Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deep Thoughts

  • I wish I had a wife.. they do EVERYTHING!!!
  • I'm making Ugly Dolls.. for the last part of the kids X-mas gifts.. Sorry...not spending $50 on something that I could sew up in 20 minutes!!!
  • Met our rowdy new back neighbors.. We no longer like them..One gave me the eye & the walked around & "touched things" as Mike put it.. We were outside with both kiddos & Bob, our neighbor..mind you!!
  • I get the task of capturing the kittens soon!! After I catch them, our neighbor is taking them to be spayed ( the gray one is a girl, we checked.. orange one, probably is too..)
  • I need to get back to actually trying to lose weight.. darn baby fat..Once Andy was close to 11 months it slid right off.. I was doing AWESOME when Ryan was only a few weeks old & then just sort of stopped caring..and got fat. LOL.
  • The kittens own us now. The have come in the back door the last 2 nights & rolled all over begging for lovings & even met Max ( our "shitty kitty") last night.. The funny thing is..Max is a super big fat ass.. and the KITTENS hissed at HIM, lol!!!
  • I'm annoyed with my s/o tonight..
  • I guess I'll be voting for Obama.. I dont like either..and sort of figured I wouldnt even bother actually.. but then my Glamour magazine, it did one of those "Mccain" "Obama" things where they ask both questions & them sumarize each running mates stance on issues..and I was like 'WOW.. I KNEW I wasnt a republican but YIKES.. I HAVE to vote now!!! Even if I dont like the guy..hes got to be better than Mccain! I fully believe in the seperation of Church & State.. and dont want Roe vs Wade to be reversed..that one one of the few times I can recall that politicians DID THEIR JOB, and voted based on the constitution, not on their Christian ways ( much to the dismay of a certian President who elected them assuming they would!!) Just because I wouldnt have an abortion myself, doesnt mean I think "The Man" should be able to take away the right... Nuff said... I wont get into other issues...
  • So.. I finally sent in an absentee ballot, b/c lets face it.. its hard enough going to the grocery store, much less to vote!!!
  • I am a bad mommy.. I got Andy one of those large Crayola murals today.. "Cars".. naturally.. and I tried to keep the crayons from him as we colored so he wouldnt "ruin" my picture, LOL!! I'm awful.. I gave in when the guilt over only giving him white crayons kicked in..and I figure..I'll color one by myself while ne naps & then suprise him with it!!!
  • I am making a mirror growth chart!! It started at a $5.99 cheapie black mirror at Target.. wait until you see it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I cant watch movies now that I have kids..If they arent here ( whichg is um... .0005% of the time??) I can.. but I just cant sit still while watching when I have kids around, it drives me nuts....
  • Blah.
  • I love Zoobies.. so much I snatched up the last Zulu the Zebra from the CC was a sign from the heavens.. I tell you...
  • I havent been this excited,as as I am for the American Appareal co-op, since I was waiting for Santa to bring me an American Girl doll.. seriously.. its bad. I check evverrryy day waiting for shipping!!! i lurve me some baseball tees...
  • I am a serious email slacker..i need to message my grandparents, H& S, Kayla, Sarah on Myspace..and I'm sure like 5 other people..but...I just havent felt like i twhen I find the time..I'm feeling anti-talkative...
  • Our dead house kitty is likely Fluffy..the mommy of our kittens, who Mike thought was sick.., Bob, Mike & I have all agreed, the timing seems to go along with her dissapearance..and her coughing.attitude change... Bob is sure its poison from a neighbor somewhere who was tearing down a barn.. poor 'Flussi ( as Andy called her) she was truly one of a kind..she'd sit on your shoulder & practically molest you for attention..she'd follow your feet & lead you like a dog..she was a wonderful, amazing, beautiful cat & she is much missed.

'S all..Night! ♥


  1. Claire, I miss you :(
    It is so late I don't really remember what I read, but I did read it LOL
    So there you have it.
    Oh I am jealous of your kittens, and I love hw you guys are trying to figure out the dead cat.
    And I also love how we are now H&S LOL

  2. i so feel you on not feeling very talkative... seems weird to me that i can be "untalktative" but I can I swear! lol So i feel ya on that!


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