Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear New Neighbor Guys....

I just thought I would pass this on to you, since your new in the neighborhood...
If you want to make friends, please dont peel out backwards from your driveway at 30 plus miles per hour & screech into the street from your blind sighted driveway.. alot of us have children..This is not a good way to make friends.

Please dont throw car batteries against the ground.. its loud, and not very smart.
Also, when your driving your truck into small trees in your back lot, please, refrain from doing it at 3am, my 2 year old gets scared when you get stuck on top of a tree & are revving all night to get your redneck truck out.

And neighbor, please, you & your friends, dont jump the other neighbors fence for the very first time to "introduce yourself" to me & my kids ( after you've met Mike) and then give me the eye & act like a macho man, in front of my husband..

Dont try to impress me by talking about my garden, my apple tree, or to my children. I'm married.

Also, bragging about your MBA, in "!!" and then talking about all the places "Washington is going to hire me.. they want me bad.." (Mike asks) Washington what?? To which you reply "State!" as if My husband is a fool.. YOU sound rather silly..

Please, dont walk around our yard, touching things, the grill, the tables, etc.. Its an invasion of privacy, jump fence, say hi, give wife the eye & then touch mans things. Not a good way to start a friendship buddy..

And please, keep your motorcycles out of the back yard once its dark, my kids are in bed..
So I ask you nicely, dear neighbor..Please..



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deep Thoughts

  • I wish I had a wife.. they do EVERYTHING!!!
  • I'm making Ugly Dolls.. for the last part of the kids X-mas gifts.. Sorry...not spending $50 on something that I could sew up in 20 minutes!!!
  • Met our rowdy new back neighbors.. We no longer like them..One gave me the eye & the walked around & "touched things" as Mike put it.. We were outside with both kiddos & Bob, our neighbor..mind you!!
  • I get the task of capturing the kittens soon!! After I catch them, our neighbor is taking them to be spayed ( the gray one is a girl, we checked.. orange one, probably is too..)
  • I need to get back to actually trying to lose weight.. darn baby fat..Once Andy was close to 11 months it slid right off.. I was doing AWESOME when Ryan was only a few weeks old & then just sort of stopped caring..and got fat. LOL.
  • The kittens own us now. The have come in the back door the last 2 nights & rolled all over begging for lovings & even met Max ( our "shitty kitty") last night.. The funny thing is..Max is a super big fat ass.. and the KITTENS hissed at HIM, lol!!!
  • I'm annoyed with my s/o tonight..
  • I guess I'll be voting for Obama.. I dont like either..and sort of figured I wouldnt even bother actually.. but then my Glamour magazine, it did one of those "Mccain" "Obama" things where they ask both questions & them sumarize each running mates stance on issues..and I was like 'WOW.. I KNEW I wasnt a republican but YIKES.. I HAVE to vote now!!! Even if I dont like the guy..hes got to be better than Mccain! I fully believe in the seperation of Church & State.. and dont want Roe vs Wade to be reversed..that one one of the few times I can recall that politicians DID THEIR JOB, and voted based on the constitution, not on their Christian ways ( much to the dismay of a certian President who elected them assuming they would!!) Just because I wouldnt have an abortion myself, doesnt mean I think "The Man" should be able to take away the right... Nuff said... I wont get into other issues...
  • So.. I finally sent in an absentee ballot, b/c lets face it.. its hard enough going to the grocery store, much less to vote!!!
  • I am a bad mommy.. I got Andy one of those large Crayola murals today.. "Cars".. naturally.. and I tried to keep the crayons from him as we colored so he wouldnt "ruin" my picture, LOL!! I'm awful.. I gave in when the guilt over only giving him white crayons kicked in..and I figure..I'll color one by myself while ne naps & then suprise him with it!!!
  • I am making a mirror growth chart!! It started at a $5.99 cheapie black mirror at Target.. wait until you see it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I cant watch movies now that I have kids..If they arent here ( whichg is um... .0005% of the time??) I can.. but I just cant sit still while watching when I have kids around, it drives me nuts....
  • Blah.
  • I love Zoobies.. so much I snatched up the last Zulu the Zebra from the CC was a sign from the heavens.. I tell you...
  • I havent been this excited,as as I am for the American Appareal co-op, since I was waiting for Santa to bring me an American Girl doll.. seriously.. its bad. I check evverrryy day waiting for shipping!!! i lurve me some baseball tees...
  • I am a serious email slacker..i need to message my grandparents, H& S, Kayla, Sarah on Myspace..and I'm sure like 5 other people..but...I just havent felt like i twhen I find the time..I'm feeling anti-talkative...
  • Our dead house kitty is likely Fluffy..the mommy of our kittens, who Mike thought was sick.., Bob, Mike & I have all agreed, the timing seems to go along with her dissapearance..and her coughing.attitude change... Bob is sure its poison from a neighbor somewhere who was tearing down a barn.. poor 'Flussi ( as Andy called her) she was truly one of a kind..she'd sit on your shoulder & practically molest you for attention..she'd follow your feet & lead you like a dog..she was a wonderful, amazing, beautiful cat & she is much missed.

'S all..Night! ♥

Monday, September 1, 2008

I never claimed to listen well.....

..My entire life I have been saying my sister & I are 7 years apart....

..Apparently we are "almost 6 years apart"

WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!! I certainly am bad at math but HOW have I lived my ENTIRE life thinking we're 7 years apart????? WOW.

So..this is my retraction to my previous statement.. My sister & I are "5 and a half years apart"

..Sorry Misch.. but either way..your still kinda old..eek!