Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here is how I really feel..

About taking your kids to get pictures done.

I've never had professional pics opf my kids done except that one in the hospital.. I take tons of photos, I just never really bothered to.

I really wanted to do Holiday photos this year, the first Christmas with 2 boys! We cancelled a session b/c of course, not only are Holiday budgets tight, but the end of a semester is always tough for us financially.
So, my darling mother paid for a photo session for the boys for my big Christmas gift. I really just wanted to have pictures of my boys, taken by someone other than me, for my house & my own memory.

WELL!! The appointment was for 3:20.. Mike had an exam he had to leave for at 4pm. I love you Mike, but husbands are that helpful, they just sort of stand there with the "yep, thats my kid" grin. The lady is trying to get Andy to not be scared of her, with a frog, which worked.. but as soon as she would get him to cross his legs, Ryan would get into position, Andy would move. She went to grab a *helper* and I believe I heard the words " not going so well.." being uttered.

Yada Yada.. I could only find ONE pair of black socks as I got them dressed & for some STUPID reason, put them on Ryan thinking Andys pants were long enough & blue socks would be ok. Well, duh. Andy moves, he crosses his legs, etc. Ryan just sits there, so, I got to hate myself a little bit every time those damn blue socks popped out. I'll say this.. it could have gone ALOT worse, but it could have also gone alot better. I'm positive that they were glad when they decided to be done. I could hear them muttering "they're done.. " with a THANK GOD tone under their breath..

Then the fun starts. MIKE LEAVES. Not that my wonderful husband wasnt helpful to begin with, but I get to sit there with Andy trying to play with devil child of mom bitch over there who is showing Andy how to stand on chairs & jump off while Mom ignores my "boys" smile at her & just glares around like shes the ice queen. I'm juggling Ryan, who is getting crabbier by the second, trying to tell Andy to knock it off whil ehe says "No!!!" and trying to pick pictures.

By the time I was done picking them ( they are ready in 15 minutes) I just blurted out "I can come for them tomorrow, right?" the girl tol dme Absolutely.. and I said "I'm sure you want us to get out of here just as bad as we do" Paid, and we left..

Off to a car ride full of "ICE CREAM" screams (Oh, I forgot to mention..after 5 minutes I told him if he was good we'd get ice cream & he talked about it until we finalyl did!!) & Ryan practically hyperventilating..

SO.. what do I REALLY think about taking your kids to get pictures done??

I do NOT recommend it. EVER.


  1. LMAO!!! Omg... I've been there a few times, and everytime I make an appointment it's like I've forgotten how HORRIBLE it went the last time! lol!!! Almost all our photo pictures give me anxiety to look at.. knowing what it took to get that ONE picture, LOL!!

  2. OMG I totally agree! I hate having professtional pictures taken... ughhh plus the place we go they keep it 90 degrees or ABOVE! It is miserable... so this year I doubt we will get the Holiday pictures taken!!! Once it took us over TWO hours to get a good picture of Ayden... and he was only six weeks old them =(((((( but once we got the "one" they all came out really good after that! ughhh
    I need a Xanax just thinking about having to get pictures taken... kidding..sort of!

  3. I'll add to the advice column. NEVER take your 2 children, your 8 yr. old sister and your mothers 120 lbs Laborador Retriver for professional pics!!
    It was a beautiful Gift, but what a distaster.


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