Monday, November 3, 2008


I have a bad habit of waiting so long before I eat that I'm shaking & about to pass out ( once, in high school..twice actually..I DID pass out!! Go me!) And Mike has a love for things "you can pop in the microwave and eat" So, today I was STARVING..looking in the freezer & found a burrito Mike says on the package-
"Made with real cheese"

..... what???? Ew..

But uh... yes..I did in fact eat it..and it was good.

And that brings me to this.. I have been whining to Mike about being "fat and bloated" all weekend... (what? its true!!) Last night I was laying on the floor with Andy & Ryan & Andy was pointing out my body parts, which.. thanks to Mike, include "boobies" now.. He lifted my shirt..patted my tummy & said "Moms fat tummy" LOL!! I about died laughing.. Mike still doesn't believe me, that I must have prompted him to say so.. .Buuutt..I didn't..and I'm not mad, or offended, I think its pretty hilarious! I keep asking him "Moms what??" seeing if he'll say it again..Today he told me I have a BIG fat tummy!!! Better lay off those "real cheese" products mama!!!

On another "out of the mouths of babes" note... In the mornings & at night, I prompt Andy to tell his brother "good night" or "good morning" and that he loves him.. This morning Andy says "Love you brother".. then said "Love you..MATT."
Uncle Matt?? I asked..he nodded..I asked if he loves Mischa..he said "Yes, love Mursha" then we went on to think.. and then told me he loves Nikki, Johnny & Gamps.. (and then proceeded to ask to go Trick or Treat with them..AGAIN!!) then he thought for a minute & said "Andy love CARS!!!" LOL!! We both had a bit giggle over that one!

Andy is reaallyy gaining on his words ( obviously, as my fat tummy knows!!!) when he poops now he comes & tells you "Big turd in the butt" LOL Mike dies laughing every time.. Eiihh...

He told me in the car the other day "cheeseburger samwich in da mouth????" while pointing at his mouth...Yes..I got him a cheeseburger..How could I not after THAT?!

Ahh.. fun stuff!!!!

I realized something important yesterday..

I told Mike.. "Wanna know something REALLY pathetic??? Almost all of the kids Christmas gifts..there is one for each of them...and for me too..and its sort of killing me that I have to wait for Christmas, when they get theirs, to get mine too.. Because well..I really want to use them! But I don't want to share.. so..I have to wait" LOL!! And sadly..its true!!! I have a giraffe Zoobie, waiting for me.. a stuffed animal, pillow & blanket all in one sitting in the Christmas box in the closet..and I want it! I've had perfect occasions to curl up all alone with that soft, plush little thing..but.. once I do.. Andy will confiscate it for it sits,stuffed in a box full of Mr.Potato head products & glow sticks & squishy balls.... ((sigh)) It MUST be lonely..Ryan's elephant & Andy's croc are in another box all together...

Andy is getting this for Christmas ( the kid REALLY needs to burn off some energy & in the winter, there aren't a ton of options...)

And uh... (((cough)))... I got THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...It SAYS its for ages 13-99.... I fall in that category!! And um.. its ALSO exercise..which apparently, according to Andy, my fat ass needs!! Soo....... SHUTTUP! You KNOW you want one.. mmmkay??? On the website it even has quotes from buyers..and one person said "Thank you Thank you!! I have wanted one of these since 1980!!!" And ya know what?? ME TOO DAMNIT!! I ALWAYS wanted one of those as a now its my turn!!!!

Here is the kicker...I was laying in bed last night thinking about it.. and how incredibly excited I am for it.. and I was really sad, I'll have to wait for Christmas b/c if I blow it up when t comes..Andy will steal it.. Then I thought..

...well...maybe.. I could blow it up..and just lock myself in the bedroom & bounce around on it by myself!! And then hide it when I'm done!!!!!!

..And then.. I realized.. I have a problem. I really, really do. And there is also a REALLY large chance I'm fairly immature in many many MANY ways...

That doesn't really bother me though.. but what DOES bother me, is that I am STILL going to have to wait for Christmas to be able to use that damn ball for myself!! LOL

One of our outdoor kitties is pregnant.. As Mike says "damn inbreeding rednecks!!!" ( I mean..come on..if your a follower you KNOW about my neighborhood..kay??) iam SO sad though.. We really dont have the money to take the to the vet & our neighbor who wanted to got laid off.. His vet told him neutering outdoor cats gives them a disadvantage in the wild b/c they lose some of their "animal instinct" But geeze..these kittens are SMALL.. Their mama was tiny too.. and they're barely 7 months old!! We're going to try to talk to this tiny pet store ( locally owned.. dont worry) down the road & see if they'll take the kittens when they're old enough.. they always have a sign that says "kittens wanted' then a week later "kittens for sale" @@ Not ideal, but I see lots of college girls walking out of there with tiny kittens so.. its the least Mike & I can do.. we were naive & silly once, not realizing that cute tiny free kitten in the pet store would turn into Max's fat shitty ass!! So.. really.. its the LEAST we can do in return for our own experience ;-)

But geeze..poor thing... It snowed the other day & they freaked out.. I cant let them in..fleas.. the kids.. so many reasons.. Both us & our neighbor have built little "kitten houses" for them to shield them from the elements.. hopefully they take advantage of it =(

So.. yep.. I obsessively tried to get Ryan down for a nap since ANdy is sleeping too & thank GOD.. Finally I won.. I am needing "alone" ( aka blogging or computer...) time BADLY. I've been EXHAUSTED lately..I took TWO, count them..TWO naps last week!! I DO NOT NAP. Period.. I NEVER do..I did a FEW times during both pregnancies.. THATS how tired I've been.. As of today its "Time for a Change" and Mike is going to remember our original agreement of his balancing school time better, We agreed, I can handle his absence around the house during this schooling process, if he can handle giving up "his" time ( his time IS school time.. hes alone, hes out of the house..that IS his time!!!) and he can do more of "kid time" and "give Claire her time" when he is home...instead of what we currently have which is "Mikes school time" and "Mikes TV time.." Because unfortunately, playing with the kids, doesnt count if your also watching TV..and they are playing on the floor...and your in a chair..

SOOO.. Mike said this time its a "change you can believe in".. I gagged..and just told him that this needs to be a change I can trust ;-)

Dont forget people.. vote tomorrow!!!!
I already did.. hopefully it will be worth my $1.17 in postage.. if not.. Someone is going to get seriously yelled at.

Oh..and please.. no one fall for the "Didnt you hear?? Republicans are voting on Tuesday..Dem's vote on Wed.." line.. Seriously.. if I ever meet someone who ACTUALLY believes that..I might have to hurt myself..for having laid eyes on a person THAT stupid.

Fat tummy mama, OUT.


  1. Dude, Matt totally agrees that the bouncy ball is exercise. I think it is a stretch but he is behind you 100% and will probably ask to try the bouncy ball when we see you next. Your blog is the funniest part of my day!

    love ya,

  2. okay, boobies bouncing in my face would totally prevent the ball from being fun!!!

    gotta love kids' honesty....mine like to blow raspberries into my chunk :P~~


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