Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why I love ...


What a creepy little weirdo!!!
Alien Puppy

Why I someday hope to own livestock....

Horse Farts

kitty petting parrot

Monday, December 22, 2008

Best. Card. EVER.


Of course, its fairly close to the rest of them, this is just one of the ones that really "hit home"


Check them out, and try not to pee yourself in the process.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Woo and Boo

Here are my current Woo's and Boo's


#I have 2 really amazing best friends. They help keep me SANE. Hailey & Sierra.. Thank you guys. For EVERYTHING you have both done for me over the last (few!!) year.

#I got a Christmas gift from my friend Hailey today, at a MUCH needed moment. I LOVE Willow Tree figures, I've been really wanting to start a collection of them but havent had the chance. She found me the perfect friendship one. Its called Heart & Soul, and has a little card with it that reads "Open Hearts, sharing souls, trusted friends." and it came at the most perfect time imaginable. I love it. Thank you Hailey!! I will always look at it & think of you ( I figure I'm the pony tail one?? What do you think???) and I really hope that I'll be able to finally start my own collection, and that your piece inspired the beginning of it!!!

#I am getting excited for Christmas!! Andy has been obsessed with "Train Movie" (aka the Polar Express) and when I am sitting there watching bits & pieces, its funny how excited I can still get! Holidays lose alot of fun as an adult, I think. Your so concerned with making it good for everyone else, you dont get to enjoy it yourself. But, I'm really excited for this year!! I will actually get gifts!! I bought all my own gifts when I found a great sale, or what I really wanted, or had a good coupon, or code or co-op and put them all in a box for Mike to give me. So.. no baking sheets this year!!! The boys got some really cool stuff from the co-ops I've been in all year. They are getting Zoobies, Bilibos, Babals, Happy Green Bee clothing & dolls ( yes DOLLS..for BOYS!!!) Hop Balls/Rody Ponies, some really awesome um..rubber duck infused bath soaps from Pampering Delights (its holiday shaped soaps around little ducks..SOOO cute) and some other nifty stuff I've forgotten about. I think I'm genuinely just excited for these toys to finally be out of my closet b/c I am excited for them myself!! LOL

# Thats another thing I'm WOO-iong about.Co-ops!! Group buying allows all of us to get items at wholesale prices, by buying in large quantities. So, it allows me to buy things for myself, my family & my children I couldnt afford to buy at retail prices!!

# My mom. We recently had a nice talk..and I love her. Woo mom.

And now for some boo..


# CRAPPY Drivers. No, I'm not talking about people who have accidents under their belts ( raises hands..) or people who sometimes speed.. I'm talking about those assholes who ride your bumper, or get in the fgast lane going slow, or pass you, only to slow down in front of you so you cant pass them, etc etc etc.

SERIOUSLY?? In my wildest fantasies there is a huge microphione/sign on my car.. so that I can say "HEY F-YOU" to the car next to me & they can hear it & it flashes at them while parked next to me or passing me.

I just dont get it.. do people RREEALLLYY think it will make me go FASTER if you are 2 inches from my cars ASS.

# People who CONSTANTLY are talking about " my faaabulous luxury car" or "my large swimming pool" or "I spent __ amount on this" In other words..people who CONSTANTLY flaunt what they have/buy/etc. I am all for being like "OMG I am SO excited!! I got this awesome deal so I got ____" but I've come across some people who I cant think of ONE thing they have EVER said with out mentioning a price tag, or a designer, or to call other people poor, ot make cracks at others lifestyles while boasting their own,etc. It mostly just makes me sad.. I mean, how bad must their lives be that they have nothing better to do than to put other people down to boost themselves?? Its sad, and pathetic. And I will pray for them.

I'll go ahead & keep this short for tonight.. Today has been an AMAZINGLY bad day for me. And I could BOO all night long.. but, I wont.

What are your woo's & boo's of the day???

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I changed my mind..

I give the Roomba an A!!!

I lock it in a room & it cleans for me!! I havent had to pull out the manual vac since we got it!!! It would be an A+ if it had a longer battery life..But, I am revoking my previous grade & replacing it with an A!!!!

Oh..and Andy calls it "Moms vaccuum" and says "Robot cleaming" when I turn it on..he also likes to pet it & say that its *soft* but he runs when I turn it on...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have ALWAYS wanted a Roomba. I think we first saw one in real life at Mikes grandmothers condo in Florida when we went to visit them one weekend. I thought "wow..she says it does work..hmm" But the $300 price tag was quite a turn off.

Mike & I have always discussed getting one, when he was working at Lowes we REALLY considered it. But, no, we always stuck with a faithful old normal vac!

WELL! There is this website, that every woman should probably ban from their accessable websites..

Unfortunately, 2 of my best friends LOVE it & they held me at gun point until I caved & looked at the page myself ( what? I feared for my life, OK??)

Bad idea.. I found a Roomba for $60, with free shipping. Mike & Idecided to splurge& snatched it up & called it our Christmas gift to eachother. (Wow, 2 years in a row I've bought MYSELF a vac for Christmas..hmm) Free shipping apparently meant over night express from Amazon, which was lovely, of course.

The baby is BURNT orange.. You know, that color that they creator spitefully handed his 5 year old a crayon box & said "pick out the UGLIEST color son.." to color a handful of Roombas before he quit his job. However, their loss, my gain!!

Andy calls it "No touch, MOMS vaccuum!!!!" and he & Ryan watch it eyefully from a distance while it cleans the poop out of my floor ( not literally, of course..but it cleans alot of crap off my floors..just not fecal matter.. thats gross)

I have to say.. For $60, its impressive. However, I'd be REALLY pissed, and making a quick return if I paid $300 for one of these suckers.

-Its round, do those little corners dont get taken care of.

-Its also not that perfect of a design to empty the filter..Mike emptied it, and then used the Dust Buster to clean up its mess, with out the remote, you cant spot clean, so you have to wait for it to follow its cycle around the room, if you only need one little area cleaned, that isnt too helpful.
- If you buy it for a steal, like we did, getting accessories is kind of crappy.. I'd like a wall docking base for it.. A wall docking base is close to $50..I'm not going to buy a base for $50, when I paid $60 for the damn appliance itself ya know???
-It plays a sad little tune when it sout of batteries, which makes me laugh, so that adds major bonus points.Poor little robot..dying, singing a lonely tune..
-Its ugly. I've always had a penchant for ugly things..I believe in my heart they have feelings & that poor brown game player, or the ugly orange sweater stuffed in the back of the rack is sad that no one loves it.. So, It makes me happy I gave a fugly Roomba a home.
-It makes MIKE happy..I havent seen the guy this excited for something since.. hmm..I SHOULD say since Ryan was born..but he recently got a new computer game..and he was PRETTY excited about that....
-I turn it on, lock it in the bedroom & it cleans for me. Whats NOT to love about THAT??
I give it.. hmm.. a B plus. It could definately be better. I thought perhaps the reson it wa smarked so low, it was the crappy old model. But, the sale on it lasted only a few hours, its at $150 right now as a "normal on sale price" So.. thats not the case..It does work!!! However, I have a feeling that the newest possible model of it (which is likely $300+ dollars) might have some of the kinks worked out of which I complain.
SO.. The model 4000 gets a B plus, it sure could be better, but it certianly could be worse!!!
I liked the review I read on Amazon.. "If it could cook, do dishes & laundry..I woul dget rid of my wife"
I suppose for me.. if it could watch TV and play computer games.. Oh.. hmm.. I guess that doesnt really apply to me!!!!

