Friday, November 21, 2008

I finally got the whole Twilight series today...I started New Moon at 5pm..I'm on 175 now..
Dont expect to hear much from me until Sunday.. I'll likely be reading a book a day..

I'm officially a Twilight geek now.. I am SO into it! I cant even imagine where book 2 is leading to right now, and I LOVE that. Usually by page 100 of any book I can typically guess the ending & be right.. not the case here!! Unfortunately, someone on a message board didnt put a SPOILER ALERT in front of a post & I do know something that will be in book FOUR. Which basically sucks ass.. but.. I'm trying to ignore it, unsuccessfully.

Happy reading!!!!!!


  1. oh dear I will really really REALLY miss you. Just so you know :)

  2. ohhhh if you want to sell them later on let me know. I want to read them =0)

  3. welcome to the dark side!
    Oh, BTW
    we never made it to the movies on Friday and after your twlight fest this weekend,Im sure you'll be the offer still stands if you want to join us!
    Happy reading!


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