Saturday, November 15, 2008

As requested...HOP BALLS!


Finally..its here, the long awaited.. HOP BALL REVIEW!!! ((insert WHOOPPWHHOOPPP here))

My mom took Andy for dinner the other night.. I was laying on the floor with Ryan while Mike folded some laundry & it hit me.


I was say the least. Mike got out the automatic pump thingy that we use on the air mattress & we pumped this baby up!

I hopped on.. and..... I fell off.. on my ass.. It needed more air..

So.. we pumped again... and I just sort of stumbled on my ass...

More air... FINALLY.. I HOPPED!!!!!!!!!!! ..Sort of.. it was no "three feet in the air" like the website says though...

This is my view ( can hear it sticking to the floor..Nope, that isnt my ass sticking to the ball..THAT came later..)

Thats me..hopping along in the hall.. Its pretty hard to hop and take a video.. I might add..And no.. I'm not that fat that I was squashing the thing..It STILL needed more air..but I lack a little thing called...PATIENCE.. So.. I hopped anyway.

Ryan digs the hop ball too... He thought it was hysterical when I held him on it by himself.. Its very very very hard to hold a baby on a hop ball & take a picture.. all by is the best I got.

Thats right.. No makeup.. free Miller High Life shirt & sweatpants.. Getting a mustache ride..
(I cant believe I'm putting this here b/c my family reads this but omg.. how could I NOT..LOOK AT HIM! He's got the handlebar stache!!!!)

another unsuccessful try..

So.. oh we half bounced.. damn me & my impatience... I will say this..I actually LOL'd..Yes..I laughed OUT LOUD.. All alone by myself as Ryan watched me from the living room & I said..and I quote... "WWHHHHEEEEEE!!!" and then died laughing because.. I am alone, by myself.. 24 years old, in my hall way, bouncing on a giant plastic ball & saying WWWHHHEEEE.

Let me tell you. that thing IS a work out.. I broke a sweat bouncing around.. And you reallyu do get a good butt/thigh work out..I felt the burn!!!
So yes..I bounced around in my underwear..those sweatpants got very hot.. ok??? And I also will say..the ball DID in fact stick to my ass when I stood up from bouncing..and that made me laugh too.. I called Mike to tell him, I thought it was so funny.

I also may have called out "whhooohhoooo" at one point.. I dont remember..Things get a little fuzzy..

I've been asked several I'll add boobs didnt knock me out. FYI ;-)

Then, worrying Andy would come home & steal my sunshine, I stuffed mustache man in my closet, with a blanket over him..

And then yes... the next day..I shut the bedroom door while Andy napped & bounced for a minute.. And it was fun..and mine. ALLLL MIIINNEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I give Hop Balls an A+. One I find the "correct amount of air" as the website discusses, I fully do believe I will bounce.... not 3 feet..but perhaps one, off the ground. Maybe if I get back to my once tiny statue..I COULD bounce 3 feet off the air..but uh.. Not for now.
And if I never do reach maximum height, the excitement & happiness of feeling like a child again were worth it all in their own!!!


  1. Dude what other products do you want to review, I want to buy you something just so you can review it. I love your product reviews. They make me laugh. Glad you are enjoying the ball.

  2. where did you get mustache man?? is it better than one of the kid hop balls?

  3. OMG I am seriously LMAO! You are so damn funny....and now I want one. =)

  4. Reading your post there about you being in your undies just has me thinking over that whole fluids thread. Bwahaha

    I need to go do some catch up reading here as to why you have an inflatable red face in your kooch. LOL


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