Here is how I really feel..

About taking your kids to get pictures done.

I've never had professional pics opf my kids done except that one in the hospital.. I take tons of photos, so..eh I just never really bothered to.

I really wanted to do Holiday photos this year, the first Christmas with 2 boys! We cancelled a session b/c of course, not only are Holiday budgets tight, but the end of a semester is always tough for us financially.
So, my darling mother paid for a photo session for the boys for my big Christmas gift. I really just wanted to have pictures of my boys, taken by someone other than me, for my house & my own memory.

WELL!! The appointment was for 3:20.. Mike had an exam he had to leave for at 4pm. I love you Mike, but husbands are that helpful, they just sort of stand there with the "yep, thats my kid" grin. The lady is trying to get Andy to not be scared of her, with a frog, which worked.. but as soon as she would get him to cross his legs, Ryan would get into position, Andy would move. She went to grab a *helper* and I believe I heard the words " not going so well.." being uttered.

Yada Yada.. I could only find ONE pair of black socks as I got them dressed & for some STUPID reason, put them on Ryan thinking Andys pants were long enough & blue socks would be ok. Well, duh. Andy moves, he crosses his legs, etc. Ryan just sits there, so, I got to hate myself a little bit every time those damn blue socks popped out. I'll say this.. it could have gone ALOT worse, but it could have also gone alot better. I'm positive that they were glad when they decided to be done. I could hear them muttering "they're done.. " with a THANK GOD tone under their breath..

Then the fun starts. MIKE LEAVES. Not that my wonderful husband wasnt helpful to begin with, but I get to sit there with Andy trying to play with devil child of mom bitch over there who is showing Andy how to stand on chairs & jump off while Mom ignores my "boys" smile at her & just glares around like shes the ice queen. I'm juggling Ryan, who is getting crabbier by the second, trying to tell Andy to knock it off whil ehe says "No!!!" and trying to pick pictures.

By the time I was done picking them ( they are ready in 15 minutes) I just blurted out "I can come for them tomorrow, right?" the girl tol dme Absolutely.. and I said "I'm sure you want us to get out of here just as bad as we do" Paid, and we left..

Off to a car ride full of "ICE CREAM" screams (Oh, I forgot to mention..after 5 minutes I told him if he was good we'd get ice cream & he talked about it until we finalyl did!!) & Ryan practically hyperventilating..

SO.. what do I REALLY think about taking your kids to get pictures done??

I do NOT recommend it. EVER.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Really Easy Big Bread

Today I made one of my favorite bread recipes.

Outrageously Easy BIG Bread

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

2 packs of yeast
1/4 cup warm water
2 cups hot water
3 tablespoons turbinado
1 tablespoon salt
3 cups flour
1/3 cup vegetable or corn oil
3 cups flour


Note: This recipe works best if all ingredients are set out, ready to go, in advance. Also, make sure the turbinado, salt, flour, and oil are measured in the exact amounts called for.

Pour warm water into a small ceramic bowl and add the yeast, but DO NOT STIR. Set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, pour hot water over the turbinado and salt, then stir with a wooden spoon to completely dissolve. Combine 3 cups flour with the water mixture. Pour the oil on top of the dough mixture then add the yeast mixture on top of that, but DO NOT STIR. Top with the remaining 3 cups of flour and mix well. (I begin mixing with the wooden spoon but I very quickly have to move into squishing the dough with my hands.) At this point, the dough should be pliant and moist, but not gooey. Cover the bowl with a damp towel and set aside to rise for at least 45 minutes. (I've left it for almost two hours.)

On a lightly floured cutting board or countertop, divide the dough into half. (This is when I recruit someone to knead the dough, but the recipe actually calls for no kneading; I've done this recipe many times without kneading anything, and it always turns out really good.) Flatten each half into roughly an oval/rounded rectangular shape, about 1/2- to 3/4-inch thickness; then roll the dough lengthwise and place on an ungreased, but very BIG, cookie sheet. (If you don't have a very large cookie sheet, use two cookie sheets, one for each half of the dough.) Cover the dough with a moist towel and set aside to rise again for another 45 minutes (or longer).

After the dough has risen the second time, preheat the oven to 375 and bake for exactly 23 minutes. If you can keep everyone from digging in right away, allow to cool for about 15 minutes and then enjoy. (Also, before the bread bakes, you can slit the top of each lump of dough a couple of times and brush lightly with some kind of egg substitute. The glaze helps the bread come out with a slightly crunchier crust. I don't usually bother.)

I personally, leave out the sugar. It makes it too sweet for a dinner bread. I'm eating a warm piece with some soy butter riiigghtt now. Yum Yum!!!


Beware of the Doghouse- Hilarious! - The most popular videos are here

Thursday, December 4, 2008


So..I figured..as much as I've been bitching lately..I oughta go ahead & share some things I currently am LOVING.

1- Vitamin C Toner from Pampering Delights. For you Northerners, you know how when you wake up in the morning in the winter & your so pale you look dead? (Please..dont even pretend I'm the only one this happens to..) I KID you not, I put this on after putting my contacts in, in the morning & My skin GLOWS. Typically, I just use bronzer ona daily basis, if I use this, I dont use bronzer. My skin glows with that pink "flushed" look that people get after running a mile ( or so I hear..I've never run shit in my LIFE) It is 98% Vegan Organic & a TOTAL steal at $3 a POP!!!!

2- Also from Pampering Delights.. Who I might add, I think has actually replaced my Victorias Secret body scrub... I am LOVING her Lemon Sugar scent.I've only in my whole life found ONE scent similar & it was a one time Bath & Body Works scent..
This scent is TO DIE FOR.

MY FAVORITE product from her is by far the foaming body smoothie.. Its unlike anything I've ever found in a store..It is a scrub that also lathers. It actually leaves such a moisture on your skin that I dotn shave after using it because I can literally see on my razor, the mositurizers my razor takes off!! ( this is a GOOD thing people..) lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her products.. I mean..I can not talk enough about how FABULOUS they are. I ordered soem "manly" scents for Mikes Christmas gifts from her & she even customized the labels on the products for me!!! Pamela is AMAZING to work with.. Oh.. and shes also my long lost twinsie.. But even if I didnt like her..I couldnt live with out her stuff.. Its truly addicting.

