Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ahh.. Lets see...

A month or so ago I was bitching about Mike to 2 of my friends online & Mike saw the email & I joked next time I'd need to change my password before complaining about him..

So.. a few weeks later, it wasnt even an arguement, but I was like "I'm going to go bitch about you..guess I better change my password Mike!!!" (this was also around midnight after a few beers..oops)

I took my password out of *auto sign in* and in the AM I noticed I had a really long password saved..I laughed thinking Mike changed it..

Its been a few weeks & I realized, I didnt know what my AOL password WAS. So for going on 4 days I've been messing with the stupid thing, getting my account frozen, blocked & locked out of it. Apparently AOL knows my own birthdate better than me so I have NO way to change my password..which I also have NO idea what it is...

So.. I have a new e-mail address now!! Go me. I'm sort of an idiot...

Andy's new favorite song is "All I wanna Do" by Sugarland.. he yells (in a whisper) LOOk! CHICKEN!!! ( In the video a chicken is on tv.. ) even when its just being played on the computer..He sings "whoooo hooo hooo hooo hooo.." Its sweet. As are his dance moves..yo.

Well.. by this time next week we'll likely have another cat. Mr. Gray has (we think) impregnanted Mrs. Orange.. his sister & then taken off. Just like a man.....

Shes literally holding herself up on our doorknob begging to get in.. poor thing..shes cold, hungry, pregnant & now alone.

We found a"clinic" ( which we also found out there is actually a PlannedPethood in Ohio, LOL!!!) That is only 2 towns away that does low cost or free neutering/spaying and shots are between $5-15 per shot. We can afford that.. Shes a really sweet cat & Andy loves her.. Max even gets along with her. SO. I'm calling them Tuesday when they open to find out some more information & to get our little buddy in.. I dont know what we're going to do about the kittens..probably take them to the pet shop up the road, obviously NOT keep them.. And then get her fixed..

Mike gets the special task of putting on a full body suit & bathing the stinker once she gets her shots.. And we'll go from there.. Ugh. This is awful

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