your blog though. I do believe I am going to send you some fetus cookies and they will make you feel better!

  2. I also cannot stand non-teeth brushers!!
    Oh, Did I mention I love it when you rant? Because it's truly f'n hilarious and random..but with complete meaning and desiere.
    Claire's venting: priceless.

  3. yikes, what happened?
    also, please don't kick me in the face because, after apologizing to you for being kicked, I would at least think "F You!"

    love ya,
    mischa fischa

  4. First,(((((Claire)))))

    Second how can you be ranting and still make me laugh. Kevin says worsh, worter (water), and ange (orange) Drives me crazy! I keep telling him we will not have a child that speaks so horribly so he needs to shape up! He gets so mad when I constantly correct him, but it is a huge pet peeve of mine.

    I wish we lived closer becuase I think we would have a freaking blast. I <3 you Claire and I appriciate you!!!


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