#3- I am loving my absolute favorite tart.. EVER. For those of you who know.. I burn tarts instead of candles..I buy from Mothers who make products in their homes to they can earn money while staying home with their kiddos, and tarts are avery popular product. My favorite tart maker is a SAAWWEEET little lady named Mandy. She owns Cat Lady Candles...I will say this.. she is actually a dog person..
I know..I was shocked too.. BUT..I understand. Cats are real assholes.
ANYWAY!!! She & I are swing mates, and she actually named a tart for me.. my FAVORITE scent.. CLOVES. Its called Claires Cloves. She told me today it keeps selling out of stock..and I know..this is just because people LOVE me SO much..it has nothing to do with the fact that she makes a really amazing product..
Okay so maybe it does..whatever.. If you like home fragrence..I STRONGLY suggest you push your Yankee candle away, and check her out. I light one tart & my ENTIRE home smells for HOURS. The scent is simple and sexy..JUST LIKE ME!! ;-)

#4-Pushing Daisies. Mike & I started watching this when it first came out.. Then Mike would "not be in the mood" so I'd miss a bunch of TIVO'd episodes..this season..I watch it A-L-O-N-E. And it is truly unlike any other show out there..it's a PERFECT Claire show. I believe I named my cat, Chuck, for the main female lead. And I also think..I am digging Lee Pace.. He's sorta hot..in a pie maker kinda way!

#5- Ryans mouth. There is just something SO perfect about a baby's breath. (well..breastfed babies atleast.. I've heard that formula stuff is pretty nasty!) Its a sweet, sour milk sort of scent..And I admit it..I straight up put my nose to Ryans open mouth & HUFF. Yes...I am a mouth huffer. And I'm proud of it!! If I could bottle that scent I'd make bazillions..there is nothing sweeter than a babys breath.. And dont think I'm crazy..TONS of other women think the same ( some even like breastfed poop... I'm not THAT nuts..Ryans smelled like chedder chex mix!!!!!)

..Thats all for now.. I'ms till ppreeetttyy cranky over here, So, be thankful you got this.

I have to get back to my life now.. Hopefully none of you will be joining me soon.
(yet another thing I LOVED.. Paris Hiltons my New BFF!!!)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Advice

...The next time you'll have to pay for it.. ok??

#1- Answer your phone "Hello" or "Hi" even. DONT SAY "What?" Its rude, tacky & disrespectful. It takes the same amount of energy, yet doesnt make people feel like crap.

#2- Be nice to your kids. Someday, they will be choosing the people who wipe your ass for you.

Tis the season...

..So here is MY holiday wish list

  1. -Trade husband for seeing eye/trained helper dog. Those puppies are SWEET.
  2. -Wii plus Wii Fit.. to get rid of the extras my sweet boys left me with.
  3. Calorie free chocolate. ( What.. no one has created that yet?????)

See?? I dont ask for much!!

I've been reasonably nice this year.. I give to charity when I can.I make my husband do my parents big yard of leaves so they dont have to rake themselves when I really could use his help at home, I dont litter, I care about the environment. I give advice whenever asked to help people with problems & I never complain that they dont listen, I just keep wasting my time politely!! I do lots of good things.. SO!

Santa.. Dont be an asshole. Kay??

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I am SO over you.

I am SERIOUSLY over people who use me, people who take me for granted,and people who walk all over me.

I am SO over the people who "expect" things of you. Who dont consider, HEY!! I have a life to attend to to.. oh.. no no no.. let me take care of YOURS.. MINE can wait, of course!!!

I am over people who GUILT you. I "joke" guilt with Mike (IE- "Ohh..its okay.... I'll just pass out from hunger so you can watch this TV show...Just try to shake me when its over so I can eat..") But the people who truly CONSTANTLY have a "poooorrr me" about everything so you just feel guiltily obligated..THEY SUCK.

I am over people who are CHEAP. It is ONLY money. The whole "you cant take it with you" is popular for a REASON. If you need to remind people of gifts they've been given, or favors you've done, or basically be a cheap ass. Heres the deal for me.. Dont get me ANYTHING. Dont give me anything, dont DO anything for me. Because THAT, is wasted when you later bitch about it/hold it over my head/complain/whine/moan.

I'm not saying "go nuts: with buying things, I'd be perfectly fine if no one ever bought me or gave me a gift again. Its the attitude I dont like, the ((scoff)) Well I got you_____"

Wow..and I really appreciated that, I'm REALLY sorry I twisted your am until you had no choice to get me __ and now your obviously remorseful. Seriously?? STFU.

I am over the "friends" who dont have ANYTHING to say to me unless oh!! THEY NEED SOMETHING.

I am over the whole "but they're family" thing. THIS one my friends, has been a LONG time coming, I've just never had a "reason" to put it in writing. If you had a friend, who called you names/who treated you badly/who hurt your feelings/stole from you/etc.. You would NOT keep them in your life...RIGHT??

I cant think of a sane person who would say "Please, more!!" So WHY does EVERYONE always say "well.. they're my mom/dad/sister/brother.." like its OKAY to let someone treat you like this??

WHO CARES. Wow.. I mean..gosh.. I'm having a bad day..I guess I'm going to go kick my sister in the face because HEY!! She'll forgive me.. I mean..we ARE family after all!!! Well..my sister is so nice she'd probably cry apologizing for whatever she did to make me kick her in the face.. But a typical person would say "Wow.. F you..You kicked me in the face.. Dont talk to me again!"

So why do people keep negative, hurtful,m even abusive people in their lives when they BRING THEM DOWN, for NO other reason than, they are family??For example.. I love my mom & all but if she treated me super SUPER shitty.. mother or not..I dont need that in my life..and hell, I'd HOPE my family would do the same to ME!!!

Sorry..I just dont buy it.

I'm over people who offend you, you kindly tell them "Look..when you do ___ it upsets me for ___ reason" and they KEEP doing it. Or, when you even give people a heads up "Hey..I'm feeling a bit sensitive about ____ could you not bring it up so I dont feel even worse than I already do?? And not only do they bring it up..but over the next few months, or even YEAR.. they REPETIVELY bring it up.. Despite how many times you ask..either they DONT GET IT. Or they dont CARE. I dont know which is worse.

To sum it up.....

I'm over people who...

  • act like they're your kids parents

  • give too much advice

  • are rude about parenting choices

  • are offensive/think they know it all

  • know NOTHING

  • dont do research on their own

  • are mean to animals

  • take someones word as best & dont question things

  • kick dogs

  • eat soft eggs ((gag))

  • act like fart jokes arent funny

  • cant take JOKES

  • are assholes

  • work in customer service/with the public who have gigantic sticks up their asses

  • dont brush their teeth..seriosuly dude.. Gross.

