Thursday, November 6, 2008

You dont understand..I DONT mop..

I can honestly say, I have no memories of my mother mopping..I'm not saying she didnt..but I can not recall ever seeing her mop ( that beign said.. for some reason I dont remember ANYTHING about my junior year of high school either....)

Mike on the other hand, recalls his mom mopping daily..

Well... I DONT mop.I just...dont do it! I did in Florida b/c the whole house was hard floors.. then I nearly cracke dmy head while slipping & pregannt & have maybe mopped.. a handful? Of times since then..If I need mopping done, I ask Mike.. which ..I never ask Mike..maybe once every few months.. I know..gross.. but I mean.. its just the kitchen really.. and we dont exactly eat off the floors.. ( ok..Andy occasionally pretends to be a dog & he does but WHATEVER!!)

ANYWAY!! I get down on the floor & spray & wipe..l but I just DONT like that big stupid mop & bucket..its annoying..I'd go as far as to say..I HATE IT!

I clean the bathroom floor with Clorox Wipes, LOL..

...I'm feeling suddenly embarrassed..

No no..I'm sharing my embarrasingness to help others like me..

SO!!! I was reading a thread on "environmental friendly mopping" on DS, and I learned about hard floor cleaners..steam mops!

DUDE. I had NO idea these excisted mmkay??? So..I checked the out a week & a half ago.... and then.. a few days ago..I was STILL thinking about it, SO.. I figured, that means i REALLY do want it.. SO.... Mike told me to buy it =)

(it was my Christmas gift!! Last year...I got a dust buster.. YAY!!!)

It came super quick..Walmarts 97cent shipping aint bad 'yall ;-)

Annnddd.. here is my product review!!

Bissel Steam Mop

Before starting...

  • Easy to assemble..only 2 screws!!

  • You fill it with lukewarm says wait for light to light up to start....Light was on from the, no waiting time.. Niicee!!!

  • Its a microfiber washable mop head.. which at first, since it was so clean/un sort of stuck to the floor.. which was akward but as it became wet/used it moved acrossed the floor alot easier..but it did smell a little funny at first....

  • Your supposed to hold it for 15 seconds over each spot.. I.... probably held it for 5 seconds..LOL

  • It lacks *scrubbers* so while yes, it does steam the stuck crap off the floor, its not a bad idea to wipe over it with a towel of your own just to get the little stuck stuff off of the floor.. ya know what I mean?? It doesnt pick things up along the wall, or the corners, so I wiped along the edge with a towel of my own, which did the job & wasnt hard to do..

Here is half of the floor clean vs the unclean half...

I would say "look closely" but um..its pretty obvious.. that top layer of .....scum...LOL.. takes it off!!!!!!!

I did think it left a good amount of water on the floor, which I'm sure in hindsight I could have taken the mop cloth off & wrung it out, but it did bump my leg when I took it over a baby gate & it was actually pretty hot!!!!

So..I did this....

which not only wiped up the excess water, it picked up anything the mop didnt after it had been steamed off the floor!!!

And the end result of the kitchen AND bathroom...


And that baby STEAMS.. The bathroom filled up like a hot shower was running!!!

I'll say..I'm impressed!! It takes longer than mopping since you do spot by spot, but it does a very good job, there are no chemicals involved, its easy to use. The mop heads are washable & it comes with 2, but when those 2 wear out, they are $20 for 2 more..Considering I paid $70 for the whole machine, thats a bit much, and I will probably make my own out of my own microfibertowels. I give it a B+ because it could leave less water behind, it had a very small tank so it needs to be filled often, but those arent big deals, just inconvient & it really does the job!!

So.. I decided I should be aproduct tester.. techincally I already do this *for work* but..i think I should upgrade..So, if there are any products your curious can go ahead & send me the money to buy them, try them & then review them for you!! Good idea huh????


  1. That had to be the funniest review i have ever read. I was hooked until you said it took long because you have to go spot by spot. My downstairs is to big for that. Guess I will try my steam cleaner again with the hard floor attachment. I HATE mopping!!!! And like you well um yeah it rarely gets done. Like a few times a year. :X I do spot clean areas though. I found a fun way of putting my crocs on and then using swiffer wet pads and skating around the floor, but then I did the splits and could barely walk for a few days. lol

  2. you dont understand, I DONT mop.
    But, for me it's this weird, sick..ocd thing.
    I STILL get down on my hands and knees with a bucket and a rag.
    insane! I know. My husband even thinks Im crazy.
    I don't even own a mop, or a swiffer...or any of those crazy contraptions.
    I do this, at least every other day!!
    (it is a funny sight when im 9 mo. prego!)

  3. dude, i don't mop now either. I also use clorox wipes on the floors! I let Matt mop our wood floors once in Boston, he spilled the entire bucket of water in the bedroom and it went under the bed and soaked all the miscellaneous crap that you keep under teh bed. It was awful, I don't think he has mopped since,


  4. I don't mop. That is why I have a 12 year old son. I give him a dollar and a pat on the shoulder. If I am in a generous mood I give him a couple hours of internet time :X ::::hello porn sites:::: But really I am the worst. Everyday when I clean off the high chair I use the wash rag and wipe the spots off the floor with my foot. My husband has NO clue. I have also conviced my husband that I can not clean with heavy cleaners for 4-5 days after getting my nails done. At a rate of getting them done every two weeks this means that he must do all major cleaning of the bathrooms. My stepmother said that this alone earns me wife of the week award :-D Yes she borrowed my idea so that the men would not be "on" to us!


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