Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Lets see..whats new..

The gray kitty is just..gone.. =*(

The little orange one is pregnant & all alone.. So, my gift to myself, "doing good to cat-kind" is that tomorrow she is going to a local Planned Pethood. they operate on donations & voulenteers & spay, neuter & vaccinate, as well as provide well care, flea treatment & screenings at a VERY VERY VERY low cost so people can take in abandonded & feral cats & have them cared for instead of being taken to a shelter & eventually killed.

So.. since they dont spay cats until they are 6 months old (as she is..) this happens alot.. outdoor kittens get pregnant themselves.. and as sad as it makes me to think about it.. She will no longer be "in the family way" when we pick her up on Thursday.

Both Mike & I felt really bad thinking about it, but after reading online how cats under the age of 1 who have kittens can die from child birth, give birth to still borns or disfigured or deformed kittens & have a high chance of complications. I know its whats best for all in the end. Brining more kittens into the already over populated animal world is never good & I dont advocate people breeding for any reason actually. Not show dogs, not designer dogs, not to teach kids about nature..Nothing.

So.. she'll come back to us Thursday still a kitten who wont be a mommy. And its sad..but I know its whats best. We'll continue to treat & vaccinate her but I think she's going to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Let her in at night, when its cold.. but once Andy gets going chasing her yelling "Nononon kittens..and..lots..MITTENS.. nonononn.. shal NO PIE!!!!" her ears go back & she looks somewhere to hide.. SO. I think especially when the weather is nice, she'll be find outside for most of the time. But, she'll be up to date on all her vet care so when she is inside, it wont be a worry around our indoor pets or children, of course.

We have such a small house & with the air mattress blow up, we've had to keep the door to the bedroom shut & it doesnt leave her much room to hide right now!

So.. wish us luck & her some speedy recovery vibes. =(

So..Ryan has suddenly developed a LOVE for food! Its hilarious, Andy never really got into eating until he was over a year old, so I never got to see this, but Ryan opens his mouth & *chews* with this little old man face, it cracks me up! He LOVES it. He's like everything we've tried, sweet potatoes, squash, apples & pears. Andy, ALSO likes it. He says "Andy bite....Ryne bite...Andy bite..Ryne bite" and they each eat a bite out of the little dish.. Its probably the most vegetables Andy has eaten in MONTHS. Which is fine by me! He also likes to wipe both of their faces with a cloth when it gets messy. He's a goooodd helper!

Ryans second tooth has broken through.. and he is in LOVE with standing. He holds on to things with one hand, waves his other hand & then plopshimself down when he sees something he wants to go after next. He squeals & laughs & just loves being up. He "4 walks" at a lightening fast speed now.. He doesnt have time for his knees to touch the ground..he just GOES.

Its been really sweet to watch the 2 of them lately, they're starting to actually play together. And boy..Ryan is BIG. He took a block from Andys block train he was building & Andy took him down to the groud trying to get it back.. Ryan held on the whole time & just went down.. no giving up the block for him!!! Andy has shot up a few inches ( maybe 2?) in the last 1-2 months so Ryan now comes to a little below Andys shoulders.. which for a 21 month difference, isnt much. They're sweet... My 2 "bes friends" as Andy calls them...

Andy is really talking..SO much! he sings his fvaorite songs & rhymes.. He has a new favorite book. The Third Story Cat. ( my old book!) and he reads it to himself.. talks about " and..OHH!! the cat jump..and OHH butterfly!! OOohh dogs barking!" ( these all actually happen in the book too...) Its pretty very adorable to watch. He tells us "Big turd in da butt..'s go fush it!!!" And we change him & flush it.. and he waves bye bye.. lol.

His new favorite song is "All I wanna Do" by Sugarland. He sings "whhoo ho ho ho hooo" and when he watches the music video, it shows a chicken so anytime he hears the song, at the point the chicken would be shown he whispers "LOOOOKK!! CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!" in an amazed voice..Mike is very annoyed with the song by now..but I like it =X

Hm.. Think thats about it for now! Both boys are napping so I'm going to go watch The Hills from last night & relax while I can!!!

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  1. for a day when I collected dog urine in a pie tin,you wouldn't think there would be a lower point. but i think i hit it
    yesterday when advocating kitten abortion to my little, cat-rescuing, mom of 2 sweet boys, sister. i do think it is for the best.
    love you all,
    you know who!


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