  • get all up in my busssiness

  • pronounce it "li-barry" LI-BRA-RY

  • saw "worsh" ..where is there a R is WASH???

  • dont wash their face in the morning..when I was little.. I mean like..third grade, the kids with eye boogers.. Gross.. HTF hard is it to wash your face?? COME ON.

  • snort snot. BLOW PEOPLE, BLOW. This is why tissues were created!!!!

  • use me

  • guilt me

  • are cheap ( not cheap as in.. penny saving but like "OMG..I spent $5 on this for you!!!" @@

  • people who just dont "get it".. EVER.

  • People who THINK they "get it" but..REALLY really REALLY..D-O-N-T

And last but not least..

I am SO over people who are just plain fucking stupid.

I'm off to read God's blog..I see he was making something in the microwave last update...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Book Three..



Oh..and I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner today.. Yeah.. I know.. I'm AHHHMMAAZZINNGG!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

I finally got the whole Twilight series today...I started New Moon at 5pm..I'm on 175 now..
Dont expect to hear much from me until Sunday.. I'll likely be reading a book a day..

I'm officially a Twilight geek now.. I am SO into it! I cant even imagine where book 2 is leading to right now, and I LOVE that. Usually by page 100 of any book I can typically guess the ending & be right.. not the case here!! Unfortunately, someone on a message board didnt put a SPOILER ALERT in front of a post & I do know something that will be in book FOUR. Which basically sucks ass.. but.. I'm trying to ignore it, unsuccessfully.

Happy reading!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

...Mike wants Wii..

and then..when he gets that Wii...

..I want a Wii Fit.

If you need our current address to send said Wii & Wii Fit... please, PLEASE..just let me know.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

As we all know...

Mike & I have both banned ourselves from cutting our poor childs hair.

SO!!! Andy went & had a pro do it today ( a monther of several boys, of course!!!)

Here he is before....



She did an AMAZING job!!!! Mike said he did SO well, he didnt cry or anything!! WTG Andy!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

As requested...HOP BALLS!


Finally..its here, the long awaited.. HOP BALL REVIEW!!! ((insert WHOOPPWHHOOPPP here))

My mom took Andy for dinner the other night.. I was laying on the floor with Ryan while Mike folded some laundry & it hit me.


I was excited..to say the least. Mike got out the automatic pump thingy that we use on the air mattress & we pumped this baby up!

I hopped on.. and..... I fell off.. on my ass.. It needed more air..

So.. we pumped again... and I just sort of stumbled on my ass...

More air... FINALLY.. I HOPPED!!!!!!!!!!! ..Sort of.. it was no "three feet in the air" like the website says though...

This is my view (listen..you can hear it sticking to the floor..Nope, that isnt my ass sticking to the ball..THAT came later..)

Thats me..hopping along in the hall.. Its pretty hard to hop and take a video.. I might add..And no.. I'm not that fat that I was squashing the thing..It STILL needed more air..but I lack a little thing called...PATIENCE.. So.. I hopped anyway.

Ryan digs the hop ball too... He thought it was hysterical when I held him on it by himself.. Its very very very hard to hold a baby on a hop ball & take a picture.. all by yourself..so.This is the best I got.

Thats right.. No makeup.. free Miller High Life shirt & sweatpants.. Getting a mustache ride..
(I cant believe I'm putting this here b/c my family reads this but omg.. how could I NOT..LOOK AT HIM! He's got the handlebar stache!!!!)

another unsuccessful try..

So.. oh we half bounced.. damn me & my impatience... I will say this..I actually LOL'd..Yes..I laughed OUT LOUD.. All alone by myself as Ryan watched me from the living room & I said..and I quote... "WWHHHHEEEEEE!!!" and then died laughing because.. I am alone, by myself.. 24 years old, in my hall way, bouncing on a giant plastic ball & saying WWWHHHEEEE.

Let me tell you. that thing IS a work out.. I broke a sweat bouncing around.. And you reallyu do get a good butt/thigh work out..I felt the burn!!!
So yes..I bounced around in my underwear..those sweatpants got very hot.. ok??? And I also will say..the ball DID in fact stick to my ass when I stood up from bouncing..and that made me laugh too.. I called Mike to tell him, I thought it was so funny.

I also may have called out "whhooohhoooo" at one point.. I dont remember..Things get a little fuzzy..

I've been asked several times..so I'll add quickly..No..my boobs didnt knock me out. FYI ;-)

Then, worrying Andy would come home & steal my sunshine, I stuffed mustache man in my closet, with a blanket over him..

And then yes... the next day..I shut the bedroom door while Andy napped & bounced for a minute.. And it was fun..and mine. ALLLL MIIINNEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

I give Hop Balls an A+. One I find the "correct amount of air" as the website discusses, I fully do believe I will bounce.... not 3 feet..but perhaps one, off the ground. Maybe if I get back to my once tiny statue..I COULD bounce 3 feet off the air..but uh.. Not for now.
And if I never do reach maximum height, the excitement & happiness of feeling like a child again were worth it all in their own!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Lets see..whats new..

The gray kitty is just..gone.. =*(

The little orange one is pregnant & all alone.. So, my gift to myself, "doing good to cat-kind" is that tomorrow she is going to a local Planned Pethood. they operate on donations & voulenteers & spay, neuter & vaccinate, as well as provide well care, flea treatment & screenings at a VERY VERY VERY low cost so people can take in abandonded & feral cats & have them cared for instead of being taken to a shelter & eventually killed.

So.. since they dont spay cats until they are 6 months old (as she is..) this happens alot.. outdoor kittens get pregnant themselves.. and as sad as it makes me to think about it.. She will no longer be "in the family way" when we pick her up on Thursday.

Both Mike & I felt really bad thinking about it, but after reading online how cats under the age of 1 who have kittens can die from child birth, give birth to still borns or disfigured or deformed kittens & have a high chance of complications. I know its whats best for all in the end. Brining more kittens into the already over populated animal world is never good & I dont advocate people breeding for any reason actually. Not show dogs, not designer dogs, not to teach kids about nature..Nothing.

So.. she'll come back to us Thursday still a kitten who wont be a mommy. And its sad..but I know its whats best. We'll continue to treat & vaccinate her but I think she's going to be an indoor/outdoor cat. Let her in at night, when its cold.. but once Andy gets going chasing her yelling "Nononon kittens..and..lots..MITTENS.. nonononn.. shal NO PIE!!!!" her ears go back & she looks somewhere to hide.. SO. I think especially when the weather is nice, she'll be find outside for most of the time. But, she'll be up to date on all her vet care so when she is inside, it wont be a worry around our indoor pets or children, of course.

We have such a small house & with the air mattress blow up, we've had to keep the door to the bedroom shut & it doesnt leave her much room to hide right now!

