Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you explain this to me???

..I just opened up a Babies R Us catalog I got in the mail.. to check out these "gifts under $20"

..Since when is $19.99 under $20????? Seriously???? I hate Toys/Babies R Us.. they may possibly have everything in just one store..but they are OUTRAGEOUSLY over priced..It amazes me people still shop "normally"
I dont pay retail for ANYTHING. I went to catch Kohls "Biggest Sale of the Season" last night when I realized I needed a winter coat..

$220 Columbia jacket.. on sale for $140..

I come home, googled the coat & the "average price" for it ANYWHERE is $130-$149.. Soo.. Kohls marked it up & then marked it DOWN. I googled a coupon code, got free shipping & got the coat in the color that I actually wanted ( which wasnt in the store) for $118 shipped.

I remember seeing this super awesome blow up slide/pool/sprinkler marked down 40% and Kohls last summer & being like "WOW! What a STEAL!!" So I got it ($20..) came home & was telling a friend in an email about it, looked it up online for a pic & Amazon sells it for yes.. $20, LOL.. I didnt get a steal!! I got ther TYPICAL PRICE!!

I must be an idiot, because I never realized this.. I have never worked in a department store, I've worke dat retail clothing stores..Tommy Hilfiger, Vanity, DKNY.. I got hired at a Ralph Lauren storee & then declined it.. At Tommy, I got a 50% discount on all my purchases & a 25% disacount on clearance items. Soo..I paid $3 for mens shirts half the time.. I never CARED what the prices were b/c um.. I got good deals anyway.. ya know??

But now.. well.. I'm an adult!! Peopl esay babies are SOOO expensive.. but I really dont believe so.. I mean.. sure, they CAN be.. If YOU choose to buy $100 baby shoes.. But I have a fond love of resale.. and co-ops...

I will shell out the money for some kids stuff, for SURE. I mean.. God knows I of all people have a shopping addiction..but I NEVER pay retail!!! $350 top of the line car seats.. Um.. only with a 20% off coupon, free shipping & $5 return if you dont like it or it doesnt fit in your car..

Gently used Polo & Tommy kids clothes that still have new tags on at a resale store for $5..duh!

Basically every Christmas gift this year is from a co-op, or with a snazzy deal from Snapfish..

No waiting until things go on sale, and them being out of stock.. Get yourself a MyPoints account & use retailmenot.com or couponmountian.com
Hell..just type in "OLD NAVY COUPON CODE" (or whatever store your using) and I promise you, every time you will find between 15% off, to free shipping, to $5 off a $20 purchase..Its just basic knowledge now'days..

Isnt it??????????

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  1. I am so with you on this! I love to find a bargain and get something for cheap! I go to ebates.com and shop through thier site... they have coupons and you get a % back for whatever you spent. They will cut you a check every 3 months for your rebate. I also use dealtakers.com. There is just no sense (especially right now) to spend too much on stuff.


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