So.. wish us luck & her some speedy recovery vibes. =(

So..Ryan has suddenly developed a LOVE for food! Its hilarious, Andy never really got into eating until he was over a year old, so I never got to see this, but Ryan opens his mouth & *chews* with this little old man face, it cracks me up! He LOVES it. He's like everything we've tried, sweet potatoes, squash, apples & pears. Andy, ALSO likes it. He says "Andy bite....Ryne bite...Andy bite..Ryne bite" and they each eat a bite out of the little dish.. Its probably the most vegetables Andy has eaten in MONTHS. Which is fine by me! He also likes to wipe both of their faces with a cloth when it gets messy. He's a goooodd helper!

Ryans second tooth has broken through.. and he is in LOVE with standing. He holds on to things with one hand, waves his other hand & then plopshimself down when he sees something he wants to go after next. He squeals & laughs & just loves being up. He "4 walks" at a lightening fast speed now.. He doesnt have time for his knees to touch the ground..he just GOES.

Its been really sweet to watch the 2 of them lately, they're starting to actually play together. And boy..Ryan is BIG. He took a block from Andys block train he was building & Andy took him down to the groud trying to get it back.. Ryan held on the whole time & just went down.. no giving up the block for him!!! Andy has shot up a few inches ( maybe 2?) in the last 1-2 months so Ryan now comes to a little below Andys shoulders.. which for a 21 month difference, isnt much. They're sweet... My 2 "bes friends" as Andy calls them...

Andy is really talking..SO much! he sings his fvaorite songs & rhymes.. He has a new favorite book. The Third Story Cat. ( my old book!) and he reads it to himself.. talks about " and..OHH!! the cat jump..and OHH butterfly!! OOohh dogs barking!" ( these all actually happen in the book too...) Its pretty very adorable to watch. He tells us "Big turd in da butt..'s go fush it!!!" And we change him & flush it.. and he waves bye bye.. lol.

His new favorite song is "All I wanna Do" by Sugarland. He sings "whhoo ho ho ho hooo" and when he watches the music video, it shows a chicken so anytime he hears the song, at the point the chicken would be shown he whispers "LOOOOKK!! CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!" in an amazed voice..Mike is very annoyed with the song by now..but I like it =X

Hm.. Think thats about it for now! Both boys are napping so I'm going to go watch The Hills from last night & relax while I can!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Ahh.. Lets see...

A month or so ago I was bitching about Mike to 2 of my friends online & Mike saw the email & I joked next time I'd need to change my password before complaining about him..

So.. a few weeks later, it wasnt even an arguement, but I was like "I'm going to go bitch about you..guess I better change my password Mike!!!" (this was also around midnight after a few beers..oops)

I took my password out of *auto sign in* and in the AM I noticed I had a really long password saved..I laughed thinking Mike changed it..

Its been a few weeks & I realized, I didnt know what my AOL password WAS. So for going on 4 days I've been messing with the stupid thing, getting my account frozen, blocked & locked out of it. Apparently AOL knows my own birthdate better than me so I have NO way to change my password..which I also have NO idea what it is...

So.. I have a new e-mail address now!! Go me. I'm sort of an idiot...

Andy's new favorite song is "All I wanna Do" by Sugarland.. he yells (in a whisper) LOOk! CHICKEN!!! ( In the video a chicken is on tv.. ) even when its just being played on the computer..He sings "whoooo hooo hooo hooo hooo.." Its sweet. As are his dance moves..yo.

Well.. by this time next week we'll likely have another cat. Mr. Gray has (we think) impregnanted Mrs. Orange.. his sister & then taken off. Just like a man.....

Shes literally holding herself up on our doorknob begging to get in.. poor thing..shes cold, hungry, pregnant & now alone.

We found a"clinic" ( which we also found out there is actually a PlannedPethood in Ohio, LOL!!!) That is only 2 towns away that does low cost or free neutering/spaying and shots are between $5-15 per shot. We can afford that.. Shes a really sweet cat & Andy loves her.. Max even gets along with her. SO. I'm calling them Tuesday when they open to find out some more information & to get our little buddy in.. I dont know what we're going to do about the kittens..probably take them to the pet shop up the road, obviously NOT keep them.. And then get her fixed..

Mike gets the special task of putting on a full body suit & bathing the stinker once she gets her shots.. And we'll go from there.. Ugh. This is awful

Thursday, November 6, 2008

You dont understand..I DONT mop..

I can honestly say, I have no memories of my mother mopping..I'm not saying she didnt..but I can not recall ever seeing her mop ( that beign said.. for some reason I dont remember ANYTHING about my junior year of high school either....)

Mike on the other hand, recalls his mom mopping daily..

Well... I DONT mop.I just...dont do it! I did in Florida b/c the whole house was hard floors.. then I nearly cracke dmy head while slipping & pregannt & have maybe mopped.. a handful? Of times since then..If I need mopping done, I ask Mike.. which ..I never ask Mike..maybe once every few months.. I know..gross.. but I mean.. its just the kitchen really.. and we dont exactly eat off the floors.. ( ok..Andy occasionally pretends to be a dog & he does but WHATEVER!!)

ANYWAY!! I get down on the floor & spray & wipe..l but I just DONT like that big stupid mop & bucket..its annoying..I'd go as far as to say..I HATE IT!

I clean the bathroom floor with Clorox Wipes, LOL..

...I'm feeling suddenly embarrassed..

No no..I'm sharing my embarrasingness to help others like me..

SO!!! I was reading a thread on "environmental friendly mopping" on DS, and I learned about hard floor cleaners..steam mops!

DUDE. I had NO idea these excisted mmkay??? So..I checked the out a week & a half ago.... and then.. a few days ago..I was STILL thinking about it, SO.. I figured, that means i REALLY do want it.. SO.... Mike told me to buy it =)

(it was my Christmas gift!! Last year...I got a dust buster.. YAY!!!)

It came super quick..Walmarts 97cent shipping aint bad 'yall ;-)

Annnddd.. here is my product review!!

Bissel Steam Mop

Before starting...

  • Easy to assemble..only 2 screws!!

  • You fill it with lukewarm water...it says wait for light to light up to start....Light was on from the start..so, no waiting time.. Niicee!!!

  • Its a microfiber washable mop head.. which at first, since it was so clean/un used..it sort of stuck to the floor.. which was akward but as it became wet/used it moved acrossed the floor alot easier..but it did smell a little funny at first....

  • Your supposed to hold it for 15 seconds over each spot.. I.... probably held it for 5 seconds..LOL

  • It lacks *scrubbers* so while yes, it does steam the stuck crap off the floor, its not a bad idea to wipe over it with a towel of your own just to get the little stuck stuff off of the floor.. ya know what I mean?? It doesnt pick things up along the wall, or the corners, so I wiped along the edge with a towel of my own, which did the job & wasnt hard to do..

Here is half of the floor clean vs the unclean half...

I would say "look closely" but um..its pretty obvious.. that top layer of .....scum...LOL.. Yeah..well..it takes it off!!!!!!!

I did think it left a good amount of water on the floor, which I'm sure in hindsight I could have taken the mop cloth off & wrung it out, but it did bump my leg when I took it over a baby gate & it was actually pretty hot!!!!

So..I did this....

which not only wiped up the excess water, it picked up anything the mop didnt after it had been steamed off the floor!!!

And the end result of the kitchen AND bathroom...


And that baby STEAMS.. The bathroom filled up like a hot shower was running!!!

I'll say..I'm impressed!! It takes longer than mopping since you do spot by spot, but it does a very good job, there are no chemicals involved, its easy to use. The mop heads are washable & it comes with 2, but when those 2 wear out, they are $20 for 2 more..Considering I paid $70 for the whole machine, thats a bit much, and I will probably make my own out of my own microfibertowels. I give it a B+ because it could leave less water behind, it had a very small tank so it needs to be filled often, but those arent big deals, just inconvient & it really does the job!!

So.. I decided I should be aproduct tester.. techincally I already do this *for work* but..i think I should upgrade..So, if there are any products your curious about..you can go ahead & send me the money to buy them, try them & then review them for you!! Good idea huh????

Monday, November 3, 2008


I have a bad habit of waiting so long before I eat that I'm shaking & about to pass out ( once, in high school..twice actually..I DID pass out!! Go me!) And Mike has a love for things "you can pop in the microwave and eat" So, today I was STARVING..looking in the freezer & found a burrito Mike got..it says on the package-
"Made with real cheese"

..... as..opposed...to what???? Ew..

But uh... yes..I did in fact eat it..and it was good.

And that brings me to this.. I have been whining to Mike about being "fat and bloated" all weekend... (what? its true!!) Last night I was laying on the floor with Andy & Ryan & Andy was pointing out my body parts, which.. thanks to Mike, include "boobies" now.. He lifted my shirt..patted my tummy & said "Moms fat tummy" LOL!! I about died laughing.. Mike still doesn't believe me, that I must have prompted him to say so.. .Buuutt..I didn't..and I'm not mad, or offended, I think its pretty hilarious! I keep asking him "Moms what??" seeing if he'll say it again..Today he told me I have a BIG fat tummy!!! Better lay off those "real cheese" products mama!!!

On another "out of the mouths of babes" note... In the mornings & at night, I prompt Andy to tell his brother "good night" or "good morning" and that he loves him.. This morning Andy says "Love you brother".. then said "Love you..MATT."
Uncle Matt?? I asked..he nodded..I asked if he loves Mischa..he said "Yes, love Mursha" then we went on to think.. and then told me he loves Nikki, Johnny & Gamps.. (and then proceeded to ask to go Trick or Treat with them..AGAIN!!) then he thought for a minute & said "Andy love CARS!!!" LOL!! We both had a bit giggle over that one!

Andy is reaallyy gaining on his words ( obviously, as my fat tummy knows!!!) when he poops now he comes & tells you "Big turd in the butt" LOL Mike dies laughing every time.. Eiihh...

He told me in the car the other day "cheeseburger samwich in da mouth????" while pointing at his mouth...Yes..I got him a cheeseburger..How could I not after THAT?!

Ahh.. fun stuff!!!!

I realized something important yesterday..

I told Mike.. "Wanna know something REALLY pathetic??? Almost all of the kids Christmas gifts..there is one for each of them...and for me too..and its sort of killing me that I have to wait for Christmas, when they get theirs, to get mine too.. Because well..I really want to use them! But I don't want to share.. so..I have to wait" LOL!! And sadly..its true!!! I have a giraffe Zoobie, waiting for me.. a stuffed animal, pillow & blanket all in one sitting in the Christmas box in the closet..and I want it! I've had perfect occasions to curl up all alone with that soft, plush little thing..but.. once I do.. Andy will confiscate it for himself..so..Alas.. it sits,stuffed in a box full of Mr.Potato head products & glow sticks & squishy balls.... ((sigh)) It MUST be lonely..Ryan's elephant & Andy's croc are in another box all together...

Andy is getting this for Christmas ( the kid REALLY needs to burn off some energy & in the winter, there aren't a ton of options...)

And uh... (((cough)))... I got THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...It SAYS its for ages 13-99.... I fall in that category!! And um.. its ALSO exercise..which apparently, according to Andy, my fat ass needs!! Soo....... SHUTTUP! You KNOW you want one.. mmmkay??? On the website it even has quotes from buyers..and one person said "Thank you Thank you!! I have wanted one of these since 1980!!!" And ya know what?? ME TOO DAMNIT!! I ALWAYS wanted one of those as a kid..so.. now its my turn!!!!

Here is the kicker...I was laying in bed last night thinking about it.. and how incredibly excited I am for it.. and I was really sad, I'll have to wait for Christmas b/c if I blow it up when t comes..Andy will steal it.. Then I thought..

...well...maybe.. I could blow it up..and just lock myself in the bedroom & bounce around on it by myself!! And then hide it when I'm done!!!!!!

..And then.. I realized.. I have a problem. I really, really do. And there is also a REALLY large chance I'm fairly immature in many many MANY ways...

That doesn't really bother me though.. but what DOES bother me, is that I am STILL going to have to wait for Christmas to be able to use that damn ball for myself!! LOL

One of our outdoor kitties is pregnant.. As Mike says "damn inbreeding rednecks!!!" ( I mean..come on..if your a follower you KNOW about my neighborhood..kay??) iam SO sad though.. We really dont have the money to take the to the vet & our neighbor who wanted to got laid off.. His vet told him neutering outdoor cats gives them a disadvantage in the wild b/c they lose some of their "animal instinct" But geeze..these kittens are SMALL.. Their mama was tiny too.. and they're barely 7 months old!! We're going to try to talk to this tiny pet store ( locally owned.. dont worry) down the road & see if they'll take the kittens when they're old enough.. they always have a sign that says "kittens wanted' then a week later "kittens for sale" @@ Not ideal, but I see lots of college girls walking out of there with tiny kittens so.. its the least Mike & I can do.. we were naive & silly once, not realizing that cute tiny free kitten in the pet store would turn into Max's fat shitty ass!! So.. really.. its the LEAST we can do in return for our own experience ;-)

But geeze..poor thing... It snowed the other day & they freaked out.. I cant let them in..fleas.. the kids.. so many reasons.. Both us & our neighbor have built little "kitten houses" for them to shield them from the elements.. hopefully they take advantage of it =(

So.. yep.. I obsessively tried to get Ryan down for a nap since ANdy is sleeping too & thank GOD.. Finally I won.. I am needing "alone" ( aka blogging or computer...) time BADLY. I've been EXHAUSTED lately..I took TWO, count them..TWO naps last week!! I DO NOT NAP. Period.. I NEVER do..I did a FEW times during both pregnancies.. THATS how tired I've been.. As of today its "Time for a Change" and Mike is going to remember our original agreement of his balancing school time better, We agreed, I can handle his absence around the house during this schooling process, if he can handle giving up "his" time ( his time IS school time.. hes alone, hes out of the house..that IS his time!!!) and he can do more of "kid time" and "give Claire her time" when he is home...instead of what we currently have which is "Mikes school time" and "Mikes TV time.." Because unfortunately, playing with the kids, doesnt count if your also watching TV..and they are playing on the floor...and your in a chair..

SOOO.. Mike said this time its a "change you can believe in".. I gagged..and just told him that this needs to be a change I can trust ;-)

Dont forget people.. vote tomorrow!!!!
I already did.. hopefully it will be worth my $1.17 in postage.. if not.. Someone is going to get seriously yelled at.

Oh..and please.. no one fall for the "Didnt you hear?? Republicans are voting on Tuesday..Dem's vote on Wed.." line.. Seriously.. if I ever meet someone who ACTUALLY believes that..I might have to hurt myself..for having laid eyes on a person THAT stupid.

Fat tummy mama, OUT.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you explain this to me???

..I just opened up a Babies R Us catalog I got in the mail.. to check out these "gifts under $20"

..Since when is $19.99 under $20????? Seriously???? I hate Toys/Babies R Us.. they may possibly have everything in just one store..but they are OUTRAGEOUSLY over priced..It amazes me people still shop "normally"
I dont pay retail for ANYTHING. I went to catch Kohls "Biggest Sale of the Season" last night when I realized I needed a winter coat..

$220 Columbia jacket.. on sale for $140..

I come home, googled the coat & the "average price" for it ANYWHERE is $130-$149.. Soo.. Kohls marked it up & then marked it DOWN. I googled a coupon code, got free shipping & got the coat in the color that I actually wanted ( which wasnt in the store) for $118 shipped.

I remember seeing this super awesome blow up slide/pool/sprinkler marked down 40% and Kohls last summer & being like "WOW! What a STEAL!!" So I got it ($20..) came home & was telling a friend in an email about it, looked it up online for a pic & Amazon sells it for yes.. $20, LOL.. I didnt get a steal!! I got ther TYPICAL PRICE!!

I must be an idiot, because I never realized this.. I have never worked in a department store, I've worke dat retail clothing stores..Tommy Hilfiger, Vanity, DKNY.. I got hired at a Ralph Lauren storee & then declined it.. At Tommy, I got a 50% discount on all my purchases & a 25% disacount on clearance items. Soo..I paid $3 for mens shirts half the time.. I never CARED what the prices were b/c um.. I got good deals anyway.. ya know??

But now.. well.. I'm an adult!! Peopl esay babies are SOOO expensive.. but I really dont believe so.. I mean.. sure, they CAN be.. If YOU choose to buy $100 baby shoes.. But I have a fond love of resale.. and co-ops...

I will shell out the money for some kids stuff, for SURE. I mean.. God knows I of all people have a shopping addiction..but I NEVER pay retail!!! $350 top of the line car seats.. Um.. only with a 20% off coupon, free shipping & $5 return if you dont like it or it doesnt fit in your car..

Gently used Polo & Tommy kids clothes that still have new tags on at a resale store for $5..duh!

Basically every Christmas gift this year is from a co-op, or with a snazzy deal from Snapfish..

No waiting until things go on sale, and them being out of stock.. Get yourself a MyPoints account & use retailmenot.com or couponmountian.com
Hell..just type in "OLD NAVY COUPON CODE" (or whatever store your using) and I promise you, every time you will find between 15% off, to free shipping, to $5 off a $20 purchase..Its just basic knowledge now'days..

Isnt it??????????

Monday, October 27, 2008

Feeling honest...

I am tired of people not caring about my feelings, people who are selfish ( yes i WAS selfish, but as a teen...your SUPPOSED to be..whas you excuse as an ADULT?) I am tired of people whining like they are 7 years old, I am tired of manipulative, self centered, snobby people. Grow up & get over yourself. Your NOT that fabulous. If you were..you wouldnt need to toot your own horn moron!

I am tired of Mike being right and I am ..not sad..not let down.. just.. disgusted, maybe..that all those "best friends" who were guys , that Mike insisted only liked me b/c they wanted a chance with me, DID drop off the face of the earth when I was off the market.. I always have been stupidly trusting of people who dont deserve it, now havent I?

I am tired of all the fake friends I have. People I've known for YEARS who only have something to say when they dont have anyone else who can understand.. Girls who find themselves pregnant, or in a relationship issue & oh gee.. they cant talk to their friends who arent there yet..but Oh.. CLAIRE! SHE'S there.. and its only when I am of use, that they come to talk to me.. I want SOO badly to tell them where to go when it happens again & again, but I instead, turn the other cheek & offer sincere helpoful advice.. Maybe it IS time I stop & stand up for myself.. Thats the only way it will stop happening, right??

I believe some people, MANY people, never truly "leave highschool" And I feel sad for them. It must be miserable to be SO worried about what everyone thinks of you, being fake, feeling worried about being judged..

I am a jealous person. I never knew it, then again..I never had anyone worth being jealous over, until I met Mike.

I am tired of hearing "well the __(baby,toddler,child) wouldnt let me.." You weigh at the least 100 lbs more than your child..what do you mean THEY wont LET you?? COME ON.

I really dislike how people are so very fake. They are one way in front of friends/some family, etc..but thats different from who they REALLY are. I've seen ALOT of this before, and there is nothing prettier than a person who smiles for a camera out of happiness.. but there is nothing good in pictures of people who are so worried about how they look that each picture shows the tenseness in their bodies & faces. it shows on film ya know... being YOURSELF, and having the confidence to say :if they dont like me as I am" and to RECOGNIZE that you ARE self conscious & to still be, but to stop putting on an air.. THAT is gorgeous, admirable, and all around FABULOUS.

I LOVE people who gift for the reason of giving to do good. Paying it Forward.. nothing in return but the pleasure of doing something nice for someone, that they know, or not. I've had several people do this for me in the last few weeks, and it always happens when I least expect it and most need it.. And I pass it on too.. So in turn, it comes back to me again. For this I am grateful.

You can not accept the light if you can not pass on the light as well.....In order to enjoy whats been given to you, you must also know the pleasure of giving that happiness to someone as well. If you keep it to yourself, you dont get the joy that comes from sharing!

I can count my FRIENDS on one hand.. And I appreciate them very much.. people dont get it.. those people have obviously never had a TRUE best friend... I'm lucky enough to be someone who does know..

Mike said it snowed today on his way home from school.. I cant wait! I bought myself a new winter coat..FINALLY!! I had a bad day today & Mike decided I needed to go find it TODAY. He's sweet..

I feel so guilty every time I go outside, not letting those kittens in..I know, its what sbest for US.. But I worry about THEM. Sweet bugs..

For some stupid reason I decided to get a flu shot this year..the nurse was a real bitch, to be quite honest..Anyone who doesnt even smile or blink when a child is being super sweet & cute in front of them, cant be a fabulous person, in my opinion.. Sure enough, I have a black bruise the size of a quarter on my arm. Not only does she hate kids, but she was a crappy shot giver.. Just my luck.

I am having a bad day... can you tell?? LOL! I have SOO much I want to say, but hold alot of it in..I figure, this is a tiny step in the right direction..If someone reads this & doesnt like what I've said.. I really dont care..dont come back to my blog then!!! I NEED to start unloading.. I know this was started to be about the kiddos..but this is my place too.. So.. Yeah..

Hang on, or get out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear New Neighbor Guys....

I just thought I would pass this on to you, since your new in the neighborhood...
If you want to make friends, please dont peel out backwards from your driveway at 30 plus miles per hour & screech into the street from your blind sighted driveway.. alot of us have children..This is not a good way to make friends.

Please dont throw car batteries against the ground.. its loud, and not very smart.
Also, when your driving your truck into small trees in your back lot, please, refrain from doing it at 3am, my 2 year old gets scared when you get stuck on top of a tree & are revving all night to get your redneck truck out.

And neighbor, please, you & your friends, dont jump the other neighbors fence for the very first time to "introduce yourself" to me & my kids ( after you've met Mike) and then give me the eye & act like a macho man, in front of my husband..

Dont try to impress me by talking about my garden, my apple tree, or to my children. I'm married.

Also, bragging about your MBA, in "well..business!!" and then talking about all the places "Washington is going to hire me.. they want me bad.." (Mike asks) Washington what?? To which you reply "State!" as if My husband is a fool.. YOU sound rather silly..

Please, dont walk around our yard, touching things, the grill, the tables, etc.. Its an invasion of privacy, jump fence, say hi, give wife the eye & then touch mans things. Not a good way to start a friendship buddy..

And please, keep your motorcycles out of the back yard once its dark, my kids are in bed..
So I ask you nicely, dear neighbor..Please..



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Deep Thoughts

  • I wish I had a wife.. they do EVERYTHING!!!
  • I'm making Ugly Dolls.. for the last part of the kids X-mas gifts.. Sorry...not spending $50 on something that I could sew up in 20 minutes!!!
  • Met our rowdy new back neighbors.. We no longer like them..One gave me the eye & the walked around & "touched things" as Mike put it.. We were outside with both kiddos & Bob, our neighbor..mind you!!
  • I get the task of capturing the kittens soon!! After I catch them, our neighbor is taking them to be spayed ( the gray one is a girl, we checked.. orange one, probably is too..)
  • I need to get back to actually trying to lose weight.. darn baby fat..Once Andy was close to 11 months it slid right off.. I was doing AWESOME when Ryan was only a few weeks old & then just sort of stopped caring..and got fat. LOL.
  • The kittens own us now. The have come in the back door the last 2 nights & rolled all over begging for lovings & even met Max ( our "shitty kitty") last night.. The funny thing is..Max is a super big fat ass.. and the KITTENS hissed at HIM, lol!!!
  • I'm annoyed with my s/o tonight..
  • I guess I'll be voting for Obama.. I dont like either..and sort of figured I wouldnt even bother actually.. but then ..sadly..in my Glamour magazine, it did one of those "Mccain" "Obama" things where they ask both questions & them sumarize each running mates stance on issues..and I was like 'WOW.. I KNEW I wasnt a republican but YIKES.. I HAVE to vote now!!! Even if I dont like the guy..hes got to be better than Mccain! I fully believe in the seperation of Church & State.. and dont want Roe vs Wade to be reversed..that one one of the few times I can recall that politicians DID THEIR JOB, and voted based on the constitution, not on their Christian ways ( much to the dismay of a certian President who elected them assuming they would!!) Just because I wouldnt have an abortion myself, doesnt mean I think "The Man" should be able to take away the right... Nuff said... I wont get into other issues...
  • So.. I finally sent in an absentee ballot, b/c lets face it.. its hard enough going to the grocery store, much less to vote!!!
  • I am a bad mommy.. I got Andy one of those large Crayola murals today.. "Cars".. naturally.. and I tried to keep the crayons from him as we colored so he wouldnt "ruin" my picture, LOL!! I'm awful.. I gave in when the guilt over only giving him white crayons kicked in..and I figure..I'll color one by myself while ne naps & then suprise him with it!!!
  • I am making a mirror growth chart!! It started at a $5.99 cheapie black mirror at Target.. wait until you see it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I cant watch movies now that I have kids..If they arent here ( whichg is um... .0005% of the time??) I can.. but I just cant sit still while watching when I have kids around, it drives me nuts....
  • Blah.
  • I love Zoobies.. so much I snatched up the last Zulu the Zebra from the CC co-op..it was a sign from the heavens.. I tell you...
  • I havent been this excited,as as I am for the American Appareal co-op, since I was waiting for Santa to bring me an American Girl doll.. seriously.. its bad. I check evverrryy day waiting for shipping!!! i lurve me some baseball tees...
  • I am a serious email slacker..i need to message my grandparents, H& S, Kayla, Sarah on Myspace..and I'm sure like 5 other people..but...I just havent felt like i twhen I find the time..I'm feeling anti-talkative...
  • Our dead house kitty is likely Fluffy..the mommy of our kittens, who Mike thought was sick.., Bob, Mike & I have all agreed, the timing seems to go along with her dissapearance..and her coughing.attitude change... Bob is sure its poison from a neighbor somewhere who was tearing down a barn.. poor 'Flussi ( as Andy called her) she was truly one of a kind..she'd sit on your shoulder & practically molest you for attention..she'd follow your feet & lead you like a dog..she was a wonderful, amazing, beautiful cat & she is much missed.

'S all..Night! ♥

Monday, September 1, 2008

I never claimed to listen well.....

..My entire life I have been saying my sister & I are 7 years apart....

..Apparently we are "almost 6 years apart"

WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!! I certainly am bad at math but HOW have I lived my ENTIRE life thinking we're 7 years apart????? WOW.

So..this is my retraction to my previous statement.. My sister & I are "5 and a half years apart"

..Sorry Misch.. but either way..your still kinda old..eek!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

PR Friendly

If your interested in my featuring your product, website, or hosting a giveaway on my blog. Please feel free to contact me.

You can also request a PR Kit from me at mom2aroo@aol.com

I am more than happy to accommodate special requests and work with Press Releases as well.

I like to think that I put not only my honest, but my humor into my reviews while helping other moms like myself, find great new products they might not otherwise know of.

Thanks so much & I hope to hear from